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Casey Anthony

The Pros & Cons of Mexico

11/29/2011 12:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Now that Casey Anthony's learning Spanish ... she might have a better chance at a normal life if she relocates to a country where they didn't follow the trial -- if only she could figure out a way to not be so damn .... white?!?

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boat floats    

did this guy just say Spanish speaking community's don't know whats going on in America? wtf

1066 days ago


Please, please, please stop printing anything about this person. Let her sink into obscurity forever more.

1066 days ago

Theresa Erisman    

Where does TMZ get it's information and if they no all that Where's Casey? That's what I want to read about.

1066 days ago


Yet another baseless BS story about evil Casey Anthony.

1066 days ago


pleny mexicans are white but if she thinking spanish is going to help her work in Florida she better learn CUBAN spanish hello...

1066 days ago


Even if she moves to a different Country, she will never have the same luxuries she had/ has in the USA. In the beginning she may be fine, but in due time it will be hard to adapt. It will be a very lonely life. Maybe not now, because she is still surrounded by her legal team. She will make friends and they will try to get the truth out of her and sell her out. She may be out of jail, but society will always hold her accountable for what she did. The jurors do not represent what the world feels for Casey Anthony. A Child killer no matter where (Cuba, India, Mexico, USA, Europe is still a child killer) She is about to taste her karma!!! Everywhere she walks, or goes, she will always know that people are thinking and looking at her as a "killer"

1066 days ago


I wish she would just croak already.

1066 days ago


Bashing the person that made the mistake of skin color in Latin America.Then saying that there is more people there that are lighter then the Baby killer. Are you stupid or what is wrong with you people.Are you stoned?South of the border is brown skinned people. Its not being a racist its a fact. Not all of them but most of them. Not only that, Get a life . The person is just saying that is kind of funny. This white woman trying to pass off as a Latino. And you people think that she can? You are bling and none of you have ever been to any country south of the border so shut up. That Milky white Skinned baby killing Bitch will die here real soon so dont you worry your ignorant misguided little heads. Count on it.There are peole right now looking for her to kill her for sure.Oh Ya !! Have a Nice Day.

1066 days ago


Damn, she better not go to Mexico. Those people down there will go old school and kill her very very very slowly.

1066 days ago


OMG TMZ! You actually used up energy for THIS???

1066 days ago


I happen to be "too damned white" and totally not offended. In fact....I LOVE BEING TOO DAMNED WHITE!! LOL

1066 days ago


Looks like interest in the child killer is waning drastically, this story came out today & is already on page 3 lolol. And she isn't moving out of the country, she has no pesos hahaha.

1066 days ago


She's headed to Peru to be closer to her pen pal. That Van der Sloot is one hot fella.

1066 days ago


Wow once again. Stupid TMZ (Typical MEDIA...) feeding dumb Americans with their stupidity. It's like 'Dumb and Dumber' xD FYI Most if not all of them White actors u see in Novelas & their other celebs actually live in Miami!!! LOL. Also The channel, Univision, where these novelas are aired and what TMZ always likes to refer to as 'Mexican' programing is actually an American network xD LOL
Anyways when a person is shunned from their own society, the thing to do is move to another society and start over. Casey Anthony seems to be the smart one among all you dummies.

1066 days ago


Like I always said.... She brought this on her self. Sure she got away with it. But Caylee and her and everyone else will always know the truth deep down! And we will all treat her like the murderer she is!

1034 days ago
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