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Alleged Baby Mama's Lawyer

Justin Bieber Spermed My Client

His Threats Don't Scare Me

11/16/2011 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeffrey Leving
The new lawyer for Justin Bieber's alleged baby mama tells TMZ, he firmly believes his client's allegation ... that the singer knocked her up  ... and says he's currently negotiating the terms of a DNA test with JB's legal team.

TMZ broke the story ... Yeater dismissed her paternity suit against the Biebs last week and her lawyers ran for the hills -- but her new attorney Jeffrey Leving tells us, he's not backing down.

As for Bieber's threats that he'll sue Mariah and her lawyers, Leving tells us, it's just another example of a celebrity trying to push around the little guy -- in this case "a 20-year-old woman with no money and no job."

Leving claims Mariah dismissed her lawsuit to open the door for a private settlement -- but Bieber sources tell us, there have been NO settlement discussions whatsoever between the two camps ... though there may have been contact about the terms of a DNA test.


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This might be mean but I hope he is the DAD he's turned into a little BRAT.

1036 days ago


DNA Test conducted in private and will be sealed??
I think Justin is this kids dad.
I Have a feeling she really does have edivence.
I think the other tw lawyers, didnt run to the hills, I think they were brought off from the Biebs people.
Just so, that the DNA Test and all information can be private. (just wait when it all goes silent)...then u will know the truth..

1036 days ago

TMZ - ThatThingYourMamaWarnedYouAbout    

20 years old!!! Why the hell does she not have a job???? Oh that's right, why work when welfare will pay child support!!!

1036 days ago


Oh Snap... this is going to be interesting. At least it will be over with once and for all, not like Arnold Schwarzenegger...still can't get over that one... Governor and all....dirty little hamster.

1036 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAWN

1036 days ago


Jeffrey Leving's a heavy hitter he was named by Forbes one of America's best lawyers. He normally represents fathers though. Bottom line he's no push over. Check him out

1036 days ago

Joan K    

Now wouldn't it be something if the "BIEBS" is the Dad? I don't see what any little girl sees in this squirt, he is getting a big head way too fast and it just might explode on this youngster.

1036 days ago


A 20 year old with no money and no job....what better reason to claim that a celebrity is the parent of her spawn. Happens all the time. Dumb ass thinks he'll settle. Bieber should sue. You can just open your mouth, say what you want about someone else and not pay the consequences when you're proven to be a liar. Its a perfect example of someone not sitting back and allowing extortion to take place.

1036 days ago


I wonder how much money this lawyer has? The Bieb's lawyers will sue him, just as they are going to, the other two lawyers who withdrew.

1036 days ago


He may have "sexed" her, but he didn't get her pregnant. The little boy is shooting blanks.

1036 days ago


in other words, he's got nothing. Justin isn't the father of her child and he'll prove her to be wrong... then he'll sue her ass for even making up such lies.

1036 days ago


"It's just another example of a celebrity trying to push around the little guy -- in this case a 20-year-old woman with no money and no job." - OH PUHLEEEZE. When the DNA test comes back negative, and little lesbeaver sues both her and the attorney, he won't be talking tough like he is now. Given that she accused her former boyfriend of being the father 2 days before she accused little lesbeaver, it's so obvious that this is nothing more than an a quick extortion attempt by her against a celebrity; she wants a quick & easy payout because "she has no money and no job". It'll be nice to see this ambulance chaser and his gold digging client eat sh*t...

1036 days ago

Florida Gator Killer    

If he was older and she was younger this kid would be in jail already.How is it that this is getting laughed at?but if i wanna bang Kendall Jenner them im the perv

1036 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is that even legal to state? i mean we are talking about a minor here....

1036 days ago


Let me get this straight. She claims that Justin Bieber is the father of her baby and he was 16 at the time on insemination. Girlfriend, drop the damn case! Whatever money you think you're going to get from Bieber is not worth your child being raised by someone else or the State when you go to jail for statutory rape.

1036 days ago
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