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Vanessa Williams & Kim Kardashian

Travel Buddies

11/12/2011 5:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian & Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams and Kim Kardashian were at the Atlanta airport early this morning, hopping a flight back to Los Angeles after shooting scenes for Tyler Perry's movie, "The Marriage Counselor."

Vanessa and Kim make a fun pairing ... both had to overcome sex scandals early in their careers before they rose to superstardom. 

Reach for the stars.


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Kartrashian did hardcore porn. Williams posed nude for a photographer while she was working as his assistant. Both are deserving of rebuke, but, in comparison, Kartrashian's "scandal" is like genocidal murder to Williams' "scandal" of a fist fight. Ironically, Kartrashian's "scandal" is what made her a "celeb" and millions of dollars, whereas the Williams' "scandal" came-out after Williams won Miss America and she didn't make any money off it and resigned from the Miss America title. My have times changed....for the worse!!!

1054 days ago


Main difference - Vanessa is a star - and had real talent (what a voice) before she became an actress. Kim is a star wanna be - and will never be in the league as Vanessa - did you really use 'before she became a star' to describe Kim? REALLY?????????

1054 days ago


Both are good at marrying/divorcing NBA players

1054 days ago


Kim Kartrashian needs to drop off the face of the earth - nobody is going to watch a move with her in it if they have any sense!! GO AWAY B*TCH! and take the rest of your trashy family with you!

1054 days ago


This is one movie that I won't be seeing...Kim is a whore porn Star who married only for money. Her mother is a pimp drunk...and Bruce Jenner is a women....

1054 days ago


Lets get the record straight! Kim Kardashian might hold the income but nothing as close to the income that Vanessa Williams holds. Kim K. might have been in a 72 day marriage with a man she set up, but she is never going to be in the league of Vanassa Williams. I wish hollywierd would really stop putting these two minute actresses up next to actresses who have been in the business for over 25+ years. Vanessa can draw a crowd based on self worth; Kardashian has no self worth except if you are classifying premadonna, or attention grabber to keep her name in the headlines. She ruined this young man's life and dragged him around promoting something. I am happy that he eventualy found her out and whether taking the divorce for what it was worth . . .is so better off without this tramp who everyone knows spreads her legs for just about any baller with a ****. Her brother Rob got it right, she is a slut and does sleep with anyone as long as it brings camera time to her or her family.

1054 days ago


WTF is Kim famous for agian?? Oh yeah a sex tape.

1054 days ago


Good. I have Vannessa takes kimmy under her wing. Kim needs some love since all these crazies are coming out the woodwork.

Vanessa rebounded well -- but then again she's way more talented. She can sing, dance, act and is super gorgeous and charismatic. Kim can learn from her.

1054 days ago


Kim is a low down nasty s l u t,...Vanessa did some use pics, Kim got peed on on film, Vanessa can sing, act and is naturally beautiful...Kim is naturally average at best and has had tons of plastic surgery, if I were Vanessa I would be offended to not only be compared to her but even to be in the same picture...why cant she please just go away!!!

1054 days ago


Two fat-@ssed beeyotch skank-hos.

I still remember that Penthouse issue in the mid 1980's when Vanessa Williams posed with that lesbo in several nasty photos. The best one was when she got eaten out by he lezzie.

1054 days ago


Why do you give kim the **** any press, she is disgusting. stop all reporting on the **** and her ****ly family.

1054 days ago


"Vanessa and Kim make a fun pairing ... both had to overcome sex scandals early in their careers before they rose to superstardom."

Vanessa is an actress & singer, in other words she has actual talents. WHAT career has Kim EVER had?
It's hard to believe someone actually wrote that.

1054 days ago


I was watching TMZ last night and they said, stay tuned for the next TMZ: Kim K getting sued by TRIA Hair Removal. Where the hell is that story? I love it when they get sued! Just being honest :-)

1054 days ago


If you are a fan of the kardashians, YOU are a stupid ass loser who is easily entertained and in desperate need of a life. Live your life instead of wishing you were famous for nothing.

1054 days ago


Call me crazy, I always thought of superstardom as Barbera Sreisand,Madonna, Cher . How are either of these women Superstars?

1054 days ago
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