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Lindsay Lohan

Exit Through the

Coroner's Gift Shop, Please

11/11/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan can do her community service and her holiday shopping down at the coroner's office ... which has it's own gift shop!! Let's just hope inventory doesn't get crossed up over there.

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Something really weird this morning ....we've agreed on two different things already.....!!!!

bye the way....Rock can't post here they took his cell phone away while he's in jail....

1075 days ago


June 12, 2007


Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina was dressed like a slut while having dinner with a guy in NY recently. Diners watched agast as her date started feeling her up under a napkin right there at the table:

Dina [Lohan], spotted in a “really short dress and boots,” made some fellow diners at Kobe Club lose their appetites Wednesday night. A guy sitting next to Dina was “all over her,” we’re told. “Dina had a napkin in her lap and hiked up her dress,” our source says. “The guy put his hand under her napkin . . . It went on for like five minutes.” After the guy realized he was being watched, he stopped whatever it was he was doing. A rep for Dina said, “That’s a disgusting lie and it’s completely untrue.”

I think I once downloaded a Jenna Jameson video with a similar plot, except it was another woman at dinner with her and they went off and had rough sex in the bathroom.

I just might think drinking myself into nightly absolut oblivion was a good way to cope if the news of my mom getting fingered at dinner got out too. Maybe Lindsay needs to start calling herself Rose and see if Madonna will take her under her Kabbalah wing. Madonna would surely be grateful for the publicity, and Lindsay needs some kind of guidance. Ending up branwashed by a psuedo-Jewish cult seems like a viable alternative for her now.

1075 days ago


Off to throw some chicken fingers and hot dogs in the oven for lunch.....LOL
1. question is when did chickens start to have fingers?
2. question is wouldn't they be considered Cold dogs
before they go in the oven .....?
3. Has the hillbilly been driven completely out of her
mind this morning by three boys in the house under 10
yrs old with nothing to do...?
These and other need to know questions will be answered after the break......stay tuned for the answere....

1075 days ago


Delmar: about an hour ago

1. That was not a store. 2. Always go missing from the many, many photo shoots she does per year. Not even close. I think that Miggs guy was strange so I neither believe him or disbelieve him.

Agree Delmar. Miggs are weird and that dude only did the negative story for more publicity.

1075 days ago



You said:
Nicole 7 minutes ago
Agree Delmar. Miggs are weird and that dude only did the negative story for more publicity.
That is absurd. The video premeired August 19th. At that time, the Miggs were doing publicity and stating that they were pleased with Lindsay's behavior. It wasn't until 2 months later, when they no longer needed the publicity, that they came out with the truth.

1075 days ago


Yeah, Lohan is on her own planet. When she crashed the J.Edgar party claiming she was invited by one of the guests (why didn't she go with the invited guest?) Oh, that's right Lohan does what she always does. LIE. She just keeps black balling herself more and more. Real smart move to fix her un-fixable reputation.

Once again, Lohan makes a complete fool of herself. Just puts more concrete on top of her already tanked career. How stupid was that. Hell she's already turned away from all the 'hot spots'. Playboy if even true is not going to do her a bit of good. She's not going to get any work in the states.

I guess that Gotti movie is getting made.

1075 days ago


ilovegossip: 9 minutes ago

That is absurd. The video premeired August 19th. At that time, the Miggs were doing publicity and stating that they were pleased with Lindsay's behavior. It wasn't until 2 months later, when they no longer needed the publicity, that they came out with the truth.

They said she was excellent blah blah then 2 months later to get in the press again they diss her.
Look at their videos "Let The Games Begin" has the highest view count by far.

1075 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Agent Smith, being that I believe I was put back here on Earth to make right of my past lives wrongs, I believe we all have some kind of responsibility to help each other out, and learn from our mistakes. Whether you or anyone else believes it or not we are all children of God, and by having sex with someone outside of marriage we are violating divine laws that were put there for a very important reason. Im sure you have seen the Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky where Cameron Diazs character goes a little crazy talking about how when you have sex with someone like over four times your soul is attached to that particular person. What Im getting at here is I dont know how many times Leo Dicaprio hooked up with Lindsay, or how intimate they ever really got, but I believe Dicaprio in particular has the ability to keep the Lindsay on a strait and narrow path if he reached out a helping hand. But since Leo is your average POS dude, that goes sleeping around with young girls and leads them on he could care less, which is why we should respect the divine laws and not have sex outside of marriage. Its a responsibility we all have as human beings to respect each other, and if you have hooked up with some girl out of lust like Im sure Leo did with Lindsay, It is your fault if that girl has developed intimate feelings for you that may never go away. Just a thought for the day, What do you think?

1075 days ago


No, you do the big publicity push BEFORE that video debuts. There are numerous articles at the end of July regarding it. THAT was their big push, and when they said that the video shoot went fine. Who's going to watch a video if Lindsay was a witch to work with. From all accounts her acting was good in it...AND that is what sells it...not that Lindsay delayed the shoot. It wasn't until AFTER the video came out, and they were done with publicity, that he stated what really happened. There aren't numerous articles about it, there wasn't a big publicity push with it as there was before. It was one article 2 months after the fact.

1075 days ago


LOL...looking at what Don Miggs orginally said in the interview prior to the video coming out, you can see that he actually alluded to the problems:
"She was certainly sober, she certainly came to work. Was she a diva? No. Was she someone who wanted to look her best and have things be at their best? Sure," the singer explained.
So after the fact, he explained just what he meant by that.

1075 days ago


Then by your theory....Lindsay Lohan would be attached to about every wheeler dealer in Hollywood.....NYC and half of Europe......male and female...

Nice theory...but sweetie your preaching to the wrong crowd if you talking to Hollywood....were sex and sleeping your way to the top is the normal and after two years you share the same STD's as the rest Hollywood.....

1075 days ago

Ellie G    

Is she seriously wearing white leggings to scrub toilets and floors? GAH!! Her dilusions run deep. OSCAR 2015!!!!

1075 days ago


Linds called TMZ right before to let them know where the show was going to be. That's 1 day of CS - a few hundred more and she's in the clear!

1075 days ago


After lunch answers:
1. Don't know what they were but wasn't a claw, talon, or knuckle in them so they weren't really chicken fingers...
2. cold dogs or hot dogs... they wern't dogs at all mainly chicken and pig...but the were hot...
3. Yes the hillbilly has lost her mind completely , think it was between the battle for the tranformer car and the battle for the flyswatt.. I turned into a zombie gran ma and put everyone down for a nap..and I am going to join them.....have a nice after noon....
Izzy....I got it sweetie ...good one....

1075 days ago

AGENT smith    

I think that sex causes people not to think straight whether people are married or single. I don' believe that it is unnatural for people to have sex. Marriage is an institution that is not any order from some divine entity. Funny you should mention Vanilla Sky, I was an extra in the opening scene at Tom's birthday parry at his NY penthouse. I didn't understand the film is, it wasn't easy to follow and I only saw it once. I should rent it again and try to understand it. I don't know much about Leo, I stood in for him one day.

1075 days ago
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