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Duggar Family Thanksgiving

50 Mouths and Counting

11/24/2011 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duggar Family Thanksgiving
Just when you thought your family Thanksgiving was hectic -- TMZ has learned, the family from "19 Kids and Counting" is spending the holiday with another massive cohort ... totaling over 50 hungry mouths to feed.

Sources close to the Duggar family tell TMZ, they've invited the Vanderhoffs over for Thanksgiving festivities -- a nearby family of 23 that's also guest starring on an upcoming episode of "19 Kids."

Altogether, over 50 people are expected to chow down at Chez Duggar -- and the menu is suitably massive ... including two regular turkeys, two smoked turkeys, four turkey breasts, plus all the trimmings.

Meanwhile, dessert includes a total of 16 pies -- 10 pumpkin and 6 assorted ... pecan, apple, chocolate fudge ... we can go on.

As for what the family has planned for when they're not eating -- we're told the Duggars have already lined up a full array of family friendly games and ... okay, that's boring. MORE PIE PLEASE.


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I admire all of the Duggars. So few people have such strong convictions and the courage to live those convictions. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of the Duggar family.

1028 days ago


This is why we need a limit on how many times a bitch can breed they are like a ******* rabbit farm. Tie that bitches tubes already.

1028 days ago


Who the hell allowed these credents to procreate indiscriminately? This is just plain disgusting!

1028 days ago



1028 days ago


What she's having another b aby...her vagina must be loose,unless she does kegals...The girls never wear pants,they look like they are in a cult....The girls should NOT be raising the smaller children....I bet if they divorced, the world will shun her like octomom....Octomom needs a man like this husband...

1028 days ago


All those kids are CRUMB SNATCHERS!

1028 days ago


This family is out of control. Any woman who delivers that many children is beyond understanding. And as we see the offspring are cut from the same mold. This isn't beautiful, this isn't humorous, this is disgusting. My main question, who is supporting this baby mill?

1028 days ago


Disgusting. The Duggars should be sterilized.

1028 days ago


Nice to know they get tax write-offs for each and every one of their rugrats.

1028 days ago


I guess the four older girls cheerfully cooked the meal and cleaned up afterwards as they were trained to do. Jim Bob and Michelle should be ashamed of themselves for having kid after kid and expecting their older girls to raise them once the babies are weaned and they are expecting another one. I personally don't find anything about them to admire. If something happens to Michelle and/or the baby this time, I am sure Jim Bob will go on about how it was God's will or some such nonsense. You play with fire long enough you will get burnt. Michelle is playing Russian roulette with her body by continuing to get pregnant again and again. Josh and Anna will probably be announcing they are expecting within six months.

1028 days ago


The sad thing is that the are so proud , and think that this is perfectly normal. As for who is supporting this litter, right now it's TLC, ( The Loon Channel), so as long as people continue to watch this freak show, good ole Jim Bob, or whatever in the hell his name is, don't have to worry about getting a job. All he has to do is get ready to wait for her to pop out the next one. How very, very, sad.

1027 days ago


1. At least their law abiding, tax paying, decient folks. nNot some junkie poping out numerous crack addicted kids for the State to pay for.

2. It is downright gross to see and hear about baby after baby though. Also very disconcerting to see the girls in dress' and long hair......very legalistic in religious leanings.

3. Still they all seam happy, healthy and productive. This is America man, if you can afford it and take on the responsibility.......then you have every right to have as many kids as ya like.

4. What is most abnormal is all the kids seam so well adjusted, happy and is that possible? Lol......

5. When all is said and done, thank goodness it is these folks having these kids vs. Your average baby mama who has numerous kids by different dads and on welfare. They are living their convictions and beliefs responsively.

1027 days ago


Don't they have other family? grandparents? siblings? aunts uncles cousins? Is it b/c of their cult no family members talk to them? How sad

1027 days ago


Please stop participating in the attention given to this irresponsible and ridiculous family. No one should have this many children. They are not sterling examples of the gene pool, they are simply narcissists. I wish their insurance company would refuse to cover any more pregnancies.

1027 days ago


lets all be thankful for everything, always...

1008 days ago
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