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Mel Gibson's Alleged Baby Mama

He's Not the Daddy, Case Closed

11/16/2011 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was labelled by various gossip mags as Mel Gibson's baby mama tells TMZ ... it just ain't true ... blasting the "reports" as "lies and speculation."

Laura Bellizzi tells TMZ squarely, "Mel Gibson is not the father of my child."

Bellizzi -- who's a mother and a business woman -- adds through her rep  ... any "alleged friends" telling gossip outlets that she's been privately identifying Gibson as her baby daddy are "being 100% dishonest in a misguided effort to seek 5 seconds of notoriety and fame."

Bellizzi's rep continues, Laura is "greatly dismayed at the rash of intrusive and irresponsible stories about her pregnancy."


Ms. Bellizzi and her family are greatly dismayed at the rash of intrusive and irresponsible stories about her pregnancy.  Ms. Bellizzi considers the details of her pregnancy to be private, and does not intend to respond to the lies and speculation fueling the reckless  reports, beyond that which her attorney has already accurately disseminated.

"Mel Gibson is not the father of my child," Ms. Bellizzi claims, all though she acknowledges they know one another. However, the details pertaining to her level of past and/or present involvement with him are private.  

Additionally,  any alleged "friends" of Ms. Bellizzi claiming that she told them that Mr. Gibson "is the father" of her child are either misinterpreting her desire for privacy surrounding the identity of the father, or are being 100% dishonest in a mis-guided effort to seek 5 seconds of notoriety and fame.  Laura has never told any acquaintances or friends that Mel Gibson is the father of her child. That is total rubbish!


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Hey Lar

From what I read the nicotine isn't really monitored so there
is a chance of the user getting nicotine poisoning . Go Figure LOL

1079 days ago

little aussie reader    

LOL! "Lovey Ira".

Now wouldn't that have Cuji clutching her pearls?

LOLOLOL! Lovey Ira it is.


1079 days ago

little aussie reader    

Michelle - Fireballs?

I quit a couple for 5 months a couple of years ago using Champix - I was nauseated the whole time I was on it but figured it was for the greater good. The smell of old cig smoke was disgusting to me but the smell of fresh smoke made me salivate. lol!

How long has it been since you smoked and do you still dream about it?

I figured out the e cig today and found it very strange - not the same weight in my hand and it made me cough really badly.

1079 days ago

little aussie reader    

Karls - That's our Government for ya. LOL!

1079 days ago

little aussie reader    

Karls did you see the proposal that all cigs must be in plain olive-green coloured packets passed legislation?

Takes effect in December next year.... no more brand logo's, threats to unborn babies, warnings of imminent amputation or diseased cadaver mouth warnings will be allowed (there's no way that person in that pic is still alive). Just plain dark green packs.

How weird is that? How will ppl know which brand is theirs?

If the government truly wanted ppl to stop they would make it illegal but they're raking in too much money in taxes.


When I started a pack of Winnie's was 85cents. I now pay $18 per pack of B & H (my taste has improved - lol).

I'll perservere with the e cig and see what happens.

1079 days ago


Ira.. Hey why doesn't everyone settle for an old-fashioned cigar ??? Those cherry ones are best ! ;) ;o)

I would only take a cigar if Mel Gibson's name is on it.

1079 days ago


OMG! That last post sounds naughty, didn't it? I wasn't talking about his "little weapon" guys. LOL

1079 days ago


59. little aussie reader: 6 hours ago

LOL! "Lovey Ira".

Now wouldn't that have Cuji clutching her pearls?

LOLOLOL! Lovey Ira it is.


So now when we all sign off of here, we all have to say..
Bye, Lovey Ica

1079 days ago


Oops! I mean .. Bye, lovey Ira.

Sorry, mu coffee wasn't strong enough this morning.

1079 days ago


Time to choke the toaster. LOL

1079 days ago


"...As Star magazine first reported via, Laura has been bragging to friends since her summer tryst with the Oscar-winning actor that he is the father of her baby...."
it was Oksana's PR who did started a that rumor

question is WHY?
WHO benefit here?
could be that Mel Gibson did returned to Robin
as it was mention in Russian media??
and Oksana hating Robin and Hanna with passion
want to do some harm?
not wanting Robin around Lucia?
hoping that this would brake them up?

well did not "sweetheart" mention here before that
Oksana did slept with some Mel's bodyguard?
TMZ we are waiting
WHO is Shoul?
WHO is bodyguard Tony?

1079 days ago


michelle, how did you get started on quitting? cut down a little at a time or what?

1079 days ago


something to refresh our memory
Mel Gibson's ex, Oksana Grigorieva, became one of the most famous women in Hollywood as the object of his most recent rant. But she had been on the fringes of fame for some time, having dated two-time James Bond actor Timothy Dalton (and having a son with him) before hooking up with Mel.
Oksana is a familiar type in Hollywood, exemplifying the women (and quite a few men) who use a series of famous partners as stepping-stones to their own notoriety. Because convention demands we give that type some kind of cat nickname, we're going to call her a "Lynx"--as in, her "links" with famous people made her famous herself.
Oksana has earned her place in the top 10 Hollywood Lynxes--

Gail H: 487 days ago
I firmly believe that MEL IS THE VICTIM. Get real! There is some good reason WHY HE WAS angry with her. This was a private fight - he wasn't there was he?!! She had NO BUSINESS recording him. Sure, we all heard his voice. How would you sound if someone got you to the most angry point you could get?! I'd be just like MEL!! Sure, she knew what she as doing. Don't you think for a second she didn't!! He did NOT KNOW (and he had the right to KNOW - Damn it!) that he was being recorded. She was a conning bitch - she got him very, very angry. She then turns on the recorder, calls him and talks real sweet and calm. (Have YOU NEVER BEEN ANGRY?!!) If I was a man, and I was MEL, and I was MY ANGRIEST, yes, I would've called her every name in the book, I would've said that I was coming over and knocking her GD head off! (When at 11 years old and my older sister and I were fighting and pulling each other's hair it's hardest and wouldn't let go, we'd say things like I could kill you, I wish you were dead, and on and on. This was until Mom or Dad broke us up. Come on, guys, anger is anger and we all have it.) You don't get it!! This was a private (get it? private?!!) conversation, it was OVER THE PHONE! She sounded calm because SHE ALREADY KNEW SHE WAS GIVING IT TO THE MEDIA before she turned the recorder on!! He did not know that. She is a total criminal pulling such a sneaky act, she is the one that ought to really be paying some good HEFTY FINES!! That is the sneakiest trick on the planet earth! She's played tricks like this before. He was DONE with her! He said in anger that SHE KNEW HOW TO PUSH HIS BUTTONS - she's played very tricky games with him. He would not say that unless she's done this over and over and over to him. Would MEL be angry over NOTHING? OF COURSE NOT!! She called HIM!! Mel was married for many years, had 7 children. If he was NOT a good person, he would never have had a marriage last that long nor have as many children. THIS PRESENT BITCH CAME FROM HELL!! She is the criminal! This is why they have laws against recording someone when they don't know it! WHY WAS SHE EDGING HIM ON? THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS ALREADY OVER!! She knew the relationship was over and wanted to TRY TO DESTROY HIM because she couldn't have him wrapped around her finger - she was OUT TO GET HIM! Well, I do not think any less of MEL than I ever have! He was trapped into this from an angry rejected scorned woman. Remember the ultimate truth in William Converse's quote "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." No, it may not be that MEL has any problems with anger, he was expressing himself as I would have!! He was very angry, no doubt. He also didn't know he was being recorded - that is a grave criminal act. He now sees her for everything she is, everything he was angry at her in the first place. He has had his exwife come to his rescue, and us, all his friends, and Donald Trump. I think at this very moment that MEL is just fine!! He needs support now on how to overcome the tricks this tramp has pulled on him, most likely, since he first met her. That's okay, MEL. You are going to be alright! Thank you Donald Trump! (Now there is a person who sees right through this situation - I do, too!!)
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1079 days ago


I couldn't blame Mel if he did hook up with this woman, though. Much more attractive and intelligent than Oksana.

1079 days ago


If you guys that smoke want to stop, go suck on a Life Saver. Either Wint O Green or Pep O Mint. They don't call them Life Savers for nothing. LOL

1079 days ago
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