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People vs. Conrad Murray

Closing Arguments --

Prosecution Squares Off

11/3/2011 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutor David Walgren -- Closing Arguments
Updated 11/03/11 at 9:00 AM
Prosecutor David Walgren just began his closing arguments to the jury, insisting Dr. Conrad Murray caused the death of Michael Jackson.

* For Prince, Paris and Blanket this trial will not end today because they lost their father.
* Conrad Murray violated the sacred trust between doctor and patient "each and every day."
* On June 24, 2009 MJ performed at the Staples Center and gave a great performance ... 12 hours later he was laying dead in his bed in his home.
* MJ was a creative genius striving for perfection. He was making long term plans for both himself and his children. He was excited about the tour because he knew it would give him a chance to settle down ... and his children could finally have a normal life.

* MJ wanted to open a children's hospital ... he wanted to give this to the world. He had plans and hopes and dreams.
* He was excited his kids would get to see their dad perform in London. But none of this came to be because on June 25, 2009 MJ was pronounced dead at age 50.
* Joe, Katherine, La Toya and Randy Jackson are in court -- arriving one after the other to listen to closing arguments.


* The law recognizes the special relationship between doctor and patient. Doctors have a duty to their patients and the failure to act on that duty caused the death of Michael Jackson.
* Conrad Murray is criminally negligent if he could have foreseen what happened.
* By his own admission, Conrad Murray knew MJ liked to push his own Propofol. He should have never left him alone in a room full of drugs.
* Dr. Murray made misleading statements when he failed to tell doctors he administered Propofol. It proves he knew it was wrong. That is consciousness of guilt.
* Walgren told jurors that Murray ordered more than four gallons of Propofol and had it shipped to his girlfriend's apartment in LA.
* Murray couldn't bother to keep records ... but had no problem recording a drugged up MJ and then for some reason keeping it.
* At a meeting in June Murray assures everyone MJ is doing just fine.
* But on June 19, 2009, director Kenny Ortega is so concerned about MJ's health fires an urgent email  to AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips saying MJ is in a bad state.
* During an emergency meeting on June 20, 2009  -- 5 days before MJ's death -- Murray insists MJ is doing fine ... lashing out at Ortega for sending MJ home from rehearsal. Murray sternly told Ortega to mind his own business. Unfortunately, that's what happened.
* On June 21 , 2009, Jackson was complaining he was half hot and half cold. His bodyguard called a nurse who told them MJ needed to go to the hospital.
* On June 23 Michael performed at the Staples Center. By all accounts it was a great performance. There was light at the end of the tunnel.
* MJ's last rehearsal on June 24 was, again, a success. Everyone was excited that the tour was going to finally happen. MJ was particularly excited about the "illusion" that was to be performed the next day."
* After MJ's death an arrangement was made to meet with Conrad Murray at Marina del Rey. Conrad Murray was there with his lawyers. At this point, investigators knew very little. The cause of the death had not yet been determined. Detectives were working in the dark. They sat down to listen to Conrad Murray to listen to what he had to say.
* He told detectives he was giving MJ Propofol. When detectives ask how frequently did this happen? Murray tells them every day.
* Murray admitted he gave MJ 50 mg Propofol injections followed by a drip almost every night for two months.
* During his interview, Murray told cops he was worried about giving MJ Propofol at 10:00 am because MJ had to be up at noon -- 2 hours later. It suggests Murray intended to give MJ a drip, because a 25 mg injection would only put someone to sleep for 5 minutes.
* Murray never called 911 because, as he claimed, speaking to an operator would be negligent ... so what does he do instead? He calls Michael Amir Williams and leaves him a message. Setting aside all the other bizarre behavior, all he needed to say was, "Call 911..." but he didn't.
* Murray delayed calling 911 because he was looking out for himself ... he needed  to hide the evidence.
* Murray spend countless minutes on the phone with several people. He was able to spend all that time on the phone because MJ was asleep ... thanks to a Propofol drip.
* Sade Anding heard voices in the background at the exact time Murray drops the phone. Was Conrad Murray in another room? Was MJ calling for help? Did he gasp? Did he choke? We don't know ... we'll never know.
* When help does arrive, in the form of bodyguard Alberto Alvarez, Murry grabs vials of medicine and and instructs him to put them in a bag. Only then does Murray asks him to call 911.
* It took 20 minutes to call 911... Paramedics responded in 6 minutes. They were a mile and a half away.
* As paramedics transport MJ to the ambulance, Murray is picking stuff off the floor and putting it in a trash bag. Why?
* In the hospital doctors ask Murray what drugs administered ... again Murray never mentioned Propofol.
* After MJ was pronounced dead, Murray is concerned about retrieving a "cream" which he claimed MJ didn't want people to know about. Murray was not concerned about a cream... he was worried about himself.
* Murray met with detectives 2 days after MJ died because he assumed police had found his bags. He knew the toxicology report was was about to be completed. He came forward for the self preservation of Conrad Murray. He came forward to get ahead of the story. Unfortunately his story doesn't match up with the evidence.
* Every single doctor has told you they would never have done what Murray did.
* Propofol should be used in a highly monitored setting. No one had ever heard of anyone using Propofol in a bedroom... EVER ... until Murray. it's an egregious violation of medical care. It's gross criminal negligence.
* Murray's preoccupation with emails, texts and calls constitute an abandonment.
* Murray chose not to keep any medical records because he didn't want his bizarre treatment to be documented.
* He deceived doctors at UCLA Medical Center, an extreme deviation of standard of care.
* Dr. Steven Shafer said the most likely scenario is that Murray gave Jackson a drip. It's based on the evidence... a cut saline bag with Conrad Murray's finger prints on it found at the scene.
* Murray admitted he did that every night, a 50 mg injection followed by a drip.
* MJ wasn't complaining he couldn't fall asleep ..  he WAS asleep... because Conrad Murray put him on a drip.
* Murray's former patients say he was a good doctor ... but they were all treated in a hospital for things Murray was trained to do.
* Even the defense's own witness, Dr. Allan Metzger admitted there no amount of money would get him to agree to give Propofol in a bedroom.
* MJ was not reckless. He had a life ahead of him. He had 3 children he loved dearly. He had the means to get Propofol himself but he didn't do that. He wanted a doctor monitoring him at all time.
* Murray should have kept the drugs under lock and key.
* What defense expert  Dr. Paul White presented was junk science... It was garbage. It was sad for science and for truth seeking. Perhaps he did it for the money.
* He never studied anything. He had defense attorney Michael Flanagan call a researcher in Indiana to conduct a study for him.
* MJ trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life. He paid with his life. Conrad Murray lied, deceived, obscured. More importantly, he acted with negligence, he looked out for himself. That's not what a doctor does. Conrad Murray's action caused MJ's death. But the people do not need to prove that because even if defense's facts are true ... Murray should still be held responsible.
* Walgren asked the jury to find Murray guilty of manslaughter because he abandoned his patient. "Justice demands a guilty verdict," he concluded.

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all of these statements may be true.. but you need to remember; the prosecution needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Murray did in fact cause the death of MJ rather than just demonstrating that he was very unethical.

1083 days ago


Michael Jackson did it to himself! Now I'm not saying he administered his own medication, but how much did he pay Murray? He asked for it. Don't say "He paid with his life." NO. He paid with it out of his wallet. He wanted this, he begged for it. Now, I don't believe Murray should be practicing medicine, but if he wasn't going to drug Jackson then some other crooked doctor would take that cash and do it. This whole trial is a crock of s***. Just take away his license (which has already been done) and fine him.

1083 days ago


There really is no question here. Did Dr. Murray fail to adhere to standard medical practices when dealing with Jackson? Yes. Did Dr. Murray improperly bring a powerful anesthetic into a non-medical envrionment for purposes of using it as a sleep-aid? Yes. Dr. Dr. Murray administer said strong anesthetic without proper monitoring equipment? Yes. Dr. Murray failed to take care of his patient. Michael Jackson is not on trial here. You cannot convict the dead. Dr. Murray was the doctor, and HE is the one that should have known better.

1083 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

His kids where important to him? Is that why he left them with a nanny and wanted to sleep 18 hours a day? Nice try.

1083 days ago


Good luck, Dr. Murray. I hope you are found "not guilty."

1083 days ago


The streaming is not working! Watch it here

1083 days ago


* He wanted a large estate for streams and horses and animals so that his kids could live a normal life.

Is that a normal childs life in America?

1083 days ago


Albert Einstein

1083 days ago


MJ wanted to sleep over night, not permanently. MJ did what so many people across America are doing. He used drugs to try to achieve this. Because he used drugs to try to sleep, he has been labeled a drug addict. Because average every day Americans are not in the news for using a wide variety of sleep aids, doesn't make them any different than MJ. If you are using anything outside of nature to fall asleep, don't separate yourself from what happened here. The only difference is that he had the money to pay a Dr. to help him sleep. I'm not saying he didn't make a huge mistake with his choice of sleep aid, because he did. In making that decision, it cost him his life. Did he lay down his life willingly, no. Did his Dr. help help do something wrong, YES. Was MJ to blame for wanting to use Propofol, YES. Did his Dr. know it was wrong to use Propofol as a sleep aid YES. So in my opinion, there is no doubt that the Dr. knowingly and willingly used a drug in an environment that it was never intended for, and therefor is guilty of committing the crime. He is not an Anesthesiologist, he is a Cardiologist, which are two very different areas of expertise. He was not even qualified to administer Propofol. It was doomed from the beginning. MJ trusted his Dr., like so many of us do. In this case, that trust got rewarded with a death sentence. The "good" Dr. is not innocent and should pay whatever price he has to.

1083 days ago


there is reasonable doubt.two people know what went on in that room,murray and jackson.who is not able to speak on his half either to defend murray or accuse murray

1083 days ago


David Walgren is an excellent attorney. He pointed out all important facts and rebuking the defense theory with facts! He was efficient and to the point...A+++

1083 days ago


Perfect argument Mark!!!! Even I couldn´t do better:)
Murray is a egoist idiot, he killed Michael!! Go to jail!!

1083 days ago


streams, horses, acres....Yes, those are lives for the Jackson kids! He didn't sleep 18 hrs a day, that's the point of the trial. One more thing.. To OhWell: I hope you are Dr. Murray's next patient.

1083 days ago


Closing statements-

MJ was a great guy , problem was , he was a druggie.

MJ was so doped up at his child molestation trial that he drugged himself into a stupor, was late for court, and finally showed up wearing pajamas, still in a stupor.

He was incoherant during most of the trial.

1083 days ago
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