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Kurt Loder:

MJ Was a Child Molester

11/8/2011 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kurt Loder
Kurt Loder
-- the longtime face of "MTV News" -- says he believes Michael Jackson was a child molester.

Loder appeared on the "Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning" radio show this morning  ... when he was asked if he thought MJ's death was a tragedy.

Loder replied, "Its a shame how he grew up ... his childhood was a shame ... there is many sad aspects to his life, ... on the other hand, I think he was a child molester, and that sort of tempers any feelings you might have about him."

When asked why he believed MJ molested kids, Loder claimed he knew about secret payouts to the parents of little boys ... and pointed to MJ's bizarre behavior.

"Having sleepovers with little boys, and you're a 40 year old man??? Uh, NO. You're like a child molester."

Loder continues, "Maybe being a child molester is the product of a pretty terrible childhood he had ... you can see why that might have happened. On the other hand, molesting children is bad."


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Jimmy jamz    

Hopefully this story helps his children come out and tell their story since he bought them when it got it expensive to pay others to be quiet. I pray they are ok and this story dont kick up too many memories of Daddy Drug addict the predator who cant sleep.

1079 days ago


I agree, finally someone with a set on him to tell the truth lets just hope they don't try and convince him to say sorry. You will see the children that Michael raised as his owe come forward in about 5 to 10 years writing a tell all book how they abused them. How could the mother of these children hand them over to this perv. We all know that they are now his biological children. The youngest boy looks so uphappy he barely has expressions on his face, the woman who gave birth to him and handed him should be ashamed of herself. The other two children don't look very happy either.

1079 days ago


I can't believe you people really believe Michael Jackson molested children, don't you people know he was investigated by the FBI for years after he was accuitted of charges, do you know I can claim you all molested me and if your found accuitted that means no evidence found to prove my case. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. Do you know the father of the first boy was on a secret taped phone call threatening that if he (Michael didn't help them with some movie deal that he would make it hard for him? if my child was molested by anyone I would want them locked up and the key thrown away instead of money. GROW UP PEOPLE AND USE YOUR BRAINS

1079 days ago


Only the deluded MJ fanatics still cling to the delusion that there was nothing wrong with a adult man "sleeping" in the same bed with prepubescent boys. Oh, and NAMBLA ... MJ fanatics and NAMBLA ... on that they both agree -- nothing wrong with grown men sleeping with little boys ...

1079 days ago


Congratulations Kurt!! Finally a rational mind speaks. It was a travesty that Michael Jackson got away with what he did for years, because he had the right amount of money in the bank to pay people off.

1079 days ago


Kurt Loder, you need to read the trial transcript along with Aphrodite Jones' book and learn the TRUTH as do all of the MJ naysayers. Just one of many examples: the family that brought charges in 2005? The mom was committing welfare fraud by funneling checks into a secret account. She brought a false sexual harassment claim again JC Penney, in which her children lied there also. They lived in a beautiful home but kept a shabby, cramped apartment to show people in order to gain sympathy. They claimed that they needed money for the boy's cancer treatments, yet they were all covered by insurance. Jay Leno testified that the boy asked him for money over the phone, and he could hear the boy being coached in the background. This family made a LOT of money off celebrities and found the perfect mark in MJ because he was kind and compassionate. He paid for EVERYTHING for this kid. I was on a cruise earlier this year with Boyz II Men, who told us that they were at Michael's house the day the boy and his family were there, arms loaded down with shopping bags and presents...all paid for by Michael. They said they knew instantly what the MO was here. They also said MJ would have never done anything to a child, ever. Get real, people, and wake up. PEOPLE LIE FOR MONEY. And as far as the first case goes, Michael was advised by legal counsel to pay off that kid just to get the thing over with. They were after money, too. Now that boy's father committed suicide. I guess money doesn't fix everything, especially a guilty conscience. Do you homework! Check the facts! Quit standing in judgment of someone without knowing the full story. I'm so SICK of this!! If you think there weren't people around MJ trying to bring him down, you're NAIVE. Don't you think by now if these awful things about Michael were true, there would be people coming out of the woodwork? The few that did have all been proven false. This world has made us jaded to the point that anytime we see a man with a child, we automatically assume he's a pedophile. Michael was a good man with a generous and giving heart. Stop dragging his name through the mud

1079 days ago


Paying off kids to keep quiet during his lifetime is one thing, but where are all the kids now? Why don't they come forward and speak up? Who are they afraid of and what incentive do they have to keep quiet…

1079 days ago

MJ's victims are harassed everyday by fans    

Hey, guess what...

-Michael Jackson was thrice accused of child molestation (Chandler, Francia, Arvizo)

-Michael Jackson settled his 1st case for $25 million after a 13-yr-old boy accurately drew a detailed description of his genitals...including marks that can only be seen during an erection.

-Michael Jackson had an alarm system for his bedroom that would go off when someone was approaching.

-Michael Jackson had a 2nd hidden bedroom within his main bedroom.

-Three different types of semen were found on Michael Jackson's mattress--one belonged to him, and the two others belonged to different males. A fourth sample of semen was found in Michael's bedsheets, and a fifth on a size small pair of underwear stored in a bag with Michael's own soiled underwear. No female DNA was detected.

-During the raid, police discovered that Michael Jackson had multiple books of nude children including "Boys Will be Boys", which is an extremely explicit book of young boys in erotic poses (this was locked in a filing cabinet in his room)

-Michael Jackson owned a nude photo of his pubescent friend Jonathan Spence...a boy he shared his bed with for years.

Anyone who still doesn't realize that he was a child predator is an idiot.

1079 days ago


More than 70% know who he was... That many people can't be wrong!!!!! Give it up the fanatical MJ fans...

1079 days ago


All you nasties must be the very "few" Murray supports who are bitter because "POOR MURRAY" is in jail and you all have nothing better to do but be on TMZ RE_POSTING your same old comments over and over again. What a life you all have!
MJ had his day in court, he is not here anymore to be a burden in you imaginary world of molestation, So cut the crap! He can't hear you anymore, or he's laughing at you from above, and we fans generally ignore you, so all you have is each other and your bullying, miserable lives.
We have MJ's music and love a much better place to be! Too bad you missed out!

1079 days ago


Loving the delusion MJ fans live under.. They could catch him naked with a ten year old boy, and they'd claim it was just a medical checkup... LMFAO

1079 days ago


Michael is NOT a child molester, how sick some people can be :sick:

1079 days ago


Go Kurt! TMZ and others have forgotten this fact!

Surprised TMZ had the balls to post. Half a point.

1079 days ago


he is right if mike tyson, leo or chris rock had boys sleeping in their beds and drinking happy juice, people would be out raged. but mj could do anything and get away with it because he could sing and dance. he has followers who act like he is christ. would be different if it were their child. its really sick, the way they idolize him.

1079 days ago


he is right, if mike tyson, leo or chris rock had little boys staying over nite sleeping in their bed and drinking happy juice people would be out raged. mj could do anything and his followers would turn a blind eye. he was talented singer and dancer, but people act like he was a god. its really sick!!!!

1079 days ago
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