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Halle Berry's Ex

Loses Big in Court

10/18/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

halle berry gabriel aubry
Another win for Halle Berry in her bitter custody battle against her ex -- a judge just shot down Gabriel Aubry's request to ditch his nanny-supervisor while he's with their daughter.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was trying to amend his visitation rights -- which require a nanny to be present while he's with Nahla -- claiming he wanted more alone time with his daughter. Halle opposed the change.

We've learned the judge issued an order yesterday, siding with Halle, upholding the original agreement requiring supervised visitation on Gabriel's part.

Sources tell TMZ, Gabriel is pissed -- and he feels the nanny is ruining his relationship with his daughter.


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Rico Suavy    

who gives a s--t

1103 days ago


What a mean-spirited, petty woman she is. What goes around comes around and someday this is going to blow up in her face. Doesn't she realize that Nahla will be an adult some day and be able to think for herself? It would be far better for her to play fair now instead of acting like a selfish child.

1103 days ago


ROFLMAO!!! Kudos to Halle Berry and her legal team!!! The judge ignored Gabriel Aubry's whining and issued a ruling in Nahla's best interests. I would love to know what the nanny has observed about this LOSER!!! You can't fool everyone and I suspect the nanny is ALL BUSINESS!!!

1103 days ago


This sad their daughter is going to suffer.

1103 days ago


This poor child. Its not the Nanny job to have one and one time with Halle and Gabriel daughter!

1103 days ago

i said lesbians...    

wow, just another terrible drama starting "baby mama". alot black people will defend her too, knowing shes in the wrong.

1103 days ago


She's such a pycho B*tch.

1103 days ago


Considering the drama involved in her other marriages and relationships, one has to wonder who the nut case is in her current "crisis". It doesn't look good for her.

1103 days ago


He should do what one woman did....had an affair with the guy working at a Supervised Visitation Monitor. Pretty soo, presto-change-o, the woman started getting Glowing reports. Even though she had restraining orders against her for biting her kid's cheek. Teeth marks clearly showing in photographs. more stories here!

1103 days ago


What in the world could he have possibly done to get a judge to go along with supervised visits, not once, but twice now?

1103 days ago


REALLY!! Is he a child abuser? NO. Is he a drug addict or alcoholic? So why the restrictions. Sounds to me that the Judge likes the celebrity of all this. No where else (except Hollywood) would this play out like this. If he was smart Gabriel was smart ... walk away. When little girl goes up in search of her father and finds out the momma Berry caused the separation ... then the daughter can finish her book MOMMA DEAREST the Berry addition.

1103 days ago


No one knows the REAL reason he is being given supervised visitation and we are not involved with the internal workings of this case. We only know what both Halle and Gabriel AND their lawyers want us to see and we should not make judgments based on that. Trust the court must have a valid reason for ordering supervised visitation and apparently there is a reason...WHAT .... we don't know.

1103 days ago


Why is everyone bad mouthing Halle? Did he not agree to the original agreement, and then wanted to change it up? I don't see how this is Halles fault, do you guys know her or Gabriel personally to make such comments. Why not bad mouth the judge who kept the order the same. Everyone is forgetting the most important person in all of this Nahla.

1103 days ago

This Just in    

I use to have respect for Halle, she's done some good and some bad this is just plain nasty on her part. He wants to be with his child alone where's the problem?
I guess she doesnt know how to mother without a nanny and feels everyone needs one. She's a right B***h! Good luck in the future Gabriel!

1103 days ago


Nahla doesn't need a nanny while with her father. I don't understand why a judge would agree to something so stupid. Gabriel should be able to spend some alone time with his daughter. Halle broke up her family, and now she is playing family with Oliver. Oliver seems to spend more time with Nahla that Gabriel. That is just wrong...Halle is just so high on herself, and not showing a good role model for her daughter at all. Its a very sad situation. It should be all about what is best for Nahla, and not Halle...:0(

1103 days ago
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