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Katherine Jackson

'4 Years Is Not Enough'

11/29/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson wants Conrad Murray to rot behind bars -- telling reporters outside the courthouse, the doctor's 4-year sentence is "not enough."

Speaking to KTLA ... Katherine added, "Four years won't bring my son back" -- but she admits ... Judge Michael Pastor was extremely fair with his sentencing.


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I am Spartacus    

hopefully now that this is over this family and these Michael Jackson stories will disappear. I doubt it though, this family is a bunch of leeches and i'm sure we'll be hearing about their plots to cash in off of Michael for years to come.

1057 days ago


Yes the doctor is guilty but so is the Jackson family to include the Mother. They knew he was addicted to drugs long before Murray came on the scene and did nothing to stop it. Now they are awash in the blood money they are making off of Michael's death.

1057 days ago


how many years should the family of the rich (who they are living off of) get since they enable the addict, so they dont get cut off, financialy? i dont see how they have time to live their lives, seems they are so busy finding ways to make money off of mj's corpse. and he didnt have to pay for his crimes, not one day.

1057 days ago


You've over stayed your welcome Mrs. Jackson. Please take the rest of the family and go away.

1057 days ago


why dont these people just go away. their son was a child molester, drug addict and loser. he brought on his own death. one less child molester. you dont pay someone 40 million to go away if your innocent

1057 days ago


Based in the greed I've seen, the only regrets the Jackson Family has (including Mom) is they won't be receiving MUCH MORE $$$ if Michael had not died.

1057 days ago


Yeah, 4 freakin years is DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH to bring back MJ. The judge should sentence Conrad 4 years and 1 day jail time, THAT will DEFINITELY bring back MJ from the grave and grab his crotch in public one more time for aloud entertainment!!

1057 days ago


Wonder what kind of time she'd have old Joe do for messing up Michael psychologically in the first place? Hmmm???

1057 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I think the four year sentence and actual time Murray will serve will be a benefit for the Jackson family. The frequency of keeping MJs name in the news increases the potential for profits.

Now that you know the undeniable truth of how MJ was leading his life, how well do you think he would be doing on his tour if he never met Murray?

1057 days ago


let me guess life will bring him back? they need to leave that guy alone they cnt blame him 4 micheals drug addiction if thats the case go arrest whoever sold amy winehouse the alcohol.

1057 days ago


Hey< Mrs. J: Get over it. Your son is dead...he's not going back. You got your scapegoat in Murray....but think about ALL of the victims of your child-molesting, pedophile son ruined!

1057 days ago


She and her family should have believed Michael when he told them that he wasn't an addict since they believed the opposite,the jurors surely took this under consideration along with murray's testimony about Michael SUPPOSEDLY BEGGING for the propofol,so they let the killer get away with involuntary manslaughter.

AND YES 4 years is INJUSTICE for Michael!

1057 days ago


I am so sick & tired of the Jackson family blaming anyone other than Michael, If the family LOVED him & his children sooooo much why not have an intervention, you let a drug addict raise children & never reported him because everyone needed their bills paid take a closer look at yourselves & what your priorities were at the time. Y
our family is all about the MONEY the people of the world has mourned him more then you guys have. ching ching let the cash register ring as Judge Millian would say. LOSERS

1056 days ago


I've always been a Michael Jackson fan, even stuck up for him when he was accused of sexually assaulting children, still stick up for him, but we all know he was very eccentric and Dr. Murray isn't the only one at fault for Michael's death. Michael was at fault too. He was a drug addict and could pay anyone, any amount of money to get what he wanted, and did. It's as simple as that. I feel bad for the Jacksons for losing their father, son, sibling, etc., but all of you knew he had a drug problem.

1056 days ago


Katherine - get over yourself. Your son was an addict and also culpable in this situation. The maximum is the maximum and you need to move on.

1056 days ago
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