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Lindsay Lohan

Killin' It at Morgue Duty

11/26/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan at the Morgue
Maybe structure is exactly what Lindsay Lohan needed -- because TMZ has learned she's not only on pace to complete her court-ordered stints at the morgue ... she's WAY ahead of schedule.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Lohan has already completed 10 of her 12 required morgue duty shifts -- impressive considering she still has another THREE WEEKS to spare.

In fact, we're told Lindsay doesn't just plan to knock out the remaining two shifts by the Dec. 14 deadline -- but she also wants to get a head start on the hours she has to complete by her 2nd status hearing.

Law enforcement tell us ... Lindsay has a pretty damn good reputation at the morgue -- polite, hard-working and never complains about the work.

Judge Sautner had said her sentence essentially put the keys to Lindsay's freedom in her own hands -- and at this point, it looks like she's making the most of her opportunity to stay out of the clink.


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Sorry Julia, but she was a paid spokesperson for the trip to India. This wasn't an Angelina Jolie mission. This was a JOB for her, and only that. If she claimed she helped 40 children that were helped prior to her going there, then why not claim she's helped the hundreds/thousands that happened before she got there. Any way you look at it, it was a JOB...

1038 days ago


Hey Julia, Giselle's husband is on TV right now throwing a ball :)

1038 days ago

middle finger    

had to share
I guess milos next celeb Boxing will be with Stephen Hawking.

1038 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Ok, everybody has to stop for a min. I need to run to Bob's Liquor. It is a drive through so shouldn't take long. ;)

1038 days ago

middle finger
lindsay at the morgue being her

1038 days ago


A gift from Lindsay. She looks nice.

1038 days ago

middle finger
lindsays future

1038 days ago

middle finger    

llo41 Lindsay Lohan Furious Over Morbid Prank By Morgue Employees

Lindsay Lohan was horrified when her co-workers at the Los Angeles County Morgue played a scary joke on her.

The actress, who is working at the morgue to fulfill her community service, reportedly freaked out after a fake, bloody, severed human hand was placed in a trash can. As Lindsay emptied the trash, the fake hand fell on the floor, scaring the crap out of her.

An inside source said, “Lindsay went totally hysterical and bolted from the room shrieking. She was making so much noise she never heard the pranksters who’d played their elaborate practical joke howling with laughter.

“When one of the volunteer organizers told Lindsay someone had planted the phony hand as a joke she was furious and ranted, ‘I can’t believe anyone would think this is funny. It’s really morbid and so is everyone here.’”

Lindsay’s co-workers plotted together to do the prank after they became sick of her bad attitude.

A source stated, “Lindsay has a real attitude – always acting like she’s better than anyone else and spending much of her time taking cigarette breaks.”

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1038 days ago

middle finger    

If killing at the morgue means not showing up..then yes she is killing it,they are all dead..she is the atom bomb of killing it

1038 days ago

Red Cloud    

The stupid story about the prank at the morgue originated from the stupid National Enquirer which means it is most likely stupid BS. I can't believe any thinking person would "think" the NE has a higher correctness rating than TMZ!!!!

Those of you who refuse to believe she has done ten(10) days are not answering some difficult questions. What has she been doing if not CS? Why no photos of her out and about? Why would TMZ trust a "source" they don't know? It stands to reason TMZ considers the source trustworthy and reliable or they would not have run this story. Harvey was certain Lindsay would not comply. Why would he suddenly change his tune? Why would TMZ lie? Why would a source lie? Why assume she's not at the morgue just because there are no photos? Why should there be photos every time she goes to CS? It's a non-story. She's just getting out of the vehicle and then getting back in at the end of the day. If Lindsay really is getting her zhit together this time, why does that pizz you off?????

1038 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I swear andy, You are oppisite of Lindsay in many ways but could you keep your phone somewhere in your vicenity at least? Thank you. muaw

(how many drinks is in this post? lol)

1038 days ago


Well, at least her customers won't complain. I've heard that business is dead at the LA County Morgue even though people are dying to get in.
She seems to be getting it together. Good for her.

1038 days ago


Mountain Dew (the real kind Sweetie) ain't bad either... Bottoms up .... have fun kiddies don't tease Red Cloud to much he might in up the the bed next to Mikey.....and from the picture Mikey likes to sleep ah ha natrualle.....
Take another chug now...... nite.

1038 days ago


Has anyone here watched Machete? I did a few weeks ago. Why did she stoop so low to act in a second rate role? What was she thinking?

1038 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Do you still want me to "guess" who you are on ROL?

1038 days ago
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