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Miley Cyrus

I Was a Smart-Ass

Not a Pothead

11/28/2011 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus a stoner?
Miley Cyrus was just being a "smart-ass" a week ago when she said she was a pothead ... this according to her rep.

The rep tells TMZ ... Miley was joking about the cake her friends got her for her 19th birthday when she said, "You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed."

The rep says the Bob Marley cake was an inside joke ... Kelly Osbourne has been calling her "Bob Miley" since the infamous salvia incident that TMZ broke last year.

The rep says Miley is NOT a pothead ... and it was all meant in jest.


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One thing for sure, Miley is a "dumba$$" and she acts like a slut. Ever since she was 17 she started acting like she was 40. Don't like her, she's living in the fast lane and burning the candle at both ends.

1062 days ago


Not a cool way to transition into adulthood stardom. I'm guessing this is what all the look-at-me-I'm-a-cool-grownup-now BS is about. She'll never make it because her talent was limited to begin with and being a youngster was part of her professional persona. That's gone now and there's nothing left except for her to GO TO COLLEGE, GET A DEGREE and then pursue a profession. Of course, there's always "the sex tape" if all else fails.

1062 days ago


Just the other day, i was wishing for the good 'ol days when Paris and NickRich were crashing into cars going the wrong way down the 101, when Brittinneey Spears was in the clutches of her "Drug Dealer" boyfriend and her dad had the judge order her to rehab and stuff, we still have Lindsey but her schtick is becoming redundant and other than that who will keep TMZ going now with Amy Winehouse gone ?

No Worries . Behold Miley Cyprus, the Future queen bee of the Hot Messes. Be safe dumb-dumb.

1062 days ago


Of course she's a pot head, so are millions and millions of other people. Welcome to the club, Miley.

1062 days ago


Can she just fix that snaggle tooth please...I just wanna file it down for her...

1062 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Who cares??? Legalize it already!!!

1062 days ago


I have no problem with Miley being a stoner. It's obvious she wants nothing to do with being a role model. Be a parent and if you see your children looking up to her do your job and point them in a better direction, don't blame Miley or Disney.

1062 days ago

Joe the Plumber    

Who cares? She has more money then she can ever spend let her be a kid. Can any of you tell me you didnt get high? Let her be a kid. I cant say that enough. Enjoy you life Miley

1062 days ago

small asian penis    

why does kelly osborne keep getting plugged with these miley articles

1062 days ago

Vlastislav smith    

I think that she is so very Nice Figure .
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1062 days ago


People who are saying Miley is trying to show the world something are WAY off-base. This is a private party, her words weren't designed for the public to hear. So, please stop with the she's trying to show people she isn't a Disney star thing already. She's a great role model. She quietly spends much of her own time supporting and promoting charities, is known in the business for her very strong work ethic, has a great reputation for working well with others, speaks her mind and supports what she believes in. A real role model is not a fairytale character and has flaws. The US founding fathers had flaws. Martin Luther King had flaws. Many great people have flaws. Saying she should be something she isn't, Hannah Montana or some fairytale Disney character is unrealistic. Miley is very young, very charismatic and will be Miley, not some fantasy of what people think she should be. And she's no Lindsay Lohan or any other "bad girl". Miley is a very good young woman and a bit of a rebel with a cause and free spirit. If she smokes pot she smokes pot, her publicist is doing the publicist thing. Big whoop.

1062 days ago


She's right about being an ass, but she's not smart at all.

1062 days ago


Yes, I believe it, number 1 this is kelly o's personality, and #2 this is something my friends would do to me, just a joke, everyone needs to stop acting like its the end of the world, really, WHO CARES.

1062 days ago


Hey Miley. How about doing us all a favor by taking a vow of silence.

1062 days ago


Why is she so ashamed about being a pot head? Weed ******* rules!

1062 days ago
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