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Taylor Armstrong

I'm Writing a Tell-All

12/3/2011 4:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong -- whose estranged husband committed suicide earlier this year -- is writing a tell-all book about her relationship.

It's called "Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within" -- and the 272-pager is set for release in February 2012.

Taylor claims she's writing the book to raise domestic violence awareness -- and will detail the ins-and-outs of her relationship with her late husband Russell Armstrong ... who she claims physically abused her.

Russell killed himself in August, a month after Taylor had filed for divorce.


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Shana Lynette Hughes (pretend-Ford) Taylor Armstrong is a career grifter and con artist. I can't wait until all her history comes out at the trial, and gives rise to criminal charges. She set Russell up for abuse allegations all season, while he was completely oblivious to her sinister plot. Then he died, leaving her in a better position. Her manufactured abuse story serves the purpose of creating a "duress" defense in the fraud trial that names her as a defendant. ShanaLynetteHughesFordTaylorArmstrong is a classic case of Borderline Personality Disorder, who uses any means to achieve her desired end. Her poor daughter needs to be removed from her abusive, narcissistic, sociopathic mother. Russell left the family home without a restraining order. Abusers don't leave willingly!

998 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'd like to hear her tell all about what the F happened to make her lips look like they are made of bed pillows. Not a good look, bitch.

998 days ago

Dave H    


998 days ago


Taylor is writing this book cuz she needs the cash. I can understand her trying to make some money because there is no reason to keep her on RHWOB next season but to say she's writing this book to raise awareness about domestic violence is a bunch of crock when she hid what Russell was doing to her for years. Women know about domestic violence Taylor tell them something they don't know.

998 days ago


This creature (and all reality freaks) will do ANYTHING for money. She's right at the bottom of the barrel with the Kartrashians.

998 days ago


Except you were NEVER battered Taylor. You are a grifter who used her husband and now that he is dead you can write any fable you want.

998 days ago


She needs the money as sad as her situation is. My concern is not for her but rather their kids, I can only hope she thinks this book through very carefully. The kids will be the ones to suffer in the long run

998 days ago


It'll be at The_Dollar_Store soon after --

So she should make at least four or five hundred off of it.

998 days ago


How disgusting, Russell has only just been buried & she is already trying to profit from his death. Much in the same way she squandered his money around Beverly Hills whilst he was still alive. I pity their daughter for having to grow up with an obviously money hungry self absorbed mother.

998 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'd buy it, WHEN it sells for 50 cents at 1/2 price books so I can have 272 pages of paper to start camp fires with!

998 days ago


I'm sorry, but don't believe she was abused

998 days ago

Fake People    

Talk about ghost writer. This chick can't even put 2 words together let alone 272 pages. I hope Russell's fam puts a stop to all her lies.

998 days ago


Boycott everything that has to do with that woman! Please!

998 days ago


This absolutely has to be a joke. Taylor Armstrong is a complete liar and needs to be removed from the housewives! The best part is all the other housewives are playing into this bs.. boohoo taylor! These women need to grow up seriously! "Oh we don't see the signs of Taylors abuse but she says she is abused..." like hello duhhhhhhhh because it never happened!!! how many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

998 days ago

m daymon    

while I have no respect for a man who "abused" his wife I have
less for her to write abourt it and him not being able to defend himself. I know shes desperate for $$$$ but why cant she get a job like the rest of us??? Poor little Kennedy,

998 days ago
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