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Conrad Murray

'My Damn Attorney

Is Not Prepared!'

11/12/2011 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
might have seen his eventual conviction for manslaughter coming -- because he ripped his co-counsel Michael Flanagan for screwing up a key cross-examination ... and was so angry he told his own mother to shut up!

It all went down during the trial while Murray was discussing the moment prosecution expert Dr. Alan Steinberg corrected Flanagan -- in open court (below) -- about whether Conrad put Michael Jackson on "a drip."

Murray goes off ... "I take offense when my damn attorney is not prepared for that man." The rant was taped for the documentary "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" which aired last night on MSNBC.

Murray added, "Flanagan gotta wake up. He needs a lot of coffee and some pit bull, or Red Bull after lunch" -- and that was just his warmup. Check out the rest of the clip ... because Conrad's anger builds and builds until he tells "Mommy" to zip it.


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moni: 7 minutes ago

Hi Siggisis,
somehow it doesn't suprise me that people like Murray even less after the docu. It has always comforted me that it was not Murray who paid for the docu, no, it was him who GOT paid. That meant he couldn't expect any advertisement but had to accept that he possibly wouldn't portrayed as a Prince Charming. Seems as if exactly this has happened. LOL!

Yes, lots of LOLs!
I have to admit that I took a look at the video where he lashes out at his mother. I don´t want to watch the whole docu though - too much time listening and looking at that slimeball would ruin my day.
He talked to his mother as if she were a little girl. Very demeaning - this man hates women.
Let me correct that, this man hates everything and everybody except for himself.

1022 days ago


Michael Flanagan tried to defend his client Conrad Murray by blaming the victim Michael Jackson for his death because according to him the singer was weird and did not clean his bedroom/bathroom and slept with a baby doll. No wonder Conrad Murray lost the case. His lawyer Michael Flanagan is mediocre to say the least.

1022 days ago

weird al yankovich    

dudes a loser period , he is exactly where he belongs. Not often you see the system work but in this case it did finally ! Wonder why tho ?


1022 days ago


The defense attys. were stuck trying to sell a totally unbelievable defense.

IMO, they believed (or hoped?) that this jury would be AS STUPID as the Casey Anthony jury was & that none of them would pay any attention to the prosecution's case.

Murray's ONLY chance at acquittal was if he gained the jury's sympathy & told them how frazzled he became because Michael was overly demanding & Murray became desperate to stop Michel's insistent demands. Once Michel OD'ed Murray had to explain that he FROZE & his first concern then was just in protecting Michael's privacy.

His negligence & then that attempt to clean up the room HAD to be explained in a way that the jurors could understand.

Going into court & arguing that it was possible Michael took Propofol on his own was a HUGE MISCALCULATION!

Murray wasn't interested in THIS trial.... his real interest was in NOT LOSING HIS MEDICAL LICENSE so he wanted to argue that he was not negligent.

His attys. were asses to go along with such a ridiculous 'defense' in an involuntary manslaughter case.

1022 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

Teah, anything for money, even a Doctor Drug Pusher.


1022 days ago


To all Mj fans, I have something for you all to do this weekend. I found out that Judge Pastor will be accepting letters from fans that will be taken into consideration for sentencing. Please keep your letter 1 page or less, or it won't be read. Check spelling, grammar, and content. Make this the shortest but most powerful letter you can write. Don't send gifts, cards etc.. only letters. Make a good impression, Will post address below Honorable Judge Michael E. Pastor Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Los Angeles County Superior Court Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center Department 107210 West Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210"

1022 days ago


Botton feeders all of them - Murray, and the 2 laywers. Glad Murray is in jail - but I do agree with him his lawyers were lousy. Smarmy, self-satisfied, s*** - thinking they had landed the case to make their careers, WRONG!

1022 days ago


Did Conrad Murray say I am the source or I am this hoax? I don't know!

1022 days ago


Murray had no defence from the word go.

Medical professionals have a very hard time with this case and have extreme anger towards this so -called 'doctor ‘and what he did to Michael Jackson. It
is so far off the medical radar and, what he put Michael through is and was thoroughly unconceivable reckless & inapprehensible.

The do***entary was ridiculous & cast Murray as the sociopath that he is. & always was

He brought shame on medical ethics throughout the world.

SHAME ON YOU Murray, and you call yourself a Doctor???

Murray has done nothing but bringe shame and unethical practices into the medical profession.

Again shame on you Murray called Doctor!!

-He will remain a disgrace to the medical profession

1022 days ago


The footage is self serving. It does not place murray in a good light. Murray is not fine or good looking so it does nothing for his image.
There's positively no appeal to increase viewership for his hogwashumentary.....

1022 days ago


All Dr. Murder...I mean Murray did was convince me that he is as guilty as I always knew he was. The man is out for himself and couldn't care less about caring for MJ. I wish he would have gotten more time.

1022 days ago


If he's so much the source, why didn't he get on the stand and tell Prosecutor David Walgren?

1022 days ago


Conrad Murray is full of it! Wasn't he (the source), also available for the prosecutor, David Walgren? Since he was sitting right there the whole time, and he was even given the opportunity to take the stand given that he was in fact, the source just like he said. He talks like a total idiot to the point where it is a little bit comical. And, therefore, he knew that David Walgren, would have torn him into shreds. David Walgren was Conrad Murray's ultimate match for his lies. If Conrad Murray was not afraid of anyone else before in his life for the lies that he told, he was definitely afraid of David Walgren. He did not even dare offer his arrogance to David Walgren. All the BS that he is talking, he never talked or talks it to David Walgren. David Walgren was nothing short of waiting for the chance at Conrad Murray. And he knew it.

1021 days ago


Conny still continues to blame EVERYONE and ANYONE else for his own crime. Flanny and Cherny were incompetent and unprofessional but Conny got what he deserved. The 3 Stooges (Flanny,Cherny and Baldy) were NEVER going to win this case. The evidence against Conny was just sooooooo overwhelming and the magnificent team of Brazil and Walgren were never prepared to lose. Who will Conny blame next? The Easter bunny?, Santa? El Nino? Game over Conny, YOU and YOU ALONE did this. YOU and YOU ALONE.

1021 days ago


canreadbutnotwrite: 18 hours ago
Hello mymjj5
I've hoped this - and I'm happy that it is !
Hi Canreadbutnotwrite!!!

1021 days ago
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