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Dr. Murray Prosecutor

Conrad Should've Stayed AWAY

from 'Today' Show

11/30/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray
NEVER should have agreed to be interview by "Today" ... because the "complete lack of remorse" he demonstrated on the show made him look even more guilty ... this according to the rock star attorney who prosecuted the doc.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren appeared on "Today" this morning -- and said Murray showed a "complete lack of personal responsibility" in an interview with co-host Savannah Guthrie that aired days after the conviction ... insisting there's no way it could've helped Murray's case.

Murray was all over the place during the interview -- contradicting the story he originally told police and then proclaiming, "I didn't do anything wrong!"


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Well, I think people would be more forgiving of Murray if he took personal responsibility for his actions. Playing the victim and lack of remorse on his part is very lame. That kind of arrogant attitude can make a man dangerous.

1057 days ago



“Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance”

-William Gaddis

1057 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I love the government, they say he shouldn't be on the Today show but they say it and crow about it on the freaking what show? The TODAY SHOW!! These freaking people forget over and over again THEY WORK FOR US and like him or not, Murray is a citizen afforded the same rights as anyone else. What a jag. PROSECUTORS DON"T BELONG ON THE TODAY SHOW, NOT CITIZENS. Hypocritical ************.

1057 days ago


Sorry this is off topic, but could you guys at TMZ please get rid of that stupid SONY ad that takes up the whole screen. I swear it makes me want to NEVER buy Sony! It's keeping me from coming to the website so often.

1057 days ago


Micheal Jackson was a wacko drug addict who used his power and influence to molest children. Dr. Murray was a drug dealer. They both got what they deserved.

1057 days ago


Before all of the vicious and evil haters that say some of the most awful things on this site, to me it is so sad that these people are so totally closed minded that they choose not to think for themselves.

If you watched the entire trial and you looked at Murray's actions and his statements to police and to medical personnel he clearly is guilty. I don't believe that he intentionally killed MJ, but it was his actions after realizing what had happened that are so suspect.

That cannot and should not be ignored. His entire conduct was horrible. I know he was trying to cover himself, but truthfully once the autopsy results came out -- how could he cover up the propofol? He couldn't. He and Chernoff both thought that the investigators had found the propofol and were surprised to learn they had no idea.

Many people were upset that Murray gave that interview, but in reality it showed his true colors. Here he is a cardiologist who had gotten himself in a financial jam. It's easy to see how as well. You cannot ignore his personal conduct because that spills over into his professional conduct as it did in this case.

For those people who comment on here by saying Michael deserved it or it was Michael's fault -- how on earth do you dismiss Murray's conduct?

I listened carefully to Pastor's words and he was very careful as he has to be and throughout the trial he was fair to both prosecution and defense. He saw the case for what it should have been seen for which so many fail to see - a medical doctor who took on a patient and let all common sense and any level of care go completely out the window.

For those who hate Michael Jackson -- your hate has made you blind to the facts of the case and your comments so reflect that, which is sad. There has never been any evidence whatsoever that proves Michael Jackson molested any child ever. Saying that he didn't think it was wrong to be asleep in the same place as a child does not make him a molester. These were all children he knew very well - not strangers. Of course he should not have put himself in that position because look what happened; however, that IS NOT proof of child molestation. I also will never understand the concept of those who assume guilt because of him settling a civil lawsuit for which criminal charges were unable to be brought because evidence could not be proven by 2 grand juries convened for that very purpose. When you couple that with the fact that the father of the accuser is one tape saying he was going after money. For those who mistakingly think the money was hush money -- how on earth could it be hush money when it was a civil settlement and can be made public record. The father went to MJ first and told him he wanted 20 million or he would alledge this story and MJ said no. If it were true, I'm quite sure he would have paid the money then to avoid all that happened afterward, but he was naive enough to think that because he was innocent nothing would ever come of it. Boy, was he wrong. The media was frothing at the mouth. I guess any one of you haters upon learning that your child has been molested would go to a lawyer first and file a civil lawsuit before ever talking to the police as the ones that solicited money from him. How on earth do you rationalize that in your minds that any parent would seek money over justice? This, according to his long time hair and makeup person, was when he began overusing the pain medication that was prescribed for the many surgeries needed on his scalp. So, yes he had issues with it and he tried to seek treatment for it. In 1999 when he fell 50-60... feet when a bridge collapsed during Earth Song in Munich, he suffered severe damage to his back and as a result here came the pain medication. It is a problem that affects so many people and it is nothing that should be laughed at in the least. He was the most famous person on the planet and could not breathe out in public without being completely surrounded. None of us have a clue what that's like. None of us have a clue what it was like to be hounded by the press for no reason. None of us know what it was like to walk one day in his shoes -- yet many people who take the media at its word choose to believe the worst and as a result say some of the most vile things on this site and others. I would truly hate to personally know anyone that has that much hate in their heart that could be capable of saying the things that get said.

1057 days ago

Jay W.     

Though all the evidence made it easy for Walgren to prosecute, he did a good job. He's an arrogant prick nonetheless.

1057 days ago


How can anyone be remorseful of killing a pedo and a child molester? He rid the world of a kiddie abuser and in my book he should get a medal!

1057 days ago


Judge Michael Pastor's sentencing was one that should be used in law schools everywhere. Murray’s arrogance did nothing for him and if his attorneys agreed he should have done that interview/do***entary, they need to change professions. The prosecution was amazing and Murray's attorneys were awful. After that Casey Anthony debacle, this verdict restores my faith in the judicial system. Too bad, he was not able to impose a longer sentence. This will be funny when five women show up with his kids six in tow…what a douche.

1057 days ago


this dude is nothing less then a famewhore who sent an innocent man to jail, i hope he crashes in his car and maims himself to the point that he suffers the way dr murray will.......mj was a dug addicted manipulating pedophile, who is now rotting in hell for his molesting lil boys...i will pray for dr murray until he is set free..........please god let those kids become adults, before diana ross gets them...these jacksons will try and ruin what peaceful life she has if she ever gets those kids. she has raised 5 wonderful repectful children and has worked hard all these years to build the life she has now...with peace and love from her own kids...she does not need the jacksons coming in and trying to destroy the life she built for herself...diana deserves peace and to enjoy life however she sees fit. Diana will be tied up in lawsuits with those jacksons if she ever gets those kids, cause they will want those kids to be in jackson custody....easier for them to steal from those kids....diana is a very rich woman in her own right, so she dont need any jackson money!

1057 days ago



Murray is a classic Sociopath and clearly in need of professional help.

I feel sorry for all of his children, they deserve a normal life and will never have it since their daddy will be forever known as the man who killed Michael Jackson. That is just sad and not fair to them.

1057 days ago


so true. Murray made money out of his 'kill'. Today show doesn't admit how much they paid him, they want to save face. Someone should investigate. Murray has no remorse, he made photographers come and shoot him at MJ's grave too.

1057 days ago


Well here is another one capitalizing on Michael Jackson's death. 15 minutes for the Deputy DA coming right up. Go back to court MR Deputy DA and take your next hohum dangerous felon off the street. Here's a hint find the shiester that massacred Michael Jackson's face and get him off the street. Wouldn't that just be doing LA a huge favor.

1057 days ago


Conman Murray got what he deserved. Walgren & Brazil are beautiful and brilliant!

1057 days ago
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