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Katherine Jackson

'4 Years Is Not Enough'

11/29/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson wants Conrad Murray to rot behind bars -- telling reporters outside the courthouse, the doctor's 4-year sentence is "not enough."

Speaking to KTLA ... Katherine added, "Four years won't bring my son back" -- but she admits ... Judge Michael Pastor was extremely fair with his sentencing.


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Katherine, 4 years was the max genius. Thought counting all that money had made you smarter but guess not.

1059 days ago


I feel justice has been served. I feel at peace. Judge Pastor was very fair and clear in explaining where his decision came from. He was human and clearly he had a rule to go by. I respect his decision. Now is up to God to show us how karma works. Because even today, I still see Murray thinks it was not his fault! Hope this will bring the right message to all the doctors who think they will get away with murder.
May God bless Michael, and may my love touch him in the right way. I love you, Michael.


1059 days ago


I am so sick of this family! Yes it is awful that michael died, and nothing will bring him back. But honestly nothing is good enough for this family!! Murray was brought to justice and got the maximum sentence! what more do they want!?? for him to be hung! whether people wanted to admit it or not Michael was a drug addict and the family even admitted that he was! so clearly Michael wasnt innocent throughout this whole saga. The family needs to realize that michael was part of this too, and stop bitching about murray. He was brought to justice and now its done. My wish is this family would just go away now! The world only cares about michael and janet! not latoya, jermaine, katherine and all the other nutcases.. they are just trying to get as much exposure and money as they can.

1059 days ago


The Jackson Family is delusional

1059 days ago


Come on, lady, I get that you're Michael's mother...but Michael was as complicit in this whole drug thing as were his doctors.

1059 days ago


Katherine, you OLD SOCK!!!! You and that BloodSucking family of YOUR'S and THE DON, aka your husband, ought to be in the cell next to was You lot and Sony that pushed him straight into the arms of people like the good doctor, who only arrived at the END of Abuse, that began with the two of you so-called Adults, selling those kids off to the highest bidder, and then Creating, out of lies that included a free ride for Dianna Ross in a story that SHE really had nothing to do with and carried on to the end and STILL has not ended, more MONEY to be made?..YOU Katherine, HAVB ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME, IN THE DARK. It is true the harshest judgement is the most revealing about the one DOING the judging, which means you have a NASTY mirror to peer into each day, all by yourself...can't be very comforting now eh? All that money? Stop blaming the world hun.

1059 days ago


You are right, Katherine. Four years is not enough. But considering what he lost, and the kind of life that awaits him for the rest of his existence, I think balances off.

1059 days ago


The JACKSON FAMILY should be THANKFUL that Dr. Murray got 4 years... YES... he was MEDICALLY NEGLIGENT... DESERVES to LOSE HIS LICENSE... but he DID NOT KILL MICHAEL JACKSON... he just had the "bad luck" of MJ dying on "his watch" (so to speak)... if it hadn't been Dr. Murray... it would've been another doctor... Michael Jackson was a KNOWN DRUG ADDICT... KNOWN to the medical community... the PUBLIC/FANS... AND to HIS FAMILY... WHERE WAS THE "close knit" FAMILY during all this??? Funny... the "ones" that stood by and did the LEAST for Michael Jackson are the ones that are now benefitting the MOST... the WHOLE THING is just TYPICAL...

1059 days ago


Someone should have done the deed earlier and taken this freak out.

1059 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

A hundred years won't bring your son back.

And if you found out that god doesn't really send people to gnash and burn, would that disappoint you? That's evil.

1059 days ago


I know there's a lot of Conrad Murray supporters out there, and so are Michael Jackson's. Every is entitled to an opinion, but we have to realize that as adults, we are responsible for our actions. And that one split second can change our lives forever! Unfortunately, this is a situation where there are no winners! All the people involved lost dearly.

1059 days ago


be famous rape kids get by with it..give a famous person drugs they die.get the max..big shock

1059 days ago


This is the same woman that said they were looking for justice, and not revenge.
Seems like she has her wording mixed up. I assume she already knew what the maximum sentencing would have been, so consider this justice served.

1059 days ago


Katherine added, "Four years won't bring my son back

Amen,he is where he belongs.
One less pedo.

1059 days ago
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