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Jennifer Lopez & Her Boy Toy

The Sexplanation

11/28/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Why is Jennifer Lopez dating a ripped, 24-year-old backup dancer??? We're guessin' the answer lies somewhere below the belt.

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What is with the guys she chooses? This one looks 20 yrs younger than him oh yeah he is!! and is he cute? Hot? Rich ? Nope, Nope, Nope I just don't get it

1057 days ago


You don't ask George Clooney (who is old and skinny) what he sees in the 24 year old women he dates. Why the double standard with J Lo? She probably sees a young hot bod and who knows, maybe he has a brain?

1057 days ago


He looks like Vanilla Ice! C'mon, you can do better! How many men do you need to be with Jennifer?! You just separated from your husband, give it some time. You don't need a man 24/7 girl! Didn't you learn from the last dancer you dated???!!!

1057 days ago


It looks like he's wearing a retard helmut. (no offense to retarded peeps)

This is probably his first vacation without mom and dad.

1057 days ago


Why is everyone hating on Casper? He just happened to be next in line. After awhile the next guy will get his turn and so on and so on.....

1057 days ago


Seriously, How selfish and low down in the dirt is the ego of an arrogant rich bitch we all know as J-Ho...I have officially lost all respect for her.
It makes me so upset that she has two 3 year old babies that are going through a huge sad transition right now. All Jen should be doing is staying home and being a constant presence in their lives....and tell the boy toy to take a hike.... This all makes you look really mid life crisis'ish Jen and you are insecure and sad....stop living for you and your needs and whims and be a mother to your babies..... or give them to Mark!
You shouldn't be having a relationship with a back up dancer! In no time he will be on Ellen giving away copies of the book he wrote as a scandalous tell-all about YOU!!!
"My week inside J-Lo" Oh God, your poor kids!
You are losing respect from " fans" all over the world for your behavior.
Where are the kids???
With all due respect. Mark was a very hot need your head examined to go from Latin Hottie to class nerd!

You should use Lisa Marie Presley as a role model for parenting. She has shielded all of her kids from the paps and made sacrifices to ensure they have a normal and happy childhood. What a concept to some people.... She is amazing!

1057 days ago


I'm soooo tired of this woman. She is quickly approaching the same saturation point as the Kartrashians. And she is just as trashy. I stopped watching American Idol because of her. I mute the TV as soon as one of her commercials comes on. I would never buy anything she pushes or puts her name on. I have no desire to be like Trashy JLo from the block. From the block? Who is she kidding? She looks like she'********* visiting hours for someone in the Cell Block. It's sad to see a woman her age (face it JLo - you're OLD!) running around in outfits designed for females HALF HER AGE. And she thinks it's impressive that some 24-year old guy is hanging out with her? Her hearing must be damaged and she can't hear all the snickers. And the "Boy Toy?" Does he really think his "look" is impressive? Hate to tell you this kiddo, but people are snickering just as much as you.

1057 days ago


He must be doing something right, because I am pretty sure he didn't buy tha*****ch he is wearing.

1057 days ago


He must be doing something right, because I am pretty sure he didn't buy tha*******.C.H he is wearing.
I hate TMZ' censorship!!!!

1057 days ago


He looks like a fool!!! Is she so insecure that she needs this CLOWN?

1057 days ago


And she calls herself a MOTHER! If he uses her up< I blame only her. She is so stupied! This has NO CLASS! I hope she is wearing a condom because she does not KNOW WHATor WHERE this young hood been/boy. Now, she is nasty and a OLD WOMAN who is taking care of her physical needs also. Another fool. I have no respect for her now. I can see the trash really coming out! Get her young boy, take it all.

1057 days ago


Hello Jennifer, remember your 2nd ex-husband Cris Judd who also happened to be your back up dancer? How soon you forget.

1057 days ago


she married Marc to clean her image.Marc was the only gullible person whos willing to marry her after her disastrous relationship with so many men the awiter .the back up dancer.the rapper and the decent and wise enough to dump her,Ben Aflec.what alucky guy.

1057 days ago


JLo has already been down that road. Married one of her back up dancers (Chris) before Marc. Why do women think they need a man in their lives all the time. Take time to be alone, spend time with your kids and enjoy them before you start messing around again. Leave the guys alone.

1057 days ago


JHo is a hot mess. Seriously, vacationing with the kids and your new boy toy. Get a grip, stay single for a bit or at least keep your nastyness out of plain sight. You did wrong ruining Mar"s Anthony's prior marriage and karma will definitely come back. Your album sucked, your movie career always sucked and now your a Hollywood has been. Joke's on you, mamita.

1057 days ago
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