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LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville

Go Cold Shoulder-to-Shoulder

12/12/2011 5:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville
Looking like twinsies, Eddie Cibrian's current wife LeAnn Rimes and his "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ex-wife Brandi Glanville got within arm's length of each other at Eddie & Brandi's kid's soccer game in L.A. this weekend.

For once they were on the same team.


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It's all good they will be best friends when the douche bag guy cheats on LeAnn. If he cheats with you he will cheat on you. Women can be so friggin dumb sometimes.

1048 days ago


it is pretty creepy that LeAnn Rimes is trying so hard to look like eddies ex wife..hellow he jumped from someone pretty to someone who looks like a horse, so why is she trying so hard to look exactly like the girl he dumped for her? can you say self esteem problem?

1048 days ago

Pompano Ann    

I hope the two of them can keep the peace for the kids; like the first blogger Country Cat; I too wonder how long Eddie will keep? My opinion, I get the impression LeAnn is holding on pretty tight; the leash is short. Remember the group 38 Special their song "Hang on Loosely"? !!!

1048 days ago


I couldn't help but be creeped out by how much they look alike now... same hair style, same style sunglasses... even Jennifer Jason Leigh would be scared...

1048 days ago


You can tell Leann is jealous of Brandi by the comments she makes. It is because deep down Leann KNOWS that her husband is just as likely to cheat on her. That is why she has such self-esteem issues. Brandi has a right to be pissed, but not the other way around. All in all I think that Brandi has handled this pretty maturely.

1048 days ago


Leann needs to step back! She is not a bonus mom, she is the ex-mistress. The kids will only have ONE mom and Eddie will soon do to Leann what he did to Brandi. She seems like she wants to try and take Brandi's place in HER children's lives. I have no respect for that woman and even less respect for Eddie. Leann entered a relationship with a married man.
I saw her on Ellen and the audience didn't seem to respond well to her either. Awkward for poor Ellen.

1048 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Funny pix.

1048 days ago


Single White Female much LeeAnn ? Holy batman she looks just like his ex-wife, down to the hair and now boobs ! You've got to be kidding me. I think LeeAnn is screwed up in the head, and needs some serious counseling.

1048 days ago


It'll be interesting to see just how involved with Brandi's kids Eddie and LeAnn stays if/when they have kids together.

1048 days ago


For the love of God you idiot LeAnn...can you not see how you've completely morphed into Brandi??? I cannot wait for the pictures of Eddie packing on the PDA with the skank he cheats on you with!

1048 days ago


Even in fully clothed LeAnn still looks disgustingly skinny...her thigh is the same width as her knee YUCK! Also she is mildly deranged.

1048 days ago


LeAnn is just not attractive at all, and even more ugly sitting next to Brandi. Leann's face is just weird looking, and not in a good way...yikes. All the plastic inserts and surgery still didn't help Leann, when your ugly your just ugly. I love that Leann looks ssooo uncomfortable and unhappy! yeah

1048 days ago


LEANN should march her combat boots to a place where she can't cause anymore family damage. No amount of face paint can gloss over UGLY.

1048 days ago


Would be nice if editors didn't assume that the world could tell the difference between these two (especially when that's the premise of the story--how much they look alike). Would it be too much trouble to put (left) beside the appropriate name?

1048 days ago


They look like they could be sisters!

1048 days ago
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