Candy Spelling Hits $90k Vegas Jackpot -- I've Got a Nose for Loose Slots!

11/8/2011 12:55 AM PST

Candy Spelling -- I've Got a Nose for Loose Slots!

File under those damn rich people keep getting richer ... Candy Spelling won $90,000 on the slots in Vegas.

Sources connected with the Bellagio in Las Vegas tell TMZ ... Candy and some of her girlfriends were at the hotel 2 weeks ago when Candy started playing the high limit slots -- where the machines cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 a spin.

We don't know how many false starts she had, but in the end, Candy hit it big to the tune of 90 grand!!!!!!!!

Here's the thing -- it's not even Candy's biggest slot machine victory ... or 2nd biggest. Back in 2007, she pulled her way to a $200k payday ... and in 2008, she won a cool $180k.

Oh, and don't forget about the frickin' car in a charity raffle a few years back.

Still, Mrs. Spelling could probably use the cash these days ... after all, she did just sell her mansion for $65 MILLION less than she wanted for it.

Poor, poor Candy ...