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Susan Sarandon's Daughter

Uber Swank Wedding Gift

Sent to Wrong Person's Home

11/20/2011 3:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Amurri and hubby Kyle Martino
Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri and hubby Kyle Martino -- received an extremely unique wedding gift last month ... that got lost in the mail -- but luckily one good samaritan sent it back.

TMZ spoke to the do-gooder who says her family was expecting a shipment of speaker wire this week ... but when her dad got the package, it was filled with swag from Eva's nuptials instead.

We're told the return address had been damaged -- but they noticed a stack of place cards which said the couple's names in the letterhead ... as well as a large hat box-sized metal statue of the first letter of both their names.

We're told the family figured out a way to get in touch with Eva's people and are in the process of returning everything to the couple. 

A rep for the actress confirms they've been in contact with the family and are waiting to receive the gifts.


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It's interesting that she chose to marry, since her mother never married any of her "baby daddies".

1035 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

What is she supposed to do with that hunk of metal? Hang it off a chain around her neck like Flava Flav?

1034 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The guy received the package knowing it had the wrong name and address labeled on it and he opened it. After finding out the gifts had no monetary value to it decides to get in contact with the rightful owner for a potential reward. Was the delivery guy psychic to deliver it to the wrong house with a damaged label?

1034 days ago


The only time you shouldn't turn something in that isn't yours is if you find a small amount of money at a festival/carnival ect... I've found money like that but what can I do? Ask really loud, "Who lost this money I just found?" I'd have 100 people swarming me saying it was theirs.

But everything else I find, I turn it in to someone. I'm glad someone did that for me when my kid lost my debit card.

1034 days ago


WOW...i can't believe this story didn't make CNN.

1034 days ago


This was our family! We're very happy the items got back to the happy couple :)

1034 days ago


Oh, I thought that was a hubcap

1034 days ago


Eva has absolutely no talent.

1034 days ago


God, what is that ugly thing?? No wonder he gave it back.

1032 days ago


The guy did not open a package that was not addressed to him. The package had been addressed to him - the post office had both packages opened and reboxed them incorrectly - him getting her swank and she getting his wire - he returned her package - she is not appreciative and he never got his wire...maybe she is using it to hang that metal bauble? Never said thank you to him for returning what he could have kept or tossed in the garbage.

1017 days ago


good samaritan sent it back !! yes he did, but they did not have the decency to send him his wire!! I know, Im the guy who sent him the wire!! too bad kindness dont work both ways!! he should have thrown her **** out like they must of did to his!! they should reinburse him his $ 40 but guess as long as THEY get their **** thats all that matters!! sad!

1017 days ago


And she has the nerve to tweet about it as if HE did something wrong. Meanwhile, she got her items. What did she do with the items that were not hers? She calls him a criminal in her tweet - now she should return the wire AND apologize via twitter as well.

1013 days ago

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