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'Miss Butt Brazil'

Best Beauty Pageant ... EVER!

11/30/2011 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


What's better than the Olympics and the World Cup? The "Miss Butt Brazil" competition -- one awesomely awesome reminder ... that some countries are more blessed than others.

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Me surpreendo com tamanha ignorância.
EUA é apenas um império arruinado e decadente! Não são nada!

1026 days ago


Stupid americans. All you do is talk talk talk, because thats the only thing you can do. Funny how you stupid tourists come here and keep sayng all the time that we got the most beautiful girls in the world. Of course we do.
Go to hell with your fake boobs.
In a few years, be carefull not to beg Brasil for money. Your economy it's going down down...hence, neither are you going to have those fake tits, as all the brasilians surgeons will have returned to Brazil. Dummasses...

1026 days ago


Brazilian Women are mostly whores who love an*l, so that is why us men say that the country is so full of beautiful women...I think above average prostitutes is more appropriate.

1026 days ago

Luis Cláudio    

A bunch of jealous. Brazil is beautiful, not only for its beautiful women. Want to compare who has more problems. USA is a lousy place. If you kill your worms. And stay there. Do not come walking. We do not need their measly dollars.

1026 days ago


Weel my fellow americans, u may expect a huge amount of raging comments in a while, b/c this video has been posted on one of brazil's major news site.
as to the previous comments... brazil is well known for its plastic surgery, but i garantee u these beauties have not done any procedure on their butts! the butt procedure is frowned uppon here, especially among younger women such as these! they sure had boob jobs or nose jobs, while butt jobs are more common for the elderly!
as carol has pointed out, its all about genetics and body type!
and the dude that called the other one dumb, stating that brazil has 24 states, u better check your facts again! brazil has 26 states and one federal district, in a total of 27 units of the federation

1026 days ago


Brazil is a beautiful country! Rich in culture, ecology, cooking and more. A country of beautiful people, including women, of course!It is a fun and friendly country, which allows this type of competition, as in many other countries too.
Who wrote this article can only be an utter ignoramus who knows nothing about Brazil, which has never been to Brazil and was never interested in knowing the true values that Brazil has. A website of this magnitude should never publish such an insult as if it ... only then retract Brazil. It is a story of poor and low-levelinformation. Faced with so much good that is happening in Brazil,you publi*****??
Unfortunate ...

1026 days ago


Ok, U.S is the safe country in the world and I think I go to study in Columbine.

1026 days ago


oh good grief, WHO CARES.

1026 days ago


I'm Brazilian and I'm so embarassed right now.

1026 days ago


yours really think are best is not it? I think should have more respect for Brazil, one day yours will be in our hands , are breaking ... enjoy the moment! Yours do not know whats Brazil, is better not come here because we do not like of people how yours ... the lack of respect is cause of rejection for us!

1026 days ago


Aline agree with you. You said everything that an uninformed American should know about Brazil.
Unfortunately, even with globalization, we still have to read or listen to so much ignorance and lack of knowledge about other cultures.

1026 days ago


Why so jealous? Brazil is much more beautiful than the bankrupt USA, our money is much more original and creative, and women do not need to comment ... no doubt a thousand times better than whitey unsalted North American ...

1026 days ago


First of all is important to explain that to be part of the contest you shound't have any surgeries in the butt, it must be natural, second of it, in brasil the plastic surgeries are very expensive...

1026 days ago


I am so disappointed, TMZ. I used to love this website. Not every brazilian girl is like that and we are always trying to fight against that image that other people have of us.
I love my country and I can assure you that Brazil is not just a place with "beautiful girls".

1026 days ago


What the ****? you really think that the Brazilians need to inject fat to have big butt? HAHAHA, make me laugh
maybe you think that because they are not used to seeing beautiful and natural bodies ..
just a bunch of women who have no ass and huge breasts and deformed!
and you still have the courage to speak of violence in Brazil? HAHAHA, make me laugh again
You should look at the problems in your country first, and they are many!
you really think the owner of the world, but are actually a bunch of crap!

1026 days ago
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