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'Miss Butt Brazil'

Best Beauty Pageant ... EVER!

11/30/2011 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


What's better than the Olympics and the World Cup? The "Miss Butt Brazil" competition -- one awesomely awesome reminder ... that some countries are more blessed than others.

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surgeons in Brazil has several more women have the body of her beautiful breasts and big ass too! to thinking about going on holiday to la Viva Brazil

1003 days ago


surgeons in Brazil has several more women have the body of her beautiful breasts and big ass too! to thinking about going on holiday to la Viva Brazil

1003 days ago

Gabriela S.    

Infelizmente existem muitas brasileiras vagabas que nao podem ver um gringo ja vao logo tirando a calcinha e se esfregando neles! Um exemplo recente: lembram quando o snoop dog ficou uns dias no Brasil e todas aquelas vagabundas quase nuas ao lado dele.
Eu como brasileira, vivo no exterior e ja passei muita vergonha com os comentarios idiotas dos gringos. O unico jeito é dar um sorrisao e mostrar que somos um povo feliz, OU uma bella porrada na cara tb resolve!!

1003 days ago


**** u TVZ..TMV...Whatever! Brazil is bigger than ur ******* ass!

1003 days ago


go **** ur selfs! i'm brazilian and love this place! **** u all!

1002 days ago


Brazil among other tropical countries has some of the most NATURALLY beautiful women inthe world. All the hate on here sounds like a bunch of miserable,fat, pancake ass American broads are in their feelings. Don't be jealous if you're not blessed with curves.There are plenty of women in America who could go down there and show the Brazilians a thing or two.
You'd hate on them too because you're obsessed with being emaciated bags of bones like Pari******on.

1002 days ago


Hey about bory this girls, not is fake! brazilian girls really when are beautiful, and we have a lot beautiful girls here, have this. Not is necessary that. Try dont to be jelous but i Travel a lot around the world, and never I saw womens with bory hair nothing more beautiful or sexy than brazilian girls. Butt here is a thing nothing compler all world! Have more a thing,brazilian are sweety, this is our natural way, dont think is to make gringos happy, we do that with our brazilian guys too! Is sad calling us puta because we are beautiful or because have guys come to brazil look to professional sex girls because dont get woman in they country and live in masturbation.

1002 days ago


I am brazilian, and yes, we have that! better all world have!
we are the 2s country more make cirurgy plastic, first is USA. What is sad is Brasil is so much more than only this, and they lose time about that...

1002 days ago


Im brazilian , i have a good natural butt !!!
Many womens do surgery like lipo , but no all brazilian have fake butt, cause we born like that natural beautiful, and surgery plastic in brazil is expensive for us and cheap for yall cause the money is different .The difference is brazilian care about them body and shape we go to the gym like everyday , and american womens only complaim about they body and eat junk food more that anything go head fat ass talk about brazilian, we have the most beautiful sexy womens no matter what LOL

1002 days ago


This is just the stereotype of the great Brazil. Now, go watch The Kardashians, american idiot$!

-sorry for my english, i speak portuguese.

1001 days ago

JP Leite    

That's funny you guys are saying that Brazilian girls are whores, but I've lived in both countries and I can tell you it is way easier getting an American girl for a one night stand than a Brazilian girl. They actually have morals. Being sexy is just a God give trait they have, and you gotta flaunt what you got. Just because American girls have no ass and are trashy, it doesn't mean that you have the right to call Brazilian girls whores because you don't know ****. I'd like to see you guys go to a night club down there and pull girls as easily as you do her in America.

1001 days ago


Damm, one step above a flat ass, thats no ass to go crazy about.
Come to the South,GA,AL,SC,thats where the gurls have perfect round ,plump ass .

1000 days ago


Its becuase in another cowntries you dont hae so many beutiful girls like we hae, voces sao um tolos e uns viadinhos. Than , if you want know how it is eat a hot girl you need come in my cowntry , you some of beach!

999 days ago


So why do white boys act as though they hate women with butts? Some American White girls have the best shapely big butts I've ever seen, but they are so encourage by their own race into believing that it's ghetto and grow up hating and being a shame of it.. Only a true Man knows the value and beauty of a shapely big butt..

995 days ago


I could really care less what goes on in Brazil....who gives a **** about a bunch of women that look like a bunch of lard asses

994 days ago
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