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"Con Air" Actor (Not that one)

What Would You Do

If You Found $1 Million?

12/1/2011 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Pop quiz, "Con Air" actor -- if you found $1 million ... would you turn it in, or take it home? His answer's about the same as the TMZ staffer who was in a similar situation, for real. Prepare to judge ...

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My New Name    

"Satan" is spelled with an "an," you idiots. You just deemed your co-worker as "Satin," like the fabric.

You people are idiots.

1027 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Hire some unemployed mercs at 10 grand a piece to eliminate ten people that I hate. Then pay an extra 5 grand to ensure it never happened.

1027 days ago



1027 days ago

Jay W.     

Keep it. It's the American Way. lmao

1027 days ago


couldn't you mention his name once?

1027 days ago


Umm let's see...If I found a million dollars, you bet your sweet ass I would be keeping it. First off, if someone just happens to be carrying around a million dollars in cash, they're probably up to no good in the first place, and secondly, if they were carrying around that kind of cash and they were DUMB enough to "forget it" somewhere, or just left it out where anyone could take it, then they deserve to have it taken just for being an idiot.

1027 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I once found $4000 in a furniture store on a mattress (in a brown bag, no less) I pondered what to do with it and my best friend said "if they are stupid enough to carry that much cash, have no ID in the bag, lay on a bed in a store and don't bother to look at the bed when they give up, they deserve to lose it.

1027 days ago


I'd turn it in - no question.

1027 days ago


I'll give it back a million dollars is a lotta money to keep hidden
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1027 days ago

Classic Brigette    

Holy Smokes! It IS Dilemma with 2 m's! I have freaking been mispelling this word my whole life! Apologies TMZ!

1027 days ago

Classic Brigette    

It is Dilemna, not Dilemma.

1027 days ago


I would do what everyones favorite role model Kim KarTRASHian would do? Keep it long enough for the interest. Then change my mind because it involves too much effort to keep. Then I would never admit the truth to anyone including myself. Then I would graciously donate a small portion of it to a charity so that people will forget what a fraud I really am. lol

1027 days ago


The short version: Hypothetical question with hypothetical answers. Myself...if I found a million dollars, I'd first wipe off my fingerprints...then run like hell.

1027 days ago


Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Forget the $1 Million dollar question... that was NICK CHINLUND! You guys are so lame to hide his fantastic face behind a teaser screen. Training Day? Chronicles of Rid****? Tears of the Sun? Hello?! Desperate Housewives??!! He lays low, and your guys find him randomly - on the street(!) - aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

Love you Nick Chinlund!!!

1027 days ago

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