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Taylor Armstrong

I'm Writing a Tell-All

12/3/2011 4:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong -- whose estranged husband committed suicide earlier this year -- is writing a tell-all book about her relationship.

It's called "Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within" -- and the 272-pager is set for release in February 2012.

Taylor claims she's writing the book to raise domestic violence awareness -- and will detail the ins-and-outs of her relationship with her late husband Russell Armstrong ... who she claims physically abused her.

Russell killed himself in August, a month after Taylor had filed for divorce.


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First off I think she is doing this for the money more than anything else.

But, the other problem I have with this is that her husband is no longer around to defend himself. I am not saying he did not abuse her, in fact, I believe he did. But, understandably she would not objective about what went on in their marriage. There is no excuse for domestic violence, but to detail what happened when the other party involved is silent in the grave does seem the right thing to do.

She says she wants reach out to other abused women. I understand that. But, I think it is pretty well known at this point that there was abuse and that should be enough. Her footage on the reality show should also be enough to get that point across along with the other things the media has put out there. Bravo seems to airing enough scenes with her struggles with Russell and her reactions, that a book is probably too little, too late as far as understanding why she stayed as long as she did.

If Russell were still alive, I would say go for it. But, he isn't and her daughter will see this book some day. I think her daughter should be told the truth one day, but she doesn't have to have all her parents personal struggles and problems laid out any more than they already have been.

It is over, move on and make better choices next time.

954 days ago


Good God. When will she learn? Take her kids away.

954 days ago


is that taylor or kim? mash up?

954 days ago


Shana Lynnette Hughes aka Taylor Ford Armstrong is a liar and grifter who signed do***ents ADMITTING her role in their financial shena****ns. She now wants to pretend she was abused and forced to go along with it. Nothing but a grifter who was going to dump Russell now that the money was flowing and fake these "abuse" claims. The bruise we saw in pics was likely from plastic surgery.

Show me an X-RAY of a fractured jaw and I MIGHT believe a little of this.
On many RHOBH episodes anyone can see that "Taylor" is the aggressive bully, quick to point fingers in peoples faces and threaghten them bodily.

Boycott Simon and Schuster, let them know how you feel. THERE ARE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF REAL ABUSE VICTIMS OUT THERE who would serve as better "faces" for the issue.

Taylor needs to make a quick buck because she doesn't have a real job and wants to keep living in Beverly Hills...sorry move somewhere cheaper and take care of your daughter.

How awful for Russel's children and family I hope they sue her for everything.

954 days ago


Oopps! Typo in my previous post.

"but to detail what happened when the other party involved is silent in the grave does *not* seem the right thing to do."

954 days ago


easy to do a tell all.when the guy being accused isnt around to defend himself.blood money

954 days ago


Taylor don't even let these close minded idiots effect you in anyway. I think you are wonderful, beautiful and amazing. Nobody knows what goes on behind close doors. Your cast mates especially the evil sisters are just what, actually what are they but has beens..... washed up has beens with a rich hubby who can afford her. the other well, i'm not really on here to talk trash, but she is trash and when mad very ghetto too. Lisa does have class and elegance, but also likes to gossip with the idiot sisters too. They even back stab one another.. You my Lady are beautiful, and from that point you will automatically have haters. The new girl is beautiful and wore those heels perfectly with her crutches... she looked amazing. and again another beautiful woman... And for the idiot sisters to say her claim to fame was her ex husbands new wife.. well, please idiot sisters do some research before opening that ignorant mouth.. Leanna Rhimes is not even pretty at all. she actually looks just plain gross... Taylor heads up and reach out to the newby...

954 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Let's get real, she writing the book cause she needs the $$$money. And she's under a contractual obligation to promote it. Russel's making her more money in death than he could ever make living.\

954 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Good, once it DOESN'T sell as expected, she will lose hope and be one step closer to being a street whore working the streets of some Podunk town in Oklahoma!

954 days ago


Oh please..who's gonna read your lies? Betcha

954 days ago


I wish this trout-mouth piece of sh*t would fall off the face of the planet already!! Go Away B*tch!!

954 days ago


If she cared about her child, she would stop exploiting her child's father's suicide like this. It is bad enough that she and Bravo are using Russel on air to get ratings.

Sick sick woman. She seems like the violent and abusive one, her histrionics, her verbal tongue lashings, her screaming, her hand gestures, the way she gets into other's space and lunges forward at them. She seems like she is the one who lacks impulse control and is the aggressive and abusive type who needs anger management.

Her poor daughter, out of respect for her child she should not be making money off of that child's father's death, all money she makes should go into a trust for that little girl then and not a penny to benefit Taylor.

954 days ago


I wonder if it'll tell everything, like how she's a gold-digger who spent a once-rich man into the poor house, picked constant fights with him to wwear down his sanity, lived a grossly lavish lifestyle he could not afford, then left him once the money was gone, driving him to suicide while slandering him on the show and in the media.

954 days ago


It is not fair that Russel cannot defend himself or tell his side of the story. There are ALWAYS two sides to a story! ALWAYS!

I know I am not buying what she is trying to sell. She is an opportunist after the gravy train of Russel's death.

Go get a job Taylor and earn an honest living. Stop trying to make money off of your husband's death.

The irony, when you are the abusive one on TV and lack impulse control, then you point a finger at Russel? Get a new therapist, obviously yours is not getting through to you that YOU are the one lashing out in anger and aggression. Bravo's footage shows your behavior.

954 days ago


Of course anyone that listens to this evil b*tch for 272 pages will also end up hanging themself.

954 days ago
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