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Nic Cage

Drops $2k on Mammoth Ivory


11/10/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Nicolas Cage is finally over that whole "financial ruin" thing -- 'cause dude just dropped TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on a steak knife in Alaska ... TMZ has learned.

Nic was chillin' in Anchorage Wednesday -- when he rolled into a bad ass custom blade shop called Northern Knives.

We're told Cage fell in love with a Don Dezarn original -- which featured MAMMOTH IVORY in the handle and a patriotic bald eagle engraved onto the 4-inch blade.

The knife is primarily used as a decorative piece, and one knife expert tells us it's common for people to wear similar blades as a holstered accessory with a "nice suit."

Knife experts tell us ... $2,000 is pretty reasonable for a knife of that caliber. But the crazy part ... Nic told people inside he plans to use his fancy shank to cut his steak!!!

Chew on that.


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Only an ignorant pig would buy ivory products.

1075 days ago


cool purchase - lots of jealous homos in this thread.

1075 days ago

cate we do sell ivory is legal and a way of life. As far as what he it anyone's business how he spends his money? How would you like it if we posted all over the internet one of you owes credit card bills, late car payments, ect then gossiped about you buying an xbox???same thing and very immature. Nic is a great actor and has given us many hours of entertainment. He has been very nice to the Anchorage residents. His purchase helps our local economy. Thank you Nic Alaska Loves You!!!!!

1075 days ago


He's weird. Has he ever paid all his back taxes?

1075 days ago


Regarding all the comments about the ivory. I wear a hand carved hawaiian fish hook made from ivory. It is NOT ILLEGAL to purchase ivory. Boone's in Washington state sells ivory for scrimshaw that pre-dates the 1972 C.I.T.E.S. Ban. In Alaska it is part of the culture to scrimshaw. It is not legal for a non-native to buy and sell raw ivory. They scrimshaw and sell it which is legal. You people need to do your research as you all sound ignorant making statements without knowing the laws. YES WE WEAR FUR, HUNT, AND EAT WILD GAME TOO!!!! What is the difference between eating cow meat and wild game? (game tastes better and isn't full of steroids and antibiotics). What is the difference between the leather belts and shoes you wear and our boots? Long before all the stores and faux fur society killed and ate wild game, used the fur for clothing, used the bones (ivory included0 to make tools. Many villages still live life as they did over a hundred years ago. If you want to see real cruelty go to a slaughter house and watch how they shock a cow then bash their head in with a sledgehammer. That is the steak, hamburger, and ribs you eat ...purchased from a store. Jello comes from a cow, ivory is a tooth from an animal that can be found where seals live, where walrus' live, where a whale beaches its self to die. Natives use the entire kill and don't waste anything. Educate yourselves before you go on about something you know nothing about. Remember many of us live life the way we have for generations. There is nothing wrong with that.

1075 days ago


Umm you idiots complaining about ivory know that MAMMOTHS are extinct right? if he was buying items made out of elephant ivory I would agree with you but damn, read the damn title.

1075 days ago


Seems the man has a thick skull and doesn't learn from his mistakes. Casein point blowing money on things in stead of being fiscally responsible and marrying over and over again and he still seems a miserable creatur

1074 days ago


Awesome! Northern Knives is a great little shop! So cool I buy my knives from the same place as Nick Cage!

1074 days ago


Wonder if he paid all of his back taxes yet?

1074 days ago


I think Nicolas has the right idea, USE the damn thing for practical purpose. Don't just let it sit around and become a dust collector! Once again Nicky is using his head! Way to go hun.

1066 days ago


A loner dressed in black? buying a knife? is this hollywood's idea of a publicity stunt?
He avoids Access Hollywood, the Red Carpet events, His anti-social personality comes through Loud and clear.

1064 days ago


A loner dressed in black? buying a steak knife? Hollywood Hype is this?
He avoids Access Hollywood, the red carpet events, and turns to anti-social behavior publicity. yea, o.k.

1064 days ago


Mammoth; extinct. As another person wrote; read the headline. Enough said about that. The situation I find disturbing here is; why would the owner of the shop turn on his customer? This is no different than the tattoo shop owner in New Orleans. Why on earth would they turn over their private security cameras to media like this? Do they not want this man's business anymore? I don't have a business of my own, I'm a math teacher, and I find this kind of disloyal treatment of these business owners unethical. Did they make money from these pictures and videos? What has happened to integrity? Or, were they forced by some court order to hand over these pictures? Does anyone know the truth? I'm just curious, and saddened how easily people will turn on others for a buck. Just imagine if I went around talking to people about my students. Shouldn't we all be held to a higher standard? Lastly, if Mr. Cage gave these shop owners his blessing, then I stand corrected.

1062 days ago


@nuffsaid: Yes, as in mammoth tusks. From the extinct animal. Since they are extinct, none of them are being hunted, it's all from skeletons and frozen carcasses. So there wasn't 'nuffsaid, Nuffsaid. :P As for the cost, one can get 3 or 4 pounds of mammoth ivory for maybe 500 to 600 bucks?

1022 days ago


WTF this stupid loser... he sucks at acting he's ugly as hell AND he's evil enough to buy ivory...I hate all of his stupid movies...A-HOLE!

1014 days ago
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