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Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson

We Got Screwed

Over Thriller Jackets

11/15/2011 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three of Michael Jackson's brothers -- Marlon, Jackie, and Tito (left to right) -- have filed a lawsuit against a guy who they say duped them into signing 1,000 replicas of the famous Michael Jackson "Thriller" and "Beat It" jackets.

According to a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- the 3 bros were promised $100,000 each for their signatures on replicas of the iconic, red, leather jackets that MJ wore in his "Thriller" and "Beat It" videos.

The brothers claim Steeve Bohbot and the other defendants were supposed to pay as soon as the ink was dry, but they allegedly changed the deal and said they would pay when the jackets were delivered to for sale.

According to the suit, Bohbot claimed there was a problem with delivery to Amazon, but the brothers say it was just a lie.

Bohbot's lawyer had no comment.


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Good, suits them right.

That's what you get for trying to make money of your brothers dead. SMH

1071 days ago


Pitiful, absolutely pitiful. Nobodies trying to line their pockets with their dead brothers memory. I'm a big MJ fan but enough is enough already. Serves you right!

1071 days ago


They are idiots expecting $100,000 for what is worth at most $250 each.

Yes, your signature as brother of an infamous pedophile is only worth $0.25 per 2 second scratch which is still a really great deal for doing absolutely nothing.

1071 days ago


Serves you right, you ******* freaks! Selling your signatures to make off some more money from your brothers death??? On a ****ign ugly ass jacket??? You are DISGUSTING - the whole Jackson clan is nothing but a bunch of greedy freaks! I hope MJs kids RUN RUN RUN and go on to live better lifes than these useless and lame excuses for human beings.

1071 days ago


They should have and be working on the Children's hospital. I hope one of the children can see through these criminals and honor Michael's name. WHY can't they get a job on their own. This makes me so suspicious of WHY Jermaine got DR Tohme Tohme involved with Michael in the first place. Was he waiting for MJ to die since he had Lupus? Now they are ruining his good name with cheap tricks. They are even trying to make some cheap cologne! It is horrific looking. something Michael would have never worn or endorsed.

1071 days ago


Fantastic!!! I'm glad they got screwed and hope they never see a penny. Instead of trying to mooch of off the greatest thing they never were, they could've gotten normal jobs like every other hard working citizen and would be cashing in on their IRA's instead. Long Live Michael. Swift Death for Freeloaders.

1071 days ago


Someone very close to the kid and with their best interests at heart needs to stop these evil freeloaders. Prince, Paris and Blanket do not know much about business yet. I pray Kathrine stops her freeloading children or maybe Janet will make a move. It is monstrous they are not respecting Michael's wishes. He deserves to at least rest in peace knowing his children will not be in the poor house. I KNOW these ' brothers ' would steal every cent they have coming if given the chance. They own them NOTHING!

1071 days ago


I hope his kids don't get screwed over in the long run!

1071 days ago


t's kind of sickening to see the photo of Michael Jackson's brothers still milking profits off their deceased brother. Interesting also, Michael's son is taking a lesson from his uncles. No wonder Michael had a problem sleeping, so many hands out for financial support.

1071 days ago


If Michael was my brother, there's no way I would try and exploit him like that!

1071 days ago


These jackets are probally fake. The Jacksons are pure s***.

1071 days ago

Blue Angel    

Signed Jackson 5 jackets would either make sense.
This is inapropriate.

1071 days ago


Serves them right. They conned MJ's son into this deal too for their never ending quest to make money off the brother they didn't bother to help while he was alive. They knew no one would pay attention if it was just them so they dragged one of his kids into it, as a "favor" to his uncles. They all seem to be veiwing these kids as their own personal cash cows, putting them out front for the cameras but they, the J clan, are making the big money behind the scenes off it. No wonder MJ struggled so much. They barely knew these kids before their father passed. It's sad to watch them being exploited like this. Concert appearances ( Jackson family got paid),Books endorsements ( Katherine gets paid) perfume endorsement( Joe gets paid), fan fares ( brothers get paid). All the while the MJ estate continues to support and provide a roof for the children of half of MJ's brothers just has he did while he was alive. And now a possible reality show for the his kids??? WTF ??? How long before one of these kids shoots themselves in the head ? Sad for them. I pray someone with some sense who loves these kids steps in. Janet, Cascio family, all you who were friends who claimed to be so close? Where are you ? LMP with your new fond love and admiration, where are you to protect the kids he loved?

1071 days ago


The end of that free ride must be looking kinda scary, huh guys?

1071 days ago
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