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People vs. Conrad Murray

Defense's Closing Arguments

The Blow-by-Blow

11/3/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ed Chernoff  -- Defense Attorney's Closing Arguments
Updated 11/03/11 at 1:30 PM
In his closing arguments, defense Attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors the prosecution failed to prove a crime was committed ... insisting, "Michael Jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed Lorazepam and Dr. Murray didn't know it."

"They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson," Chernoff told the court.

Chernoff  also said Murray's "greatest personality defect is his greatest character strength," adding, "Dr. Murray "had no control over the situation because of what was happening in the background. He was just a little fish in a big, dirty pond."

He suggested the only reason the case even went to trial was because MJ was a celebrity. "If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson, would this doctor be here today?" Chernoff asked.

Other highlights:
* Murray made mistakes. But this is not a civil case. For a crime to be committed, the prosecution has to show Murray killed MJ.
* Chernoff tried to discredit Alberto Alvarez testimony. He said it didn't make sense that  Murray would ask him hide evidence because they barely knew each other.
* Alvarez testified he grabbed the IV bag with both his hands ... but none of his fingerprints were found on the bag.
* Alvarez also said he noticed a milky substance in the IV bag, but no traces of Propofol were found inside the bag.
* There are no photos showing a vial inside an IV bag. The coroner investigator testified she took the vial out of the bag BEFORE taking a picture.
* LAPD detective Scott Smith also testified he never saw a vial in a bag.

* Murray didn't need to create an elaborate IV set up -- placing a vial inside an empty bag -- when he could have used the hanging tab on the Propofol bottle.
* The tubing found in MJ's bedroom did not have any Propofol in it.
* Good scientists don't take positions. Dr. Shafer had an agenda.
* Chernoff told jurors, "Dr. White knows more about Propofol than Dr. Shafer will ever know." He said White had no reason to lie.
* Murray didn't call 911 because he was busy trying to save MJ's life. He immediately started CPR ... when that didn't work he called for help. "It's easy in hindsight to say he's a lousy doctor," Chernoff said. "It's easy to make those statements when you've never had a patient and a friend like Michael Jackson. You can judge Dr. Murray for what he did but don't question his motives."
* Chernoff told the jury, "There is a tremendous desire to paint Murray as a villain. There is no perfect villain or perfect victim." He said the prosecution tried to make Murray look guilty when they showed surveillance footage of him leaving the ER ... a witness for the defense testified Murray was on his way to another part of the hospital to help the family draft a press release.
* Chernoff asked jurors not to hold Murray responsible just because it's Michael Jackson, saying, "it's not a reality show... It's reality."

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This guy is dancing around the facts. Yet he claims the prosecution is not telling the full story. Defense has NO substantial rebuttal! Laughable.

1085 days ago


Chernoff is a bad denence lawyer he needs to go back to school I would not want him they are loosing and this guy is talking to hear himself talk and waste time Murray is guilty and Chernoff is a bad talker

1085 days ago


Alvarez can't be trusted because of the money he was paid. Shafer can't be trusted because he was hired by the prosecution. Umm...defense attorney, there's a little plank in your eye you might want to take care of.

1085 days ago


omg! he is such a bad lawyer ! and his final statements are worse than beyond bad ! "murray is the greatest person" " michael jackson was his friend" " the patients flew in just for their friend dr murray" ....its like saturday night life made already a spoof of the trial..BUT the best part is: michael sneaked into his bathroom and stuffed himself full of lorazepam! yeah. thats why he hires a doctor who is supposed to monitor and help him 24/ sneak behind the doctor and stuff himself with pills like a turkey...PLEAAAASSEEEE

1085 days ago


Excellent closing argument by both sides but especially the defense. MJ was a 50-year-old grown man and made his own decisions.

He called himself the king and took photographs wearing crowns and sitting on thrones for a reason. Because he considered himself a king. Kings don't take orders; they give them.

MJ was a grown man.

Blessings to everyone here.

1085 days ago


Wax, if as a grown adult, I ask you to buy a gun and kill me with it, and you comply, you still killed me.

1085 days ago

Tracy R    

This guy is something else. Asking the jury would they call 911 or would they help a dying person. News flash: You can do both at the same time. He mentioned that Murray ran down the stairs to ask the chef for help. Ummmmm isn't that leaving your patient. I think so. Why couldn't he just yell from the room "Help"??? The defense has not proved Murray is innocent. Even admitting that the plastic iv tube was in his baggy pants. Come on!??! Then he wanted to talk about Dr. Shafer?!?! You have some nerve, when your OWN WITNESS said he would NEVER do what Conrad Murray did? Even the so-called addiction specialist said that he would call 911 for help. You need to be angry with your witnesses and not the prosecution. And saying the MJ got up out of his bed to take 2 lorazepam tablets when Murray wasn't looking?? You are reaching buddy. There is no way that is possible after all the drugs that he injected to MJ. As far as Alberto Alvarez taking 2 months to make a statement, it doesn't matter. He told the police what he saw, did (for Murray), and that's all. And they wanna keep talking about the little tab on the propofol bottle. The evidence of the saline bag being split open with the propofol inside with suggests that MAYBE he broke the s*** and decided to use the saline bag to hold it. Did you think of that??

The major point of this case is that Conrad Murray, gave MJ Propofol in a bedroom, no emergency equipment, abandoned his patient, did NOT call 911, gave CPR with ONE hand, hid evidence lied to the parametics, lied to the UCLA doctors, and LIED TO MJ's FAMILY about what happened. That facts are abundantly clear, and he should be found quilty. THE END.

1085 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Now, let's have all the stuperfans (metaphorically) gather and hold hands to recite the new Stuperfans Creed as it has now been expanded for the latest media spectacle court case.

We Believe:
- Every word that MJ ever said/sang/wrote were complete truth and any interpretation of those words shall only have the most innocent meaning. Also, those words were directed as a personal message to each individual fan and should be considered gospel. As a matter of fact, he may be the second coming of god himself.
- Nothing negative about him is true. As fans we must only accept the things we like and dismiss everything else as lies unless they suit our needs at the time.
- Nothing was ever his fault, at best it was misinterpreted by the media who all cooperated in a secret agreement to conspire against him and ruin his life.
- He didn't have a childhood and spent his first 18 years in misery. In fact, he was the only black kid that ever got a smack or two in the 60's & 70's.
- MJ had one or two surgeries at most and they were related to his scalp burns.
- Michael Jackson always appeared as he did in 2009 and he looked normal.
- There were only two accusations of sexual misconduct with minors. It is a complete coincidence that they were both pubesent boys from troubled families.
- Because one set of charges were dropped in an illegal payoff, which in no way implies guilt, and he was acquitted in another trial, all facts, evidence and statements brought forward must be considered 100% false. Also, the FBI found it necessary to investigate MJ for no reason and it continued for 10 years even though they found nothing and their investigation was fully disclosed to the public.
- With the exception of his crippling vitiligo, MJ was completely healthy.
- Michael Jackson was very ill.
- MJ had completely normal marriages.
- MJ did not take "his children" away from their mothers.
- MJ's only drug use was a few Demerol a long long time ago that he took for his scalp burns and his substance abuse, though minor and justified, was 100% cured.
- Dr. Murray wanted to kill MJ and it was all part of an elaborate plan to give him dangerous drugs every night for months without Michael ever questioning what was being done to him.
- MJ thought everything was completely normal in his treatment even though there was massive amounts of drugs present, and IV in his inner thigh, a condom catheter on and someone was watching him sleep for months.
- MJ was a completely competent person capable of making decisions about his own health care.

1085 days ago


Murray is guilty,guilty,guilty.He should admit to what he has done.He cannot even testify for himself. He knows what he has done.God is not sleeping.Ask God to forgive you,for the death of Michael Jackson and the lies you has told. A great injustice has been done to Michael Jackson.

1085 days ago


Murray is full of it, any Dr with half a brain would have had a nurse be in the room while any meds are being given, to ensure there was no mistakes made. Even at hospitals they have to double check before any meds are given to the patient.

1085 days ago


Murray must DIE!!!! I hate him!!! **** you Murray!!! Justice for Michael!!! Justice for Michael!!! AAAuuh! ♥♥♥

1084 days ago


Is Chernoff in touch with reality?

1082 days ago

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