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Courtney Stodden

Huge HOliday Spirit

12/7/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

17-year old Courtney Stodden and her 51-year old legal guardian husband showed off their holiday spirit -- and her body ... which raises just one question: creeped out yet?  

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i wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers but she looks 27 not 17...i dont know if i buy 17

1053 days ago


Tired of hearing about this little whore.

1053 days ago


Eh she is a 17 year old girl, well supposedly. That makeup puts 10 years on her at least. Of course the boobs are fake but who cares. I am OK with my man Toombs getting lucky, I always feared for him. This girl will be a porn star the minute she hits 18, of this I have little doubt.

1053 days ago


Scheesh - isn't it time for her 15 minutes of fame to be over. What a creepy woman and her husband acts like a pedofile. Please do not give them anymore publicity - disgusting.

1053 days ago


One last thing. From the look on her face, it looks like she is farting.

1053 days ago


Ok, so she has what some men think is a great body, but anyone can buy one of those. Her face without makeup, is that of an average, not-ugly third-rate dumb girl in high school. She could look prettyish if she was leading a normal life, and would go on to be a normal person with normal-person joys and problems. With the makeup she wears, she looks like a 45-year old ex-stripper, who is desperately clinging to any camera. She has zero else to recommend her, especially the dork she's currently using as a stripper pole/photo prop. Now, with no schooling, a national rep for complete outlandishness and stupidity, and no skills except for a huge rack, she'll be nowhere very soon. The problem for her is that, while most z-list "celebs" fizzle out in their 40s, she will be turned away from events from age 18 to whenever she dies. Which I doubt will be from old age... Sad. She would probably make a very nice events coordinator for her hometown Marriott.

1053 days ago


OMG not before Breakfast,,My Day is ruined.TMZ should put up a Warning before showing these two bozos. She must have had her fake boobs adjusted,,they have a little more jiggle than normal. And that Fish Face she does is digusting.

1053 days ago


I mite be if I thoght she really was 17. Naw!

1053 days ago


There is no freaking way that chicks boobs are all natural. No way. She looks like a whore.

1053 days ago


Really lookit her face. Her lips are to small fer a young girl. She has frown lines betwen her eyes and mouth that are softened by Botox. What young gal has any of that?

1053 days ago

two melons    

this firgging girl...rofl

I dont know how old she is really. She just might be 17 as unfortunate for her face as that is.

If she really wants to be a star. First shes gotta fditch her creepy old gay husband. Take a power grinder to get all that cheap 1992 hooker makeup off, and take a class in how to properly apply makeup. Lay off the bronzer. And wait for that fateful day she turns 18 and start making porn. And learn english...well its not neccassary for porn. But someones gotta tell her to stop making that disgusting "O" mouth, go get some fake lips to match your chest, then you wont have to constantly pucker up. Its just nasty.

1053 days ago


I'm so sick of seeing this chick galavant around town. I wish she would stop wearing that padded bra (with clear straps).. she is not fooling anyone. Well maybe some of you who actually think she had a B(O)(O)B job. Those bathing suit pics proved that she is stuffed to the buff in the top. She needs to take her wrinkly nasty pedi perv and her little pancake teets back to the trailer park and sip on some moonshine. Just sayin'..

1053 days ago


this girl cannot be 17... if she is, by the time she is 30 she will look 60! just sayin....

1053 days ago


Seriously, this little girl needs to go back to wherever she came from. She doesn't deserve any type of publicity. I'm so sick of seeing her galavant around town thinking she's hot horse poop. I wish she would stop using that pump up water bra (with the clear straps) and put some real clothes on. She hasn't had a B(O)(O)B job, that was obvious in her bathsuit photo shoot FAIL.
She needs to take her wrinkly nasty pedi perv, itty bitty pancakes and bad spray tan out of the spotlight and go hide under a rock.. maybe it a whole bunches of rocks in the middle of nowhere. Your 15minutes of fame is over little girl (in actuality it should have never started)!

1053 days ago


What is up with her mouth? She has no lips! Maybe this is the one case that would actually benefit from lips that are collagen injected to make them plumper. Then she can have a trout pout to go with the fish smell. LOL

1053 days ago
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