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Alleged Baby Mama's Lawyer

Justin Bieber Spermed My Client

His Threats Don't Scare Me

11/16/2011 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeffrey Leving
The new lawyer for Justin Bieber's alleged baby mama tells TMZ, he firmly believes his client's allegation ... that the singer knocked her up  ... and says he's currently negotiating the terms of a DNA test with JB's legal team.

TMZ broke the story ... Yeater dismissed her paternity suit against the Biebs last week and her lawyers ran for the hills -- but her new attorney Jeffrey Leving tells us, he's not backing down.

As for Bieber's threats that he'll sue Mariah and her lawyers, Leving tells us, it's just another example of a celebrity trying to push around the little guy -- in this case "a 20-year-old woman with no money and no job."

Leving claims Mariah dismissed her lawsuit to open the door for a private settlement -- but Bieber sources tell us, there have been NO settlement discussions whatsoever between the two camps ... though there may have been contact about the terms of a DNA test.


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When this guy loses his case, he will blame it on his client for lying to him. But, hey, it got him national exposure, so what the heck. He's just another slimy lawyer.

1074 days ago


Well if she got a job maybe she would have some money. Look I'm far too old to be a Justin Bieber fan but leave that little boy alone. Stop making up lies about him. Even if it were the truth she shouldn't get any money. She should be in jail for statutory rape and the kid taken away from her.

1074 days ago


This girl should not only head for the hills, she should be charged with a crime according to California law. She was 19 at the time while Justin was 16. In California that is at the very least a misdemeanor.

1074 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Lawyers who help promote cases like this are s*** of the earth. The 1st two losers should be disbarred, the new lawyer should be disbarred and Gloria Allred should be disbarred. They use their liscense to practice law as a way to extort money from people. Possibly worse is they intentionally inflict emotional stress on people.

1074 days ago


I am SOOOOOO incredibly disappointed in Jeff Leving. He is THE leading fathers rights attorney in the US. And here he is going after an ALLEGED baby daddy. What a massive douche bag! I hope the DNA test comes back negative and he is not the dad so he can sue this POS!

1074 days ago

buzz kill    

I guess this smuck hasn't been able to catch any ambulances lately. What a tool. She has no money, who does he think is going to pay his bill when she looses.

1074 days ago


"a 20-year-old woman with no money and no job." Exactly! That is why she trumped up the allegation in the first place, trying to hitch a ride on a rising star. Women have been performing the "it's your baby" BS for millennia. Hope Bieber burns her and her attorneys.

1074 days ago



This is better than TV!
- I love it when these kind of stories show up!
Hollywood always entertaine me!

1074 days ago


This is gonna be HILARIOUS if it's true! I HOPE it's true! LMFAO!

1074 days ago


He knock her up she looks scary is hell she rape him

1074 days ago


she does realize she's going to prison if it turns out to be true...correct?

1074 days ago


This lawyer comes across as an arrogant ass desperate for publicity. And maybe if his client got a job, she would have money. I don't see this as a case of a celebrity pushing his "poor client" around..not at all. I see it as a celebrity defending himsel****ainst a liar. Also, maybe if she spent less on face jewelry, she might have a little money.

1074 days ago

Sherry Schriber    

and the fact that she is 20 and he is what...15 or 16. If it is true, she needs to be in jail for child molestation or rape

1074 days ago

Sherry Schriber    

and the fact that she is 20 and he is what...15 or 16. If it is true, she needs to be in jail for child molestation or rape

1074 days ago

Audrone Ambrasunieniy    

I don't like Justin Bieber...but this women is 100% lying. I old is Justin? 16? She can go to jail for such a lies.
I don't like him...but Geesus, those who believe this are dub

1074 days ago
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