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Kim Kardashian

Unleashing Heavyweight Lawyer

To Silence PR Flack

11/13/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1113_kim_kardashian_new3Kim Kardashian is finally firing back at the guy who has been making claims her wedding was a sham -- by hiring legal pit bull Marty Singer to put a muzzle on him ... TMZ has learned. 

A guy by the name of Jonathan Jaxson has been doing a media tour to promote his book (coincidence?) and saying Kim never wanted to marry Kris Humphries and her wedding was all staged.

Jaxson claims he knows this because he did PR work for her, but a source close to Kim tells us they worked together once, years ago, on a blog ... and that Kim barely remembers who he is.

We're told Kim is particularly baffled how Jaxson can talk about Kim's wedding plans ... when she hasn't spoken to him in years.

But as part of their brief time together, we're told Kim had Jaxson sign a confidentiality agreement -- which Kim clearly feels he's violating now. Kim has now hired Marty Singer, who submitted papers to a private arbitration to attempt to shut Jaxson up immediately.

KK is claiming Jaxson has damaged her reputation with his allegedly defamatory statements and she wants a minimum of $200,000 in damages.

Singer tells TMZ, "Everything that he is saying is false and nonsense ... This guy is in it to promote himself for his 15 mins of fame."

When contacted, Jonathan Jaxson told us, "I have never signed an agreement dealing with confidentiality with Kim Kardashian.  I have an agreement in my possession that does not have either parties signature on it."


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1084 days ago


hahahahaha!!! Now, THIS is what I call a 'reality show stars'! cheap, sleazy and.... in law suits!.

Sorry. Couldn't help it!

1084 days ago

not surprised    

She would know if he's a "heavy weight lawyer". I"M SURE HE"S BEEN ON TOP OF HER!!!!

1084 days ago


get over your self and grow the hell up

1084 days ago


Hey, Kim, I know it will come as a surprise to you but you are irrelevant...just like your mother , Kris, who with you are the biggest narcissitic people i have ever seen...while both of you are totally irrelevant,narcissism allows both of you to to not "get it"....please go away

1084 days ago


ever notice kim has man hands?

1084 days ago


Oh my! Kim Kardashian is nothing but a D list fame and money starved vvhore who needs to face the reality that is all she is! Who actually respects this nobody??? She has become famous for a porn video which her vvhore Mom has taken advantage of to make millions w their trashy shows and endorsing lame products. They also have cheap handbags and clothes that will most likely fail.

Kim is in a lost world if she thinks that she has a stellar reputation! Most people hate her and think she is trashy- even the A list celebrities!

These idiots need to get a clue they are nothing but media vvhores!!

1084 days ago


How does it feel Kim? To be lied to and taken advantage of? Let is sink in and remember that the next time you want to use someone for your selfish ambition.

1084 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

All reality stars have a self-life. That self-life is when they mess up to the point when the public asks: why are we watching this person? Once that "reality" sets in, it's over.

By the way, I never watch her show. Just keep on seeing her on the Internet.

Anyway, what brought her to America's attention? In theory, she's pretty. Next, the pretty girl has sex on tape. That keeps her audience's attention until when? The self-life hits its date.

Why are we watching this person?

mike t.

1084 days ago


So far his allegations of her owning the ring years ago when she was with Reggie are totally true an pictures of her wearing it back in '09 are all over the websites! I am inclined to believe him over her phoney crap! She scammed us all and laughed all the way to the bank!

1084 days ago


This skank needs to leave the planet. like the whore that she is, she made her money now go leave us alone. damn, so tired of this family, WHY WHY WHY do people watch her, stop, get rid of her, she is a liar, a whore, a slut who will do anything to make money, SOME ONE FIRE HER ASS, GET HER OFF TV

1084 days ago

tired of KK    

so she's sueing for $200k...the same amount she's donating to charity for her wedding gifts...hmmm
and he's in it for his fifteen minutes of fame...her fifteen minutes has been up for more than 4 years and counting!

1084 days ago


If the former PR rep is lying why are there legit photos of her wearing the ring back in 2009?

I think she needs to shut someone up quick before her and the whole Kardouchean family is called out! She single handily will take them all down out of her fame whore needs and greed!
So looking forward to the day the Incredible Humph can come clean and spill the beans for some sweet revenge! Of course that is why she flies to ask everyone to shut their mouths I am sure, not to tell the Humphries she is sorry to have drug them through her mud. So disgusted!

1084 days ago


Ha, Ha, Ha, Are You serious? What reputation?????

1084 days ago

Richard Rodriguez    


1084 days ago
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