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Casey Anthony

Ella Está Estudiando Español

11/28/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony in court
Casey Anthony has finally enrolled in classes, as her probation requires, and TMZ has learned her course of choice ... Spanish.

Anthony is required under the terms of her probation to either get a job or go to school. Sources close to C.A. tell TMZ ... she chose to study Spanish because she felt it would come in handy when she goes back to work in Florida.

We're told Casey is taking the classes online, but not through a traditional online college, because of security issues. According to our sources, Anthony is studying through a private organization ... which means her records will be kept under wraps.

Our sources say Casey already speaks a little Spanish and she had even been teaching Caylee some words before, you know ...


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1059 days ago


What happened to moving with the millionaire boyfriend in Mexico?I do not know which is the biggest LIAR,BAEZ OR CASEY.After Jeff Ashton,gave away Casey dispickable comments to her psych,she plays men like a fine wine,she cannot write a tell all,ALL HAS BEEN TOLD.Maybe, because she has plenty of time,and must be reading comments,she will find a 5 6 7 8 9.0 more lies.When you KILL YOUR CHILD,DESTROY YOUR FAMILY,maybe the only thing left,is destroying the people around her now.I have noticed,she will NOT destroy her mother,WHY? BECAUSE MOMMIE WILL AWAYS KISS THAT SPOILED BRAT BUTT,DADDY will tell it like it is,and if you listen to Baez,he also kisses her butt,When casey does not get her own way WATCH OUT

1059 days ago


Mexico isn't a safe place for anyone right now, especially for Casey Anthony. If the scuttle butt is true and she is planning to move there, baby killer's aren't wanted anywhere. Good luck w/ that spanish.

1059 days ago

Peter Sc    

Good choice. Learning servant would entitle her to a low-income job which is better than unemployment, but would you hire her as a Nanny?

1059 days ago


So she is learning Spanish using rosetta stone Big whoop since when did that count as classes?

1059 days ago


harvey, please do not ever say casey and CAYLEE in the same article again..we want CAYLEE to R.I.P. SO PLEASE STOPPPPPPPPPPPP.

1059 days ago


Sounds like she's gearing up to live in a spanish speaking country doesn't it. Who the f*ck cares. I have heard enough from this lying ass..

1059 days ago


She is still a murderer and will rot in H-ll.

TMZ features murderers, Casey & Amanda who will also rot in H-ll.

1059 days ago


After reading Jeff Ashton book,what stands out in my mind,Casey hated her father,like she hated Clayee,so what does a poor girl do,"you GET RID OF YOUR PROBLEM" No big whoppie,taking out your daughter and letting the rats eat her,no problem,trying to make your father a prevert also her brother,she has SOME (MEN?) willing to say,that is fine.Casey found that if you mention molesting, people will not wait and see if the facts prove the charge,she played the public like a fiddle,"poor me"Casey knew enough,if you want to destroy,MAKE IT SOUND GOOD,GET THE PEOPLE ALL WORKED UP,the MORE DISCUSTING THE went from her bra was lifted up to rotten filth.Until Casey can explain with names that can be checked on,where Clayee was all the nights she was cooking for the boyfriends,without her daughter,trying to destroy her family will NEVER,NEVER CUT IT WITH ME.LOVING MOM.EXPLAIN with facts,and STOP TRYING TO SHIFT,the responsibilty for YOUR SICK ACTS, ON YOUR FAMILY.

1059 days ago


Casey, you pathetic dog. You worthless piece of murderous trash. Your life will forever be miserable, and hopefully very short. You are trash. You destroyed the lives of everyone around you. You are the devil herself. Hell is coming Casey. Burn Casey, burn.

1059 days ago


And Baez, you rodent, you may not be quite as evil as Casey, but you are evil enough to rot in hell.

1059 days ago

John T.    

There is no place she can ever hide , some crack pot will put a bullet between her eyes to get in the news. Her life as she knew it is over. It's hide and seek from now on. Was it worth killing that baby Casey? Hope you rot in hell.

1059 days ago


So everything she do is private, but TMZ you get all the information about this child killer? What happened to Old TMZ?

1059 days ago


I was wondering when ANOTHER useless story about this poor excuse of a human being would show up...
Anthony STILL being pampered and protected.Just a shame poor little Caylee wasn't shown the same treatment...
May you never know a moments peace, Casey.Rot in Hell....

1059 days ago


Caylee does not get to speak or learn a new language. Whomever killed Caylee Marie took Caylee's voice away forever.

How is it fair that her mother gets the gift of life and now to learn a new language? Caylee will never get to live life or ever learn a new language, much less enjoy another breath, why?

Because someone selfishly took that innocent child's voice and last breath of life away.

It will not matter what language she learns, no one is going to trust her much less hire her, for it would hurt their reputation and their business. No one wants to support someone who would not report her child missing and knows what happened to her own little girl.

Maybe God will listen to her prayers in Spanish, He is the only one I know who can forgive someone for taking the life of a child. I wish I could love like God does, but I just cannot bring myself to care about anyone who harms their own child, she fits in the category that child molestors do, in my eyes. Child killers and child molesters and rapists are the s*** of life.

1059 days ago
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