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Casey Anthony

The Pros & Cons of Mexico

11/29/2011 12:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Now that Casey Anthony's learning Spanish ... she might have a better chance at a normal life if she relocates to a country where they didn't follow the trial -- if only she could figure out a way to not be so damn .... white?!?

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Christina G.    

She needs to have cosmetic surgery and a legal name change if she wants to stay in the US.

1059 days ago

Carol Valle    

I dont like your comment "- if only she could figure out a way to not be so damn .... white?!?" I mean hello, Latin America people are even more white that people in USA. just please....

1058 days ago


Did I not read where Casey was to live on a Island,with her millionaire boyfriend.How ANYONE can look at her,with any compassion is beyond me,and "love"?It was bad enough,KNOWING SHE KILLED HER CHILD for (Bella Vita)which I cannot get passed,because it stays in my mind a child being eaten by dogs and rats,but to then say,and entirely different verson ,like my father KILLED CLAYEE,BUT MOLESTED HER FIRST,I would love to know what MALE is sick enough to want that EVIL NEAR THEM.As far as money maker.Jeff Aston book told the whole story.Mr Taylor should thank his lucky stars he did not pay her $1000,000,00 dollars,also NBC,MAYBE WALTERS can hear,5,6 versions

1058 days ago

Studley Buck    

Most of the upper-class citizens of South & Central American countries are white or light-skinned. Charming, classy Casey Anthony will be admired & respected anywhere she goes.

1058 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Casey, keep studying and abiding by the rules of your probation and when your year is up, you can give one Big F YOU interview for all your haters and move. They're a bunch of emotionally illiterate idiots who all think they're attorneys so their opinion doesn't matter anyway.

1058 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

They have white people in spanish speaking countries, dumb asses. Guess, what? They have black people too,

1058 days ago


WHITE??? Shes much more brunette than MANY of the people in my town in Argentina and if you go to areas like misiones or south where MOST ARE BLONDE FOR THE GERMAN INMIGRATION LET S SEE "WHO S DAMM WHITE"


1058 days ago


Let her go live in Mexico. I doubt the cartel loves baby killers and they might get her. Think her b/f can protect her from the cartels?? Good luck!!

1058 days ago


FYI... There aren't too many Mexicans in Florida. If anything, there are more Cubans or Central Americans who have light complexions. Latin America has light skinned people as well as dark and guess what... even Asian looking people. Mexicans aren't the only ones who speak Spanish!

1058 days ago


The terms of her probation require her to go to school or get a job. She should have gotten a job as a stripper! There are plenty of totally naked strip clubs in Florida and she could make real money in one. The only danger would be men throwing pennies at her instead of dollars.

1058 days ago

Rosa Ramirez    

Mexico did not follow the case in detail. BUT they do know the whole story....

1058 days ago


"...not so damn...white?!?"? I take it you don't travel much.

1058 days ago


I haven't read a more racist comment than you guys just did about her having to be "Not that white".
Not every spanish speaking country in the world is full of "brown" people. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, all of them have a bigger white to other race ratio than the States. Most of those countries were populated in their majority by european immigrants, mainly Spanish, Italian, German and eastern european in general.
So, maybe you should check what your "journalists" write before letting it rip on the web. Just saying, Internet made you global. Show some respect

1058 days ago


We followed the Casey Anthony case and trial in Mexico, we know about her, and we are sure she killed her daughter, so...... I don´t think she can mingle without being noticed.

1058 days ago


Latinos are caucasoid unless they are negroid latino. Hispanic/Latino are not their own race.

1058 days ago
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