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TMZ Newsroom Erupts

Kim K Is Dead Wrong,

She Profited from Wedding

11/2/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Something smells rotten with Kim Kardashian's claim that she didn't profit from her wedding ... and this morning, the TMZ newsroom sniffed out the BS.

We previously reported, Kim and her mom are adamant they didn't make a single cent from Kim's wedding spectacle ... despite the fact the whole fam got paid for the TV special, wedding pictures and more.

Check out the clip -- a special extended newsroom version of what will appear on "TMZ on TV" tonight.


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I didn*****ch the view cus Momager was on it.

1085 days ago


If the truth were really known, they didn't even get married in the first place! It was a big farce, and she paid him to go along with it and keep his mouth shut. What a bunch of skank loosers, I can't wait til their popularity goes away just like Pari******on's did. None of them have any talent, everyone should just stop watching their stupid shows and buying their products!

1085 days ago



1085 days ago


And yet, here we ALL are commenting. Clearly we do care about this skank because look at all the damn comments under each of her posts!

Let’s not pretend that we’re above all their fans and viewers. The opposite of love is not hate. It’s apathy. If no one cared, the gossip blogs would not be full of mean (and totally justified) vitriol against her & we would just scroll past all this like I do with the Conrad Murray Trial

1085 days ago


this hole family is a bunch of lying hores who will make money off any one they are worse than the madoffs

1085 days ago


Kim certainly profited big time w/ that fiasco of a wedding. The Kardashian's don't want Kris to get a dime. If he's too naive, let his parent's hire a top shelf lawyer to get his share of the bogas wedding profits.

1085 days ago

Throwback kid    

How far has Kim Kardashian fallen? I don't even think Ray J would urinate on her again if her hair was on fire.

1085 days ago


Split the gifts in half with Kris?? Ya right. My (now ex) boyfriend sent them a wedding gift because he could not make it to their wedding. He is friends with Kris but does not know Kim. He received a thank you note from KIM, signed ONLY by her, on HER stationary.

1085 days ago


Duh! They don't do ANYTHING unless a dollar sign is attached.

1085 days ago


She's not "WRONG", she's a flat out LYING WITCH.

1085 days ago


******Kim you are a disgusting whore, who used an innocent guy for money**** that makes you a whore honey.

I used to liked you, and watch that ridiculous show on e.After what you did to that poor guy, I will never watch that show again.You have managed to completetly destroy your image now, and now everybody knows what you are. You will never be respected again, no guy will want to marry you again, they will all use you for one thing (sex). What were you thinking, like chris parents said, " you just destroyed your so-called carerr, and your brother will be voted off dancing with the star for sure, due to you.The backlash is just begining,what were you thinking girl.You and your family are trying to make chris look bad,but its actually backfiring. The best thing you could do for your image now, is not to bad mouth chris (the victim).The more you say bad things about him, the more people will hate you.

Hello! we all know that chris is a nice guy, he treated you like a princess, and how did you repay him.By dumping him like trash, and not even tell him, you filed for divorce.The guys was with you for two years, you humiliated him, and tossed him aside like garbage.I can't imagine how you treat your enemies, if you can treat somebody who cared for you so deeply. The reason people are so angry with you, is because you have shown no remorse for what you did to that poor guy.what goes around, comes around, one day you will pay for what you did to chris, and making a mockery out of your marriage.There are people out there who would loved to get married, but are unable for various reasons, and for you to make a joke out of it, is truely sad.

You are mental, the first sign of marital problem for you = file for divorce. What about the vows that you took, this is not a joke. I doubt you will recover from this mess, judging by how the public feels about you now, the backlash is just begining girl.I'm suprised you mother, did not talked you out of making such a foolish decision.

****Harvey we are all on chris side, so it would be in tmz advantage not to run any bad stories about him, I know you don't want to anger you base. We are behing him 100 percent, let's send that whore back to gutter, where she came from******

1085 days ago

That's Right    

It's sad it's your soul to get into h-e-l-l

1085 days ago


She should refund these guest the cost of their gifts. The charity thing is just saving face considering she will be able to use that during tax time for write offs.

1085 days ago


They absolutely DID profit from the wedding. She got paid millions for the pictures! Earlier TMZ had a video of Kims mom saying that they didn't profit from the wedding and that Kim had to pay for her wedding and had a balance that she owed that came out of her own pocket... anyways... I guess they think that since she still owed money on the wedding (even though she got paid millions) that it didn't count that she profited off of it... In their eyes since they didn't make enough money to cover the entire wedding that they didn't "profit" from it... what a sick twisted greedy family the Kardashians are...BLAH!

1085 days ago

Biggie Johnson    

That " HOLE " family are ass swabs, somebody should tell Bruce wearing those earrings make him look like a DRAG QUEEN with a bad face lift.

1085 days ago
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