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Jerry Sandusky

8 Alleged Victims to Testify

... According to Report

12/6/2011 8:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky
All 8 alleged victims mentioned in the explosive Jerry Sandusky grand jury report will testify against the former Penn State defensive coach at a preliminary hearing next week ... this according to ABC News.

Sandusky's lawyer had previously stated that his legal team had contacted the person who was allegedly raped in the Penn State locker room ... and that person insisted nothing ever happened.

But according to ABC, that person -- and all of the rest -- will say they WERE abused when they take the stand.

The prelim is set to begin on Dec. 13. Jerry is currently facing 40 counts of child sex abuse.

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AlwaysOnTimeB: 6 hours ago
With this many grown men willing to come forward and say this happened, and willing to testify against him, I'm starting to believe it. They are not out for money, and it takes a lot of courage to sit on a stand and say that this happened to you.
It's not like Jordan Chandler the young man who accused Michael Jackson in 1994 of molesting him then he refused to testify against the singer in court and instead he ran off with the settlement money his parents collected from Michael Jackson's insurance company. Jordan Chandler was a fraud. These young men accusing Jerry Sandusky are for real. They don't want money. They want justice.

1061 days ago


It's silly to try and defend Michael Jackson in this forum. Just because some kid was molested by Michael and then chose not to testify does not exonerate MJ. God, his fans will go to any lengths to desperately try and believe he didn't have sex with little boys! Let me ask all of you freaks that defend Michael Jackson this question: If your "uncle" had little boys spend the night in his room on a daily basis, and didn't hang out with any adult women, and then one of the kids said they were molested, what would you think? ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE THOSE KIDS WERE MOLESTED BY THAT FREAK MICHAEL JACKSON IS A FRICKING HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT MENTAL PATIENT! F&CK YOU ALL YOU ******* DENYING F&CKING CHILD MOLESTER DEFENDING FREAKS! F&CK YOU!

1061 days ago


My friend told me about a guy named Paul Ranney in NE who got away with abusing a young boy.

1061 days ago


I love penn state. That rapist destroyed all that was great about penn state. Joe should have gone to the police.

1061 days ago


Yeah that person said no because the defense contacted him to harp on him for being molested. That's pretty mean of them to do actually. Stop victimizing them more.

1061 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

why is this man not behind bars

1061 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh come on. the attorneys who conjured up the grand jury report are clearly only after his fortune from his 'multi-million dollar charity'. if sandusky didn't have that type of money behind him, no lawyer or attorney brigade would even waste toner on his ass. why isn't it even stated WHO!! these 'grand jury members' are? because they are hiding behind an 'authoritative generally respected government institution'. hypocrisy lives.

1061 days ago


JERRY SANDUSKY's lawyer impregnated a 16 year old girl when he was 49! OUCH! It's absolutely true... check it out. It's like NAMBLA is protecting this guy.

1061 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

*sings* xanaduoooooooohh-oooooooooooooooooohhhh-ooooohhhhhh!!! :DDDD ♫ ♫ ♫

1061 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is that a bible in your lap, or can i lay my hands on thee to testify the REAL! truth! haaalelujah!

1061 days ago


Well , one good thing, i bet the pediophiles are shaking in their boots. We as human beings will not tolerate sick freaks like this whack job. We're comin to get you if you hurt kids. AZZ*OLE

1061 days ago


A perv is a perv. If he's guilt then send him to jail and let him know how it feels. He can and will be replaced. Get over it.

1061 days ago


Marie, stopping posting lies in defend of Michael Jackson. If you want to do that, go to vindicate MJ site where you can find freaks like you, or stick with Human Nature and post MJ's freak face with your avatar. I will say most people who post here can tell right from wrong, unlike the MJ rabid fans.

Let's mark our calendar to declare MJ's death day, June 25 to be Pedophilia awareness day for the justice of MJ's molestation victims.

1061 days ago


Sick white Mofo...
Why are white people so sick in the head?

1061 days ago


So dear morrons? Is he guilty? Will you treat him like you treated Michael Jackson? This guy is born pedophile.

1061 days ago
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