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Selena Gomez' Dog Rocks Out

Nearly Dies

11/15/2011 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baylor. Dog adopted by Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Note to Selena Gomez:  Purina Puppy Chow is highly preferable to backyard rocks.

Selena had Baylor for less than a month, when the dog got violently ill last Friday after ingesting a bunch of rocks.

Selena tweeted the above pic moments after the 3-month old pooch fell ill ..."My baby is sick :( praying for his surgery."

But all bad things must pass, and that's exactly what happened to the rocks, so Baylor dodged the surgery bullet.

The adoption agency isn't taking any chances  -- They plan on contacting Selena once a month for the next few months ... to make sure she's properly caring for the Husky-mix.

Calls to Selena's rep weren't returned.



No Avatar


Umm, don't feed your dog rocks, mkay?

1073 days ago


Dude, Selena Gomez' dog? Seriously? Come the f*ck on.

1073 days ago


how does the dog just start eating rocks?

1073 days ago


Why would you post a poor puppies death? And soooo low of you TMZ!!! Really Harvey? Don't you and your weird "water bottle" or whatever is in it, don't have anything else to publish?????

1073 days ago

LB Nerfherder    

This happened to my doggie when he was a puppy. He was a nervous little guy. Don't worry Selena! He'll be all rheut!!!

1073 days ago


Awww, it's cute. Give it someone who isn't too preoccupied to actually care for it.

1073 days ago

two cents    

Sure. When the puppy's not so cute and cuddly anymore, just confine him to the backyard. Another pari******on getting dogs she has no ability or inclination to take care of. Just great.

1073 days ago


Why do dogs eat rocks?

It's not necessarily considered a meal, but rocks are sometimes exactly the meal your dog was searching for. The rocks have absolutely no digestive value to them (being as they cannot be digested) so why on earth would they even attempt it? They have to know that it can't be good for them.

If you do see your dog munching on rocks, stop them immediately. It doesn't take a big brain to figure out it's going to hurt them. The rocks if large enough can scar your dog's mouth and intestinal track that could result in injury or even death. The dog may think that it is solving a problem in its own system, but eating rocks is not the way to go.

Some believe that dogs eat rocks out of sheer boredom, perhaps it thinks of the rocks as toys. Others believe that the dog eats the rock because it has some sort of mineral deficiency such as lack of iron. So to make up for it, your dog goes straight to the source to try and balance out its own system. It's amazing what dogs know even without a single day of science class.

To solve this problem make sure that you're feeding your pup good dog food that has plenty of nutrients and vitamins to keep him or her up and running. If you discover that your dog is simply bored, get her a toy from time to time to help keep her busy. If your dog continues to eat rocks or dirt, contact your local vet and have him or her take a look at your dog to set it back on track.

1073 days ago


Dogs eat everything but definitely not rocks. This dog is too stupid for its own good.

1073 days ago


Some dogs eat rocks for the same reason some pregnant women eat soil or Clay minerals,sniff gasoline or eat grass. When the body lacks something it finds other ways to get it.

1073 days ago


The dog should have been taken from her the moment they realized what the hell was going on with it. Because she's famous (and I surely don't understand why) she gets to keep it. This irks me...

1073 days ago


Often times puppies that are left unattended will eat anything and everything. When you see a puppy trying to eat rocks or other things that they shouldn't eat take it away and replace it with something it can have, such as a ball or chew toy. If the pup continues to try to eat things it shouldn't it may be lacking something.
I suspect someone wasn't paying close attention to this cute little pup. They're just like a baby, you DON'T leave them unattended!

1073 days ago


we used to get our dog high back in the good old days..but then we grew up

1073 days ago


the dog will get better . and to people saying she dosent know how to take care of him your wrong she has 5 other dogs and they are healthy.

1073 days ago


Nobody should immediately assume this is Selenas fault. Some dogs just *love* to eat rocks. Coincidentally, I just had a conversation with the vet that treats our 3 dogs, about this. Both of my dachshunds are little garbage guts! They will eat/attempt to eat anything they can see that isn't secured down! (and sometimes THAT won't stop at *least* an attempt). About the only thing they *don't" ear are rocks. Anyhow, the vet said that some dogs just loooovee rocks for some reason. He has performed numerous emergency surgeries due to this. So, sometimes it's just "Fido's" little palate looking for something other than Puppy Chow. Lol

1073 days ago
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