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Charlie Sheen

Still Poking Fun

At 'Two and a Half Men'

11/5/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen still enjoys taking jabs at his old show -- posting this photo from the set of his new movie, with the caption ... "(this is at least TWO AND A HALF times more fun than my last gig..!)"

We're not going to do the math, but we're guess his last gig paid waaaay more than TWO AND A HALF times as much money.


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why should he stop with this kind of things? there are jokes about charlie in the new episodes that are directed at the real life person. his on screen character never did koke but in episode7 alan reads this in charlies diary. "i reward myself with koke and an asian hooker"

1044 days ago


Hasn't anyone been paying attention. Lorre has taken a shot at Charlie every week since Ashton's first show. Lorre has done it with the vanity cards at the end and in the scripts. Previews for nextt week's show have Alan dressing and acting like Charlie Harper but he is using Charlie Sheen statements for example when did Charlie Harper ever use the word "#winning"? Just listen to the dialouge, you'll hear it. As long as Chuck Lorre keeps taking shots at Cahrlie he leaves himself fair game.

1044 days ago

For Sooth?    

Come on TMZ, are you telling us that Ashton is watchable in Two and a Half Men? Cuz I'm here to say that he ain't.
Charlie should be in jail but at least he made the show what it WAS.

1044 days ago

Charles Van Meter    

Charlie is filming a movie for theatrical release, he just signed a 100 episode deal with FX for his new TV series FX (oh yeah, he's STILL getting paid by the producers of 2.5 Men...reportedly as much as 125 million over 7 years); you would have to be retarded to think he has money problems. Chuck Lorre, on the other hand, has seen the ratings of 2.5 Men fall by a staggering 15% per episode for 5 of the last 6 episodes, and 90% of fan commentary is demanding Sheen's return. Duh.....winning.

1044 days ago


Who gives a shyte what you think Charlie. You lost the job through your own stupidity. Even if it's canceled your crackhead ass won't every be on it again and never in your dreams will you make that kind of money. You're a f*cking loser. Enjoy your new show. I wouldn'*****ch it if they paid me.

1044 days ago


Charlie is awesome,, we all know whast goes on n little isreal!!!! good for u Charlie!!!

1044 days ago


TMZ, give it up. We know you are owned by Warner Bros., which also own Two And A Half Men. We know you guy*****e Charlie Sheen, even if he made you guys lots of money. Throughout the whole Charlie meltdown you guys were the most vocal. We know it's a black propaganda. Sure, Charlie has problems, but you guys sensationalize even the most minute comment. Like this, well, it's actually quite clever on Charlie's part. And last I heard Two and A Half Men can't produce an episode where they don't mention Charlie Harper. And the other poster is correct, Charlie Harper never used "coke" in the show, but the last episode stated that he rewarded himself with coke...meh. Never happened. An asian hooker, sure, I can see it. Anyway, TMZ, you act like a jealous ex-girlfriend. And the guy who says "i'm a lawyer", well, he doesn't strike me as someone I would particularly trust in defending me for my freedom. And let's not forget, Two And A Half Men is dropping its ratings by 15% every episode, except for one. And now, they are even advertising new episodes, when they didn't need to before. And look at the comments page, 95% are clamoring for Charlie Sheen's return. Winning. And Chuck Lorre is an ass.

1044 days ago


This blog is written by TWO AND A HALF morons.

1044 days ago


if you've seen the show lately then you have to know sheen won... he got out of the crapfest that is has become... some say it always was... and got tons of money, got free from his contract and is moving on...

1043 days ago


Ashton Kutcher is aweful - wake up. Can't stand show anymore

999 days ago


@ tellmeaboutit - What's to enjoy? Barf.

874 days ago


@ Jodi: So how much are they paying you to watch the crap show that's supposed to be Two and a Half Men now? I can't imagine any sane person watching, unless they're getting paid.

874 days ago
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