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Mel Gibson

Returns to the Scene of the Crime

10/31/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
made a bold move last night -- returning to the restaurant that triggered an anti-Semiticly fueled DUI arrest that changed his life ... but this time he made all the right moves.

Gibson and a blonde lady friend hung out together at Moonshadows in Malibu ... the last place Mel drank on July 28, 2006 before he got into his car and hit PCH ... got a DUI ... and said all sorts of horrible things to the arresting officer.

This time around was MUCH different ... witnesses say Mel was only having dinner with a mystery blonde lady -- not boozing -- and he had a DRIVER take him home.


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Jay W.     

Mel... have another shot of bourbon. It's good for you.

1051 days ago

little aussie reader    

Goodnight everyone.

Take care.


1051 days ago


He's so good looking!
I wish I was that woman!

1051 days ago


Mel can go out with whoever he wants to. He should be able to go on with his life without people criticizing his every move!Everyone makes mistakes. Why do people even care about who Mel is having dinner with? I just want him to make some more awesome movies! I hope he finds love soon!

1051 days ago


Dirty Grigorieva/Chernucha family new lie after lie.

Media has failed (as always) to mention that some days ago Chris Herzog gave interviewer about H.Cain and some channel clearly mention about his sexrelation with Oxy and showed their photos together that we haven't seen yet.

Garbus is a political lawyer. Why he is helping Oxy????

All this dirty game against Mel Gibson is a SHAME FOR AMERICA!!!

1051 days ago


What's next tmz -
"Sources tells us that at 10:30 this morning Mel took a crap on the same toilet he did just before his rants with Oksana?"
It would be just as newsworthy! Sheeesh! Leave the guy alone - it is his own darn business where he dines, who he dines with.

BTW, the fact he returns to that restaurant speaks only positively of him.

1051 days ago


Thanks, Observer77 for the Russian article. I read all of it -- sometimes slowly because of the interpretation.

Two good things struck me.
1. Mama Lud states that Mel loves Lucia.
2. OG is not writing music anymore. LOL!

Good article. I had to chuckle at the part about 300 questions. Sounds like Mel's attorneys socked-it-to OG with interrogatories galore!!! And yes, you do have to anwer the interrogatories or you can be brought up before the court. Wow -- 300 questions. Oh boy, they were digging into her past and relationships and all kinds of good stuff, I'm sure.

Does it seem from this article that Lucia is 'disinherited?' I know that the translation may be lost, but perhaps all of that goes back to the ICON trust that Mel and Robyn had in place for their children. It doesn't sound like Lucia will be part of that, but then again, OG agreed to have the trust amended to NOT include Lucia. So, I don't know what Mama Lud is complaining about. Mel made other provisions, so Lucia is not without an inheritance, per say.

Still have to laugh at the rats and rabies parts! LOL

1051 days ago


jay: 4 hours ago

Mel... have another shot of bourbon. It's good for you.

Forgot your stupid pill this morning, did ya? Maybe it would be good for you to get someone to call ya to remind you to take it. LOL

1051 days ago


Hello fuddyduddy:

Wouldn't Mama Chucky's interviews in the Russian press violate the "confidentiality" clauses that are currently in place? She's obviously getting her information from someone and that "SOMEONE" has to be Ole Greedy. I thought both parties agreed "NOT" to allow other people to discuss "ANY" details of their relationship? Wouldn't this also include "TABLOID" interviews?

1051 days ago


good glorious evening everyone:))))))))
no news?
good news!
b/c pro-Oksana bias media would report for sure
if Oksana had some good day at the court
and her trolls are quiet?

I think that by IP computer address
they know for sure
from where those nasty comments came...

1051 days ago


hi canook & LAR (and everybody else!)……..

i too hope the interview given by LC will result in forfeiture of SOMEthing by OG for ignoring the confidentiality clause. OG has passed into the realm of the pathetic.

did anyone see the internet story LC refers to regarding $15-20 million for alexander? i don't recall seeing it.

1051 days ago


for Ira
from forum KP (Komsomolskaya Pravda)
Russians are smart this is soft as
there (KP forum) is some censorship
as many complain on other forums
Zero 11.09.2011 | 22:47
So their! A lot of money has Mel,and you can divide it. Molodtsa (praise like good girl) Grigorieva!

09/14/2011, 21:05
He was offering her 16 mln.including 1 million in cash. Refused she, because listened her mother and thought they would receive 200 million, scandal to the world and has received 750 thousand of which 1 million debt for her attorneys. So it's not "So they," and so her!
tatyana d. 09.09.2011 | 17:56
That's really the truth, God - not Timoshka sees a little bit. Gibson was punished for drinking, partying, putting him gold-digger silicone. She milked him well, aging Elaeagnus, who had abandoned his old wife and children for the sake of perepixona(?) with "young"(?) Serves ...

10/09/2011, 2:07
I will say you the big secret that not so much is it and milked him, and probably herself on crackers and water she was put .. Her debts, as her lawyer said, is a little more than 1 ml, and receives 750,000 and a payment to be completed by 2016
She'll have to go to work.
A nervous, yes, what she did to him and to his family.
09/06/2011, 1:21
Kn on August 18, 2011: "Gibson lost. The fact that he now works, it seems to pull his foot in its death throes."
Well Oksna won on all fronts, now she can afford to buy a trailer, if it turnut a temporary apartment.
09/04/2011, 19:02
She continues to drink that 30 pills a day? Keep or to bring in men to her level or of her lover / guard with a criminal record? The court should be beaten with good evidence does not trust her with own upbringing of the child if he was given a 50/50 custody in which he initially did not claim without waiting for the 3 years o****e and a visit (read test) at any time and bring a witness with him.
Lady with no moral brake:
03/09/2011, 14:27
Would you, mamma, would teach your daughter that it is a sin breaking someone else's family. You do that, and would not be now afraid for the life of your daughter. And that is a truth, that if your spoiled Oksana was a wife some would crush her as an annoying fly.

No Dalton 03.09.2011 | 12:52
I wonder why Dalton left rosy Oksana? Does anyone know? Enlighten me, it is curious

03/09/2011, 14:43
Clearly, the lady would like a big but light and love, and money, and all at once. I wonder whether now will fall even a fool? Or, again, the Swede basement? They are Swedes, a freebie lovers. Children and his wife, he will not leave, but that's Oksana "style"
03/09/2011, 14:23
For treason on her part in his own home! He then starred in America and lived there, and she lived in his London home, "the gentleman-lover" carrier, while a small son slept. He found out and exposed her without any rights to his property (the safe side) and it is now and not piknet anything about him, and in their personal lives and "milked, too, were, and mean it horribly was, and she suffered greatly from his male chauvinism "- all words with her mother about the Dalton-reptile, at a time when Mel Gibson is still a" good "was )))!!!
03/09/2011, 7:52
With all due respect to the author of the article, the article is inaccurate:
According to the author, "... Melo faced up to six years in prison, but after the public" just "in front of dozens of cameras were replaced by anger at the judge's mercy ..."
Next interview Lyudmila Chernukha, where it says:
"Oksana - believer. She forgave all Mel. And he never apologized. Perhaps Mel let the sins of his personal priest. But this servant of the Lord. And there is also a God above us ..."
You Murashkina Rice, too, decide ...
In fact, no apology to the media was not. The fact what Oksana has done, Gibson called treason, and said anyone could have imagined that they would do that.
I understand the Russian language. Here, you would have seen life outside of Russia, would have communicated with Russian speakers, listen to what they say about Russia, if this contributes to profit, or are all Russian, it would change the point of view. And how many Russian substituted! Now known to the all world of his meanness, "Russian pianist."

03/09/2011, 7:13
It turns out that Grigorieva takes temporary shelter in landlady Lucia Anna's Gibson?

1051 days ago


Justin Bieber just got hit with a paternity suit. ROFL! Okay... he's still young and stupid. Gibson has no excuse. Simple word of advice keep your sperm to yourself or at least hire some security for it. Morons.

1051 days ago


Hey -- TMZ added the post numbers again! Yay!

1051 days ago


for Ira
here are some comments from Galina's forum
make me smile how smart these ladies are and amazing:)))))))))
Thursday, September 1, 2011 21:08
I have no money and Grigorieva confirm this comment and interview relatives. As I understand Gibson made it so that she would be on him very much depends, that she had not enough money to try it on. He err twice. And by some accounts it should now be held accountable for child support.
As explained in an interview with her mother in her right now less alimony after the interview by Larry King, the King, if she had paid, or whether it was fined for disobeying the court.
If you see a film from the court, it clearly shows that Gibson's lawyers are happy to win. Ego, but bignose very upset and felt like he was very tired of it. And maybe not even received the money of restitution to which he count. That is, the judge could make such a decision to get Gibson back pay, but not the entire amount, but let's say a quarter. Lucia, I would have understood, the same price as all other children, but no part of Robin. That is what they were fighting for something and bumped. Since then, it all started.
Frankly I'm very happy for Gibson, he won a great victory.
In the photo her lips became more and it resembles a duck's widow.
And another thing: chernukha will now blow away dust from Lucia, they are very dependent on her. And to be hangers-on at her own daughter is very humiliating. The option, when she lived in his house, this one, but now .... He gave her a good kick in the stomach.

And one more thing forgot to mention.
remember about the book bodyguard? I think it will never come out and most likely, as one mother to sweep my comments blurted out that he wrote a book with hydroxy. How do you think about this suggestion?
Anonymous go by the name of
Friday, September 2, 2011 7:58
Hi all,
I also thought bignose was clearly not in the spirit. As far as I understood, all 750 thousand will go to pay for lawyers. certainly do not envy ...
And Pts did not seem important, try not to submit the form, but the person claims to be. Oh, and of today the judge with the word tremendus! Her insincerity a mile away visible. It's a shame for it, damn it.
On account of the book, I also think that they began with Herzog when they were on good terms.

By the way, I sent comments to the CP (KP),they do not publi*****, no))

"It seems that the author of this article, and other articles about Oksana chernukha guided only by the information that gives mom chernuhi.Or order it and complete distortion of facts.
At the expense of Milinda-15 on foreign website is laid out a deal for 15 mil. And half of these papers signed by Oksana. How do you explain this?
Then, you will not silence those 1.5 years due to evidence not far to seek, they are all in the CP.
The latter, with all due respect to our Ukrainian citizen, what is it Russian in Russia, if I quote:
... From the words of ex-mother-in-law-Oksana Grigorieva, will the world the shocking details of the marriage fraud in the Ukrainian city Shahtarsk, where she first wore a wedding dress ...
... Me to the hospital and says Oksana comes, they say, I can not get married, I lost the passport. Of course, I do not believe it, but what to do? We had, through their connection to her passport restore ...?"
Anonymous go by the name of
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 11:06
"An eye sees so itching to do a tooth")). Gibson was a tough nut. That's the mother chernukha writes commentary with maternity words, and then displays the same information in an interview (I am thinking about how lawyers have ruined it for 10 million) I would not be surprised if she had a heart attack.
According to the author's comments about the trusts, it turns out, Lucia finances are totally dependent on Gibson. So such an outcome is not exactly included in the plans Chernukha, especially mother)). As she wrote for nick Kaleria "... obviously Themis wrong ..." Laughter and only.
Somehow I feel sorry and och, so many things in her life was, and now even more so. But listen here as, as that says, but still revere "information", "her inner circle" - Nuuu, can not be otherwise. And her mother does not want bit in jail did not send her daughter, but still wanted Pts deprived Gibson of parental rights. Clearly this grandmother is not healthy. Maybe now she can not long stay in LA, thus less poison per child.
To exhaust it too much credit)) I talked to the Americans, and they believe that the exhaust - the worst enemy of herself)) We all sin it - who is more, some less, but it's full. So she soon get bored and want her back lighted)) I do not think that it is sharply wiser after the event. When Gibson completed probation, he will be more free in his actions. If the exhaust comes in heavy rake, he would cut her custody. And when a girl can she choose whom she wants to live - with mom or dad, you still do not know who she chooses. I really do not know exactly at what age this can be done. I will specify.
Anonymous go by the name of
Saturday, September 3, 2011 21:10
Yeah, I'm also very pleased with comment. 5% seriously think that chernukha mother is lying (we among them)), and only 0.5% approve Oksana, probably in their minds they estimated 750 tons of what would have spent their own.)), And other fun.
Envy or malice in fact not something I'm very happy)) A selikonovy bust is a masterpiece.))
Galina, you will agree that he did very cleverly took the blame for all. He was punished, but the money that she did not compensate it is what she expected.
And with the divorce from Robin pulled for a reason.)) Income, which he received for three years, was probably divided into three parts: his wife (still legal), he and Oksana. The amount received by it proves his complete lack of guilt. I agree Of this amount, all of America knows that she slandered him. He soon Veneto)) and will not hide from the media because he will not be afraid of questions about Oksana, is not allowed to talk about her.))
But it will never wash off.
Anonymous go by the name of
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 20:25
It seems that after the last payment of money in 2016, Lucia goes to 100% to Gibson. Can be done only weekend with her mother, and can generally only larger celebrations.
And the fact that in the same amount included Alexander and even more fun.
Galina, and you have not noticed that after the trial, MG /OG suddenly remembered the long forgotten press Monica Lewinsky?

1051 days ago
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