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Adam Lambert

Fight to the Finnish:

A TMZ Helsinki Investigation

12/22/2011 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Adam Lambert's alcohol-fueled fight with his boyfriend in Finland gave us perfect opportunity to launch the latest TMZ bureau ... stereotypical Finnish accents included!

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I am from Finland and they ARE NOT huge stars in Finland. Also in Finland people doesn't care what somebody celebrities do. We especially don't stalk celebrities personal life like you yankees do. For the last, we hate BB and everything which belongs in it (atleast everybody over 17-years-old). BB-competers life also doesn't interest us. So dont belive that guy who is saying they are huge stars in Finland, cause they aren't.

983 days ago


Sorry Guys, Adam and Sauli aro not big celebrities heer in Finland, they are just another abnormal ass****** couple. We hate russians as much as gays. Adam saw that and pissed off, can't stand the vodka also, back to states as soon as possible!

983 days ago


LOL.. Finnish accent.. That's embarrassing for TMZ to say they use a typical Finnish accent.. Ya'll have no idea of what a Finnish accent sounds like.. Stupid idiots.. And if you don't like Adam Lambert then why the **** are you reading this story.. Get a life ppl.

983 days ago


Hahah that "Finnish accent" didn't sound like Finnish accent at all! It totally sounded like stereotypical Italian accent :D There's some Finnish accent for you.

And for the record they aren't HUGE stars here, nobody really is. Adam Lambert is here as popural as he is in USA.

983 days ago


What a crappy story & report. Raised my eyebrows and a couple of questions: Is this supposed to be somehow funny? Does TMZ always suck this much?

983 days ago

Kikki Hiiri    

The worst "funny" clip ever.. mr/mrs speaker guy/gay with the "TMZ Helsinkiiii", please, kill yourself.
Merry xmas people, but don'*****ch that crap

983 days ago


Here in Finland law is same no matter what or who you are famous, rich etc. I´t doesn't make any different are you celebrity or gay. You get arrested if you don't behave your self.

983 days ago


i didn't know finnish accent sounds like italian

983 days ago


HAHAHA u idiots! sounds like a russian accent to me in this video! learn how to make a funny video LOLLOLOLOLO TRLLOLLOLOLOLO EBIN >x----------------)))))))))))

983 days ago


That was finnish accent? lol just stupid americans trying to be funny..

983 days ago


95% of finns dont ******* care about these dramaqueens, and i am just wondering why the hell im in this page that can be compared to americans knowledge about history.. Journalists should do their work..

983 days ago


finnish don't speak english like that :D and they also don't say "jaa" it's swedish and norwegian and german word. :D AND they are not huge stars in finland :D

983 days ago


Hieman kyseenalaista mainosta suomelle, kohta kaikki maailman H***T tulee tänne ;(

983 days ago


Sorry but you fail with the stereotypical accent, that "its-a-me-Mario"-accent is for the italians. Our accent is way..wayyyy...worse.

983 days ago


no voi jessus, kyllä nyt taas vedetään hernettä nenään. :D On se kumma kun ei suomalaisten itsetunto kestä yhtään mitään. Edes typerää videota joka on tarkoitettu VITSIKSI. Tämä ei ollut lonely planetin "tällainen on helsinki"-dokumentti vaan parodiaa. komediaa. vitsi.

Mun mielestä tää oli loistava, tosin toi aksentti oli lähempänä intialaista kun sitä meidän mikahäkkis-aksenttia :)

983 days ago
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