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Kim Kardashian

Unleashing Heavyweight Lawyer

To Silence PR Flack

11/13/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1113_kim_kardashian_new3Kim Kardashian is finally firing back at the guy who has been making claims her wedding was a sham -- by hiring legal pit bull Marty Singer to put a muzzle on him ... TMZ has learned. 

A guy by the name of Jonathan Jaxson has been doing a media tour to promote his book (coincidence?) and saying Kim never wanted to marry Kris Humphries and her wedding was all staged.

Jaxson claims he knows this because he did PR work for her, but a source close to Kim tells us they worked together once, years ago, on a blog ... and that Kim barely remembers who he is.

We're told Kim is particularly baffled how Jaxson can talk about Kim's wedding plans ... when she hasn't spoken to him in years.

But as part of their brief time together, we're told Kim had Jaxson sign a confidentiality agreement -- which Kim clearly feels he's violating now. Kim has now hired Marty Singer, who submitted papers to a private arbitration to attempt to shut Jaxson up immediately.

KK is claiming Jaxson has damaged her reputation with his allegedly defamatory statements and she wants a minimum of $200,000 in damages.

Singer tells TMZ, "Everything that he is saying is false and nonsense ... This guy is in it to promote himself for his 15 mins of fame."

When contacted, Jonathan Jaxson told us, "I have never signed an agreement dealing with confidentiality with Kim Kardashian.  I have an agreement in my possession that does not have either parties signature on it."


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i said lesbians...    

god im sick of this ugly whore

1054 days ago


Kim K is a famous women because she made a sextape and "leaked it" by accident...the fools who follow this ridiculous Girl and her crazy mom are just the reason the Taliban hates us and this country is a joke...The whole family are millionaires because of ZERo talent at acting, singing, sports etc other than her great ass and Kourtneys tatas...your all on the hook while they reel u in lollll

1054 days ago


What a freak'n piece she is. I just knew that somehow she was going to find a way to play the part of a victim. She is a messed up chick. I hope all men will distance themselves from her in the future.. KK please take a good look in the mirror and do some real soul searching. Maybe then you will realize that you brought this all on yourself. Your reputation is shot to hell. Didn't have nothing to do with what this guy is saying. What a skanky no talent ho you are. Go do something to redeem yourself and maybe in a few yrs. of good works, then you might be able to hold up your head and get some respect. In order to get respect you are going to have to earn it.

1054 days ago


Wow...another 200k she hopes to make on this crap.... She doesnt have enough? I know she hasnt spent 20mil that fast!

1054 days ago


Kim does your ass get jealous with crap that comes out of your mouth

1054 days ago


Perezhilton had a story up on this earlier. now it seems to have vanished. lawyer at work already?

1054 days ago


iwonder what kim would have to be paid to do what justin timberlake did this weekend? I know she would not do it for free because all she does for free is sex tapes and sues people. SHE IS GOINT TO BE ON CHELSEY SHOW I GUESS THEY MADE CHELSEY DO IT BECAUSE SHE IS ON ENETWORK. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING AND I LIKE CHELSEY.

1054 days ago


Of course she's worried about her "reputation" - HA. She's only worried about losing a penny in endorsements. I find it HILARIOUS that EVERYBODY in Hollywood has expressed how they really feel about this family -- they're a JOKE! Love the spoofs -- ban the Kartrashians once and for all!

1054 days ago


She's suing him for DEFAMATION? She's making the money back that she "donated" from her wedding, that's what she's doing. Kim we all wish you would STFU!

1054 days ago


HE damaged your reputation? Ok Kim. You just keep saying that, maybe someone will believe it. wow, you really are narcissistic huh?

1054 days ago


here's a new clinique vaginal cream that removes hair, HPV warts, and that embarrassing carp odor and it only costs $200k a 3oz tube...what a coincidence!

1054 days ago


Her reputation!
Kim K. likes to get peed on and plays like she is sophisticated when she is a dirty ho.
She gets no respect from anyone which she trades for payment to watch what a loser she is.
Kim K. will never be respected and is merely a muse for our boredom.
Move on ho!

1054 days ago


hey "salami", you sound aLOT like some Kardashians i sad....perhaps praying instead of posting will give you more help?

1054 days ago


$200,000 funny that that is the same amount that she is suppose to be donating to the charity of her choice. Guess she is looking to make that money back anyway she can. What a worthless worthless B___!

1054 days ago


Is the lawyer " Fake " also ?

1054 days ago
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