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Ellen Barkin

I Was Shoved by an NYPD Officer

for No Reason!

1/1/2012 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Ellen Barkin went on a Twitter rampage early this morning after she claims she was pushed by an NYPD officer just for walking down the street ... and the incident was shot on video.

Barkin -- perhaps best known for her roles in "Sea of Love" and "Switch" -- claimed to have seen people being arrested for no reason, as the cops dealt with Occupy Wall Street protestors in the area. 

Barkin then had a run-in with an officer of her own, which she described by saying, "Just threatened on my street by NYPD,cop shoved me,both hands,onto sidewalk..Is it a crime 2 stand in the street in NY?WTF is going on here?"

Barkin was with her rumored boyfriend, director Sam Levinson, who caught the incident on video.

We reached out to the local police precinct, who said they would review the video. So far, no word back.


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Great actress back in the day, but nowadays? Nobody cares what you have to say sweetheart. Go break a hip

1024 days ago


Was she drunk here?

1024 days ago


geez . . what did all the airheads do before Twitter etc? I guess they had to quietly go about their day without 'reporting' and publishing every stupid thing that goes on during their day.

1024 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

OMG - Thank God for video. She was barely touched! What a Prima donna!
The funny thing is that Barkin and her boyfriend are so out-of-touch that they believe that this video supports their case! HA!
Ellen's barkin' mad!

1024 days ago


Hey you people is clear that the policeman was "out Of Line " ...this officer gives his profession a bad name.
He is a bully

1024 days ago


nyc44th, I totally agree! Why do people feel they have to share everything. I for one, feel that Occupy Wall Street movement is waste of time. No real changes came from it. Women were victimized by protesters. Why would Ellen Barkin come to their defense?

1024 days ago

john rosen    

Shoved? These guys put their lives on the line to protect people. These Occupy Idiots are on the verge of riots throughout the country. That officer does not know this washed up actress and is doing his job. Again Celebs think they are immune to the rules.

1024 days ago


That wasn't a shove or a push. But, if it makes her feel better, it looks like he might have felt up her sagging boob, so, I guess she can go after him for sexual assault, no ? Any good lawyers out there ?

1024 days ago

XpLzT Xpl0rAtioN    

typical NYPD.go get em ellen..ur one tough woman i wouldnt wanna tangle with!

1024 days ago


DRAMA QUEEN! More like a tap to keep u move'n away from on going traffic. I'll show u a shove ellen.

1024 days ago


Pedestrians shouldn't be standing in the street and I'm pretty sure it is a crime. However, if the way she described it is true that is overkill by the officer and he needs to get a reprimand. A simple verbal warning would have sufficed.

1024 days ago


wow, he barely touched her. She was in his face complaining about what the police were doing and he gently guided her onto the sidewalk to get rid of her. Thought she was old enough to know better. These actors need to get over themselves. Good thing there's video to show she's full of bull.

1024 days ago

Mick Kahler    

That was a shove? Looked more like he was guiding her to just move along. Gimme a break! No wonder cops feel like they are doing a thankless job. I mean if Ellen wants to file charges, how about how she got roughed up by Pacino in the "Sea of Love" sex scenes?

1024 days ago

Cops abuse their authority every day. But it only makes the news when it happens to someone famous.

1024 days ago


She's an ungrateful Commie pinko old hag troublemaker!

1024 days ago
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