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Ashton's Alleged Mistress

I Didn't Torpedo His Marriage!

11/24/2011 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sara Leal -- the 22-year-old blonde who allegedly slept with Ashton Kutcher this summer -- insists she isn't responsible for the actor's crumbling marriage to Demi Moore ... telling TMZ, she was just a "bump in the road."

Sara tells us, Ashton and Demi were having problems long before she came along -- but was she the straw that broke the camel's back?


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Ashton was 100% wrong for cheating. This girl is just looking for her 15 minutes. Both idiots. LOSING !

1041 days ago


This has got to be disappointing news for all the over the hill hags that think they have a chance of holding on to a young hot guy.

Enjoy it while you got it ladies, but leave the cradle robbing to the men.

1041 days ago


Shut up skank, nobody cares what you have to say.

1041 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

You don't anything about their relationship, except for what he told you. So, act like a lady and shut the **** up already.

1041 days ago


You just keep telling yourself you had no responsibility. You sure the hell didn't HELP, now did you? You KNEW he was a married man, so that pretty much makes you one helluva slut, now doesn't it? He is no better.

1041 days ago


This woman has only the power that Kutcher gave her. The person who is truly responsible is Ashton Kutcher. If he wanted his marriage he would not have done whatever it was he did.

1041 days ago


Les face it, the guy is a schmuck for straying from his marriage, but 99.9% of these women that have affairs with celebrities all have hidden agendas. To get their 15 minutes of fame and to hire that idiot Horia Ballfed to represent them so they can make $$$ off of their indiscretions.

1041 days ago


Her herpes torpedoed the marriage. Sorry honey, there is never a cure so leave your dirty a** in California and learn to stay away from married men!

1041 days ago


We were at the airport last night and saw how this "interview" went down, the whole thing was staged. She acted like she just got off of the plane and was looking for her luggage, but she didn't have any. The cameraman was on the phone with her, trying to find her in order to interview her. He talked to her for at least 30 minutes, trying to get her to say the right things. Nothing like trying to make yourself famous and staging an "impromptu" interview. What a joke, TMZ is turning into MTV, let's see what other desperate, loser "celebrity" you will stage an interview with next just to get a story?

1041 days ago


Tell this pig to stop sleeping with other womens husbands and go the hell away. She thinks she's getting big payday from all this. Moron!!

1041 days ago


Oh and I heard this skank got paid to go out and pick up men. Sounds like a hooker to me.

1041 days ago


Demi is old. The only reason you ladies get so upset about this story is because it reminds you that you have an expiration date.

The day Ashton married Demi it was clear he was going to move on to something younger once her creases got a little too deep. Because he's a successful attractive guy and he can do that. Why would he stay with someone who's wrinkled and menopausal?

When he's 80 he'll still be banging 20 year olds.

1041 days ago


Oh c'mon. Boo Hoo. So many people judging this girl for something they would have done themselves. Plus I believe he told her he was separated. Just cause she got all starry eyed and banged a movie star doesn't make her a ho. Ashton was the one who made a commitment and then broke it, not her. Ashton and Demi are the only people responsible for their divorce.

1041 days ago


Gross! Who wants to hear from a Ho with no morals, who wants to screw a star, so later she can get her fifteen minutes? ashton well if he and demi had an open marriage and there good with that(ok)..well then his only crime is not being discreet.BUT this hobag..YUCK.. you give san diego a bad time loser! get outta here!

1041 days ago


She seems like a nice girl, and is so pretty! Leave her alone!

1041 days ago
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