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Ashton's Alleged Mistress

I Didn't Torpedo His Marriage!

11/24/2011 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sara Leal -- the 22-year-old blonde who allegedly slept with Ashton Kutcher this summer -- insists she isn't responsible for the actor's crumbling marriage to Demi Moore ... telling TMZ, she was just a "bump in the road."

Sara tells us, Ashton and Demi were having problems long before she came along -- but was she the straw that broke the camel's back?


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If she was so innocent she wouldn't be out blabbing to magazines trying to stay in the news. Slutbag!

1064 days ago


In one article ive read it has Sara Leals name, in another article it says Brittney Jones, WTH???

1064 days ago

greg taylor    

your a ho bag who slept with a man you knew was married

1064 days ago


i find it funny that she agrees that she doesn't like her own relationships being talked about ....yet she broke the story on her relationship with ashton in the first place. money grubby skank she is. and as for ashton... the king of douches.

1064 days ago


So now they gonna fier Ahston for acting like Charlie?? It would make the show better he sucks he is NO actor he is just a JOKE !!!

1064 days ago


This is sooo stupid. This whores (which is exactly what homewreckers are) do all this crap for the fame. It doesn't matter if he was already having problems, this sluts have no self respect and no shame, bottom line HE'S MARRIED!!!! I just don't understand how he could be soo stupid to CHEAT!! I hope she does leave his ass, she deserves better and he deserves trash like what he slept with...

1064 days ago


No Ashton Torpedoed Ashtons marriage but married men are off limits...he wasnt divorced and hadnt informed his wife the marriage was over so it does make you a slut.

1064 days ago


What kind of a woman sleeps with a married man (married to someone else)? I don't think they are called a "bump in the road", I think you can actually call them a slut and a whore!

1064 days ago


Torpedo! lol guess we all know who torpedo who and who's avoiding responsibility.

1064 days ago


I'd bang her like a drum and enjoy hearing her scream my name in a sweet acapella.

1064 days ago


The only shortcoming of this woman is that she is a dirty whore who sleeps with a married man within the first hour of meeting him. Don't be blaming her for the breakdown of the marrige though, because Ashton told her that he was separated from Demi. It's typical for the American culture to blame the woman, even when she has been deceived. Ashton is just your typical, arrogant, self-important lying, cheating, American s***bag, and this scarlet woman is getting what she deserved for spreading her legs for any old peen that comes along. Geez, respect yourself.

1064 days ago

andy raichel    

Mr. Mel Gibson my opion has lots of things happening is his life at this time. I have been studying and learning about hollywood`s life stile(s) from the people, shows,etc. to move on about mel, when a man starts to lose a lot of stuff he has work so very hard a person can get a little twested,or a post stress disorder(s) their life or brain can over react at times like a lost clock with spining hands going around and around.he to me is over reacting because infear he may lose valble time with his child. I belive if he lets him self mellow out things have a way of working back out as long as the child knows he realy loves her to me that what matters the child will be all right. I been through something like him over a child. I used school reading,about laws,and not to drink or smoke that just can make matters worse. i belive in his mind it`s going like 24-7 days a week none stop thinking and that can make it harder for him or too others.times are hard for a lot of people here in the united states.I belive if he stops drinking etc. he be back to his old sel****ain. Maybe just on a nother level in life,work,etc.


1064 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I think Ashton needs an eye exam. Maybe he thinks hooking up with semi-attractive women isn't really cheating.

1064 days ago

Necola Grigsby    

Hey, to all you women out there who have pictures of your fun bags,half naked bodies or that are sexually obscene. I have a message, your opinion does not count because you too, look like the same type of person you are talking bad about. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, do not be a hypocrite.

1064 days ago


No your right. Your a good christian woman arent you Sara? Everyone needs to stop picking on you now dont they?

1064 days ago
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