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LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville

Go Cold Shoulder-to-Shoulder

12/12/2011 5:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville
Looking like twinsies, Eddie Cibrian's current wife LeAnn Rimes and his "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ex-wife Brandi Glanville got within arm's length of each other at Eddie & Brandi's kid's soccer game in L.A. this weekend.

For once they were on the same team.


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I love the fact that the little guy prefers to hang with mom

1044 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Holy twin Skeletors.

Leeanns boobs look bigger.

1044 days ago


Leann Rimes is such a nasty whore, Brandi is much prettier, I can't wait for karma to bite her back on her non existent ass. I hope Brandi's kid*****e her for the slut she is.

1044 days ago


Wow, that's awkward having the two of them together. It's a pity though, Leann Rimes is pretty, talented and rich and can have any guy she wants so why does she settle for for a loser with baggage? You women are really strange sometimes.

1044 days ago


Brandi deserves a medal. LeAnn is such a creepy stalker, I don't know how Brandi stands it. LeAnn has no identity so she has to live by Brandi, copy her wedding, her clothes, her car, her photos, it never ends.

1044 days ago

go home!    

I love how the baby is all over his mommy and LeAnn is sooo pissed about it. A picture says a thousand words. You are not their mom LeAnn and you are not and never will be Brandi.

1044 days ago


As a person who has never had to deal with parents who had broke up, I can't imagine having to deal with another 'mom' because my parent is shoving them down my throat.
Divorce is horrible for the children. They will never be the same, then to now have no choice but to hang out with your parents new one, if you will, must be so hard. I watched my friends deal with this type of thing, and they never got over it, they walked away with bad feelings for the new love, and the parent. These parents allow this STRANGER to disipline their kids, put their two cents in, and take over as new parent. They become more important than their own child...digraceful.And then the partner who was blindsides is forced into a relationship 'for the sake of the kids' when I'm very sure she would love nothing more than to simply staple paper to LeAnn's head.
Parents like thses are so selfish. LeAnn should be HOME, not there. They ARE NOT her chidlren. She is an intruder. Sorry, but that is the truth of it. Your children should not be forced into hanging out with some stranger because Mom and dad said so.......
My son has a group of friends, about 10 boys, 17 and older, and of the 10 boys, two of them have a father at home...including my son. That is just sad....nobody gives a hoot about their chidlren and how a divorce is going to affect them...looks like LeAnn here is the poster child for exactly what I'm talking about...go home leAnn...find something else to do! Or perhaps she is so worried he will hook up with his ex?
Mind you, there are exceptions to the rule...but, the rule usually wins out. Most divorcing parents are pure knuckleheads...okay, done venting.

1044 days ago


Brandi's a little strange but LeeAnn is a skank and a cheating hobag. Everytime i see her I want to bash her fugly face

1044 days ago


With the sunglasses on they look almost exactly alike.


1044 days ago


LeeAnn has no place at the kid's soccer game. He has his mom & dad there . She's the third wheel and it looks so AWKWARD .

1044 days ago


Brandi has referred to Leann as being "over-bearing". No wonder the kid wants to sit on mom's lap.

1044 days ago


Leanne Rymes is discusting! Breaking up a family is horrible. Is nothing sacred and off limits??? What's his name isn't any better either.

1044 days ago


I think it's funny
how men that are so handsome,
appear to be so
creepy and ugly to me after
they cheat. Brandi,you're lucky
you're not stuck with him anymore.
You can easily read my mind about
what I think about Leeann, so no need
to post it.

1044 days ago


Leanne is a PIG Anyone who screws around with a married man with kids and breaks up their marriage is as LOW as it gets. Been there Done that. I only hope that one day they will pay What goes around comes around ASK ME !!!

1044 days ago


LR is alot prettier than BG - brandi kinda always looks like she needs to wash her hair.(Which also means she needs to take a bath). She has a FILTHY mouth (alsoneeding soap and water)....She was off trying to be somebody while her husband found someone else, she has no one to blame but herself. It takes tow to make a marriage and two to make a divorce. A lot of people in Hollywood dont think near as badly about LR as they do BG since she has been showing her real side since the divorce.

1044 days ago
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