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LeBron James

King of the Jews'

... Basketball League

11/8/2011 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shocking -- LeBron James played a basketball game in Ohio last night, the same state where they lit his jersey on fire last year.

More Shocking -- Dude was a last minute fill-in for a team at the Mandel Jewish Community Center, where he instantly became the best player to ever compete in the Herbert S. Diamond league.

TMZ has learned ... LeBron was killing time in his home state ... when he got a call from some of his friends who had a 7:30 PM game at the JCC.

We're told LBJ's pals were a man short, so they reached out to LBJ to fill in ... and King James was happy to oblige.

Obviously , LeBron dominated -- and led his squad to a ten point victory.

We're told LeBron was super nice ... taking photos and signing autographs with a bunch of kids who happened to be down the hall rehearsing for the musical "Grease."

Afterwards, LeBron tweeted "Just got done hooping in the JCC league.  So funny but good run @RichPaul4 had a few 3's #basketballneverstops.


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L'chaim Lebron

1079 days ago


I hear this schwartze can play

1079 days ago

I am Spartacus    

its really amazing how this guy i*****ed so much when he's really been nothing but a great guy off the court. You never hear about Lebron getting arrested or being in trouble. The guy continues to donate his time and money even back in Ohio where people were burning his jersey.

Everyone wants him to be what they want. The guy is a great teammate and even better person off the court. The only thing he's ever done wrong is announcing his free agency on national tv. But then again, everyone tuned in and everyone was begging for him to come to their city for 2+ years so obviously it was a spectacle.

No matter where he decided to go many people were going to turn on him because he didn't pick their city. Everyone in NY was begging him to come to the Knicks for over 2 years. So as long as he picked anyone but the Knicks people were going to rip him. Same with the Cavs, Heat, Bulls, etc.

Good to see Lebron doing his thing. Hopefully soon these owners can actually try negotiating instead of making demands and expecting the players to give in to everything they ask (what concessions have the owners made?).

1079 days ago

I am Spartacus    

And how ironic is it that Michael Jordan is one of the main owners who are causing this lockout. Jordan is so arrogant and hard headed that even he can't admit he's the worst GM/Owner in the NBA. Maybe he should take the advice he offered owners back when he was a player and sell the team if he can't make a profit.

"Airing It Out With Wiz Owner
Thursday, October 29, 1998
You don't want to be a Washington player if Michael Jordan plays against the Wizards this season. During the mass owner-player meeting yesterday, Jordan engaged in a heated exchange with Wizards owner Abe Pollin.

Jordan's showdown with Pollin and fellow Bull Steve Kerr's verbal battle with David Stern were the highlights of the 11/2-hour meeting, according to several players.

According to players, Pollin said about his fellow owners, "You just have to trust us."

Jordan fired back, saying, "You've got to trust our negotiators." Jordan also blasted owners for not bargaining in good faith in the offseason and said to Pollin, "If you can't make a profit, you should sell your team."

Asked early today about the confrontation, Jordan replied, "I'm not trying to disrespect Abe, and I wouldn't expect him to disrepect us as players, but if they're gonna make a hard stand, we have to make a hard stand. And quite naturally, you're gonna have some angry positioning, but you have to set that aside."

Kerr, meanwhile, drew Stern's ire after he called aspects of the owners' proposal "an insult." Losing his cool, Stern responded by saying that the players' demand to have 63% of income go to salaries was also "an insult."

1079 days ago


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1079 days ago


Is his ass tatooed too? Stay classy! This guy will go down...and hard. I guarantee within 10 years Lebron will be asking "You want fries with that"!

1079 days ago


Finally he going to get a ring !!!

1079 days ago


I hope he took the time to cheap-shot some high school kid like he did before...

1079 days ago


That is awesome. What a mensch!

1079 days ago


Umm, not too shocking. This is the same JCC where he played when he was growing up in Akron about 15-20 years ago.

1079 days ago


Lebron was groomed as a young player at the JCC through Saturday Morning open gyms held by his future high school coach, Keith Dambrot, no surprise he would show up and play at his old stomping grounds

1079 days ago


ooooo i see here he gonna get him some white meat.

1079 days ago

Jimi Streets    

Okay, okay. Enough with "The Jews" already. We all know Harvey is Jewish. His show and website are provocative. Do you all really have to stir up trouble, go out of your way to upset people? Is Harvey really a self-hating Jewish man that suffers from a similar condition akin to "white guilt"? Surely you all realize that you very likely have just lost A LOT of viewers and readers, right? Why don't you guys just come out and say Lebron and Kobe are "n-words"? There's not much difference. There is nothing funny or mature in trying to provoke people. Grow up. You won't have me as a viewer any longer, that's for sure. I won't be supporting any of your sponsors either. Farewell

1058 days ago

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