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Lindsay Lohan

Kills It In Probation

Progress Hearing

12/14/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_ym4x0w90_1_9hkxdh2eThis is new ... Lindsay Lohan got high marks in court.

Lindsay appeared in court today for her probation progress report.  A very surprised Judge Stephanie Sautner began by saying, "Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work."

The judge noted Lindsay actually completed her 12 days of community service early.  And she went to an extra therapy session -- 5 instead of the required 4.  The judge also said the morgue was pleased by the work Lindsay has done there "at least as pleased as a morgue can be."

Judge Sautner said there was some confusion over whether Lindsay was allowed to go to Hawaii last week, but ultimately the Judge said it was ok, because she was celebrating her sister's birthday and she was allowed to go out of state for family events.

Lindsay is due back in court next month, but so far, so good.


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Think I'm goina change to crickets ! only thing biting on worms is one old bottom feeder and he only nibbles ever once in a while...!

1042 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Geez guys, come on.......I don't think Lindsay having a fat face day is anything major. She had fat face going on when she was in Italy too. I remember that she is on allergy pills and the air in planes is awful. She missed a flight, missed an appearance (even though some say it is no biggie) had a court date and was out late. After all that I think I might look a little rough too.

1042 days ago


Everyones in FINE form this afternoon. Good to know.

1042 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

In court yesterday Linds actually looked like she had just rolled out of bed. I know she is supposed to be a young jet setter and all, but she had been going and going on this short Hawaii trip, missed the plane, missed her Ellen thing, got off the plane looking like a zombie, but wearing the clothes she wore to the concert, by the morning she was probably sleeping like a log. She probably went home and slept all day after court and I would not blame her. I hope she doesn't get to lax with the Judge's praise and stays on top of her CS, even without HELL(s) coffee and donuts at the morgue. Happy birthday Alianna, and Merry Quackmas Lindsay!

1042 days ago

help this young woman    

Just got my Twitter account. Saw some interesting things. Some disgusting things too. Fvck you NICOLE.

1042 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

What's wrong, RW? :(

1042 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hopefully Izzy is doing well in Rehab, although I'd be cool with him hammering some serious alcohol and following it up with massive amounts of weed. Doesn't madier, cause when he returns, he will do so with another dumb ass name.....

Keeping it realio in trollville.

1042 days ago


Happy Birthday Ali,
As William Wallace said....FFFFFFFFFFFREEDOM !

Now get on that pony and ride like the wind ! Ride as far away as you can............

1042 days ago


I think Lindsay and Ali have sad, expressive eyes, not dead eyes. Lindsay's are soft and dazed sometimes and Ali's are intense or even somewhat haunted. But neither has dead eyes. I think someone with dead eyes is emotionless and that's far from Lindsay. Ali doesn't appear to be emotionless either. If by dead eyes someone means "far away" then OK, both can appear that way at times. If it means empty, no, don't see that either.

1042 days ago


ROQUE WARRIER---At first I thought you were just a LAZY,IMMATURE BOY,WHO DOES NOT WORK.but you are SICK.and I do mean sick,From morning to night you sit on the computer make filthy comments ,and try and find pictures of women to tear them apart and mention there body parts.THIS IS A ALL DAY AFFAIR WITH YOU,GET HELP

1042 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Quack is a term of endearment that I reserve for only Lindsay Lohan, Rogue. I know why you want to feed Ketjo boney fish! You just want to Heimlich her when she chokes you nasty boy! You are such a ladies man......

1042 days ago


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1042 days ago


To the ladies who inevitably find something to not like about Lindsay

I say, Do you really think you should be eating that?

1042 days ago

Chopin's Romance    

Ketjo I think that Mr. Green and Red has met me now. I like red Christmas lights so I am all set.

1042 days ago

Chopin's Romance    

I keep returning to illness for Lindsay because her face is so puffy. I saw it up close in DListed and even her jaws are swelled up. It is possible it came on after her trip, because of the plane ride. I went on a plane with a bad cold and came back deaf for two weeks. It was not until the return trip that I got sick. But I am not Lindsay's crystal ball so who knows? I have just never seen a thin young woman with such a swollen face. To me it looks painful. If it is due to drugs then it is very stupid of her to put them in her with that kind of a reaction.

1042 days ago
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