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"Royal" Family

Emerging from Exile

... in Beverly Hills

12/20/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Meet Prince Gharios of Ghassan -- the exiled Sovereign Prince and heir to the Ghassanid Kingdom ... which no longer exists, so at least he's got some cool business card and a website!

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the real diva    

take kim kardashian marry her and then go find a country far far away .. take kim kardashian far far away. so we never have to see her again. heck take her whole family.. go rules some country far far away. where noone will hear of the kardashains again.

1038 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

Yes, he is probably being cast as Kim's KartWhoreshian future love interest so she could acquire the title of her imperial and royal highness the duchess of Pee.

1038 days ago


What the F&^$ ? I can't decide if this guy is delusional and believes this crap, or if he's just playing it up to kick start some sort of acting/reality tv career! Check out his website... it's wonderful. Bad english, and the highlights includes the little gem that he is a 'disciple of Steaven Seagal.' BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

1038 days ago


That at $5.25 will get him a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

1038 days ago

A. Wishcral    

He has an International Court Verdict binding in the US recognizing his titles and claims:

1038 days ago


Great euro trash sighting TMZ. Made me laugh my head off when you aired this little gem. Loved the Butter Battle too, and it'd be great if you could keep on publicly embarrassing gold-diggers. Tonight's show was the funniest ever, so happy Xmas TMZ. No better gift than humor!

1038 days ago


At least it USED to exist, unlike Prinz Von Ahole, who's title is totally made up...........

1038 days ago


Delusional rich people in West L.A with nothing to do but smoking, drinking, snorting, swimming and again snorting, smoking, shopping, eating..... BRAINLESS Royals!

1038 days ago


On the one hand, I agree with some of the comments about this just being another shallow Hollywood douche. On the other hand, I'd be willing to bet the guy doesn't have a dime. The crown he aspires to hasn't been around for over 1,000 years! Seriously, we could ALL be descended from this line! This is a totally made up thing a failed actor is doing to get some attention. How many people in his little group that just "happened" to be caught outside that restaurant are publicists? This is a hoax.

1038 days ago


Saw this clip on TMZ TV last night--these people really look like vampires--yes?

1038 days ago


A Kingdom that existed 1500 years ago in what is now Saudi Arabia. He and KK should really get together - 2 fakes could start a new dynasty of frauds.

1038 days ago

A. Wishcral    

He worte a book on Dynastic and Nobility law: My book is finally out!

1037 days ago


Mooslim trash!!!!

1037 days ago

Marilyn Davis    

I think you went to far TZM.
He is a REAL PRINCE. Your research was much too shallow.

1037 days ago

Marilyn Davis    

He is also an attorney... You cut conversations in the interview which was very clear to just make fun of people...TZM YELLOW JOURNALISM !

1037 days ago
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