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Sean Lennon

Ironic Occupation of Wall Street

10/27/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Sean Lennon decided to fight the man by performing at Occupy Wall Street -- one problem ... the protest song was a Madonna tune. Oh, not-so-sweet irony!

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If you feel so strongly about this, Sean, give your millions to Julian, and I might believe your not a hypocrite because the man has been very very good to you for hardly doing anything for the millions you have been given.

1089 days ago


The hypocrisy of these idiots boggles the mind.

1089 days ago


Bunch of lazy idiots being duped by the con that is Barry Obama. The real enemy of the people. Obama is attempting to repeat the same marxist propoganda to insight violence
and anarchy, and you spoiled, bored, morons with your lap tops are eating it up. America is a welfare country filled with lazy, jealous, druggies wanting everything free. There is no free lunch you lazy pigs. Go to work. The silver spooners are the worst of all. Getn on the Iphone to complain about capatalism. Just go back to the basement band- losers.

1089 days ago


Someone should point out to Sean that his mother's wealth is estimated at 500 billion dollars which he will inherit!!!! But I'm sure she keeping it in a sock under her bed!!!!

1089 days ago


Julian is the musician. Sean's mother is worth about 1 billion so I'm not buying it from him.

1089 days ago


isn't he one of the 1% ???!!!

1089 days ago


When i 1st saw video i was thinking how much the guy looked like John Lennon. then announcer said it was his son Sean. Amazing the resemblance as he's gotten older. His dad would be proud of him standing for change. his money has nothing to do with champion a cause you believe in.

1089 days ago


It really bothers me when rich folk pretend to be poor folk and than run back to thier billion dollar castels. At least his daddy was a workin class man.

1089 days ago


I saw him on TV. Got a better look than this picture shows. He is one ugly dude.

1089 days ago

For Sooth?    

Everybodies talkin' bout Socialism - Communism - Leninism

All we are say-iiiiiiing is give me the wallet in your pants

All we are say-iiiiiiing is without class warfare Obama won't last

Like his mother and himself, by exension, are not part of the 1% - All due to the hard work of his father, of course.

What A Dolt!

1089 days ago


This Lennon kid comes off as a spoiled litle BRAT! What the hell does he know about the working class? Him and his strange, untalented mother are useless!

1088 days ago


Can't wait til the snow and freezing cold kick these fools out of NYC and Boston etc.. pathetic. go get a job Mcdonalds is hiring... oh and by the way isn't that a-hole Lennon rich???? effin yuppies. pathetic.

1087 days ago


Sean Lennon can afford to be a struggling musician, because he has mom and dads bank account! So he pretends to berate wallstreet, who was responsible for his riches. Apple stock and Beatles tunes = corporate America baby.

1084 days ago

Joe Leadfoot    

Try this URL:

1076 days ago
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