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Mel Gibson's Alleged Baby Mama

He's Not the Daddy, Case Closed

11/16/2011 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was labelled by various gossip mags as Mel Gibson's baby mama tells TMZ ... it just ain't true ... blasting the "reports" as "lies and speculation."

Laura Bellizzi tells TMZ squarely, "Mel Gibson is not the father of my child."

Bellizzi -- who's a mother and a business woman -- adds through her rep  ... any "alleged friends" telling gossip outlets that she's been privately identifying Gibson as her baby daddy are "being 100% dishonest in a misguided effort to seek 5 seconds of notoriety and fame."

Bellizzi's rep continues, Laura is "greatly dismayed at the rash of intrusive and irresponsible stories about her pregnancy."


Ms. Bellizzi and her family are greatly dismayed at the rash of intrusive and irresponsible stories about her pregnancy.  Ms. Bellizzi considers the details of her pregnancy to be private, and does not intend to respond to the lies and speculation fueling the reckless  reports, beyond that which her attorney has already accurately disseminated.

"Mel Gibson is not the father of my child," Ms. Bellizzi claims, all though she acknowledges they know one another. However, the details pertaining to her level of past and/or present involvement with him are private.  

Additionally,  any alleged "friends" of Ms. Bellizzi claiming that she told them that Mr. Gibson "is the father" of her child are either misinterpreting her desire for privacy surrounding the identity of the father, or are being 100% dishonest in a mis-guided effort to seek 5 seconds of notoriety and fame.  Laura has never told any acquaintances or friends that Mel Gibson is the father of her child. That is total rubbish!


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Do I really care if Mel donated sperm to another baby mamma? No!!

1072 days ago


guess maniac mel will go beat up a few more jews now that he is a father again...

1072 days ago


Where the hell did this come from all of a sudden?

1072 days ago


Oh well, you tried...
There's always Justin Bieber to target

1072 days ago


I still like Mel Gibson. Signs is one of my favorite movies. Everybody else is forgivin over time in Hollywood, but people are still on his case? Other people have said and done really stupid stuff to, he's not the only one. He deserves another chance like everbody else gets in Hollywood.

1072 days ago


Mel Gibson might beat up women, be anti-semetic but he makes good movies and thats all I care about!

1072 days ago


This is brilliant for a couple of reasons ...

Something I've done myself...

You START a rumor ...

Then you add FUEL to the rumor ...

By seemingly SQUASHING it ...

She and I would get along good.

1072 days ago


C'mon, Harvey, don't be so cheap. Get one of those little apps to fix redeye.


1072 days ago


nof p.s.

...meanwhile no one has any idea who she is...

-So her "rep" kindly furnishes TMZ with an intimate pic of
the 2.

Sitting closely together on a couch.

Only the rep is probably a made-up person, as well.

This is why I miss Oksana:

Sure she was cut-throat.

Making no bones about relieving Mel of all his cash.

But at LEAST Oksana had other people around her -

And to start/squash rumors.

Not imaginary, made-up people.

In this fictional world we call Hollywood.

1072 days ago


I think it is a good news for Mel Gib's fan.

1072 days ago


Did I accidently click on my Grandmas TMZ?
Please, enuf of this old Mel o drama, TMZ has been obsessed with him for what seems like 80 years.

1072 days ago

Jay W.     

Dismayed ? Sure you are Laura... this girl digs attention.

1072 days ago


TMZ LEAVE MEL ALONE. He's been through enough.

1072 days ago


So, are we to praise a hoe for keeping her lovers in order? Tramp!

1072 days ago


Hasn't Mel been "fixed" for a while now? I thought he got snipped and couldn't reproduce. What really went down? Did Mel's lawyer say, "ahem, by the way Mel's been castrated and you my dear are a liar." "No little spirmies no little babies, understand?". Why would friends just make up stuff she said to them in private? What kind of friends does she keep? Why back peddle so rapidly and say your friends may have misinterpreted what you said? How do you misinterpret that Mel Gibson made you pregnant. Did you say, "I wi***** was Mel Gibson that made me pregnant?" Maybe they didn't hear the I wish part. Yeah Right! Well you got part of your wish, you are on TMZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Now go find another rich man if you can and leave Mel out of your future delusions.

1072 days ago
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