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Conrad Hilton

Booze, Marijuana in Car

11/23/2011 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hiltons Car Crash -- Alcohol, Marijuana in the Car
Conrad Hilton
-- Paris Hilton's 17-year-old brother who crashed into a parked car last weekend -- was driving with wine bottles, zig zag papers and a bottle of medical marijuana in his vehicle.

TMZ broke the story and posted surveillance video of Conrad slamming into the car in Brentwood, CA., at 12:45 AM Saturday, after leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood.

Hilton left the scene after exchanging information before cops arrived on scene.  Cops told TMZ Hilton would not be cited or arrested.   And Hilton's dad, Rick, told TMZ the accident occurred as his son tried to avoid a dog in the road.

But now we've obtained photos of Hilton's car after the crash, which show a bottle of medical cannabis, zig zag papers and 2 unopened wine bottles. 

A neighbor who was first on the scene tells TMZ ... "He was taking a piss in the driveway of my neighbor ... he said, 'I'm sorry sir.  I am drunk and I have done a very stupid thing.'"  The neighbor adds, Hilton pleaded for him not to call the police or his parents. 

The neighbor says he asked Hilton why he was driving drunk, and he said, "Because I'm a f**k-up.  You cannot call my parents.  They're on vacation, I'm 17 and out past curfew."

The neighbor says Hilton "smelled of weed and alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot."

And there's this ... The neighbor says Hilton dangled his wrist in front of him and said, "See this bracelet.  It costs $11,000.  I can pay for everything."  Another neighbor confirmed the story.

The neighbor says someone in a BMW came by, picked Hilton up, and drove away.

Cops tell us ... there's nothing they can do once someone leaves the scene, because there's no way of proving the items inside the car weren't placed there after Hilton left.  As for Hilton leaving, cops say he did so legally, because he left the appropriate identifying information.

See surveillance video of the crash below:


No Avatar


Between Paris and this loser, the name "Hilton" is taking on a whole new meaning....

1011 days ago


Well it's good to know that you can not get charged for DUI if you leave your information then run away. Funny thing if you aren't a trust fund baby I have a feeling they would track you down.

1011 days ago

kitnplayn this your American dream much freakin' money that your children live as arrogant, privileged, drunken, f*cked up (his words) menaces to society. That poor kid doesn't even know the value of human life.

1011 days ago


You know "JW" I have been researching your various comments here on "TMZ" and, you are devoid of a "Normal Human Conscious", it is apparent in your previous posts on TMZ. So where does that leave you as a person? You are unable to judge people in the "normal reality", that we in the U.S.A currently live in. This means that you are living in your "Own Reality" which has no existence in the real world.

1011 days ago


ok how many ppl here would be sitting in jail if we did this - raise your hand!

1011 days ago


he's VERY LUCKY he didn't hit the car head on cause he would've absorbed most of the impact. the car he hit wouldn't have slid back much to deflect the impact since there's another car behind it. he should take this accident as an important lesson and be lucky he didn't end up through the wind shield. just face the punishment and move on and learn from this.

1011 days ago


what can you expect from a dumb ************* rich kid, no talent, no brain only stupidity and crap!!!

1011 days ago


Conrad, I hope you are reading these posts.
Take some time to follow your own path, not necessarily the family hotel biz. Get to a quiet place this Thanksgiving to think about your beautiful, blessed life, and how you can help yourself by helping others.

1011 days ago


It shows how the Parents how good they are!...hmm not at all. Just human waste who breed more garbage.

1011 days ago


Reply to @ August Qoute:

1011 days ago


Response to @ August quote "And homeless disabled American veterans are thrown in LA's horrifying & torturous jails for the CRIME OF BEING HOMELESS!"

A review of your previous posts reveals that your not homeless are you. So what does that have to do with this conversation. Again you are injecting you own personal views and your own personal views, and your own interests into this conversation. Stay On Topic...

1011 days ago

Bitter Scribe    

Let's hope the next "car crash photos" of this young man don't involve his bloody, mangled corpse.

1011 days ago


Too bad his family wasn't walking down the street at the same time....trash

1011 days ago


Shocking. Of COURSE he was wasted. Why else would you be eating extra-hot pork rinds after midnight???

1011 days ago


can some one explain to me when the police found all this in a 17 year old's car after he crashed at high speed, they didn't drive right over to his house and arrest him??? I don't get it???

1011 days ago
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