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Ellen Barkin

I Was Shoved by an NYPD Officer

for No Reason!

1/1/2012 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Ellen Barkin went on a Twitter rampage early this morning after she claims she was pushed by an NYPD officer just for walking down the street ... and the incident was shot on video.

Barkin -- perhaps best known for her roles in "Sea of Love" and "Switch" -- claimed to have seen people being arrested for no reason, as the cops dealt with Occupy Wall Street protestors in the area. 

Barkin then had a run-in with an officer of her own, which she described by saying, "Just threatened on my street by NYPD,cop shoved me,both hands,onto sidewalk..Is it a crime 2 stand in the street in NY?WTF is going on here?"

Barkin was with her rumored boyfriend, director Sam Levinson, who caught the incident on video.

We reached out to the local police precinct, who said they would review the video. So far, no word back.


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Wow, pushed with both hands? Did anybody see anything like that? I sure didn't? Seems he was very gentle with her! WTF?

992 days ago


Oh my they treated her like anyone else. I don't know about NY but Hollywood that's a crime isn't it? I'm surprized she didn't slap him like Zsa Zsa slapped that cop in Beverly Hills.

992 days ago


Im with her keep your hands to yourself period

992 days ago


At one time she was HOT now she is a shriveled up old drunken D-Bag. Get over yourself you can't turn back the clock LOSER BITZH

992 days ago

jarry smith    

yes it is a crime to stand in the street in any town or city u nag. That was nothing get out of their way when they ask you to leave...its for your safety.

992 days ago


want a big hunk of cheese with that bottle of mad dog

992 days ago


I don't like Ellen Barkin. But the cop did give her an unnecessary shove with his right hand. Was it police brutality? Of course not. But it was still unnecessary and he shouldn't have touched her. I would have told him to get his f***ing hands off me too. And I probably would have been arrested.

992 days ago


oh please. that cop gently escorted her to the sidewalk. that's not a shove. gimme a friggin break. standing in the street is dangerous and their job is to PROTECT and serve. seems to me, he was just trying to get her out of the flow of traffic... celebs are such pansies.

992 days ago


OMG..........what a liar! He barely touched her.. She was looking to start a fight with the guy and he was politely gettin her on her way. Shoved????? Don't think so Ellen. Go back to the nursing home.

992 days ago

RedRose she kidding? It was like a little old lady being guided out of harms way lol! She also sounds drunk lol! What a chucklehead!

992 days ago


God, what a diva! He didn't "shove" her and she was clearly in his face about something first.

992 days ago


Give me a break! This is ridiculous that she would go and make it sound like she was assaulted and then has the nerve to show the video. Clearly there was no other citizens (yes that is what you are not some special queen that can rule the roads) where she was and they were trying to clear that area. She was persistent, wanted an issue and was NOT shoved she was redirected to the sidewalk to get lost and that is what she should do..get LOST!

992 days ago


WTF. you simply touch a cop and it's assault. Doesn't it work both ways?

992 days ago


Ellen Barkin is nothing but a celebrity diva who thinks what she has to say is important. There was no shove there, she is probably drunk and mouthing off to the police officer. The police officers put their LIVES on the line every day, they don't need to put up with some washed-up actress who thinks what she says we care about. Get a life, Ellen, and show some respect for the police officers!!!

992 days ago


She is a disgustingly rich woman, who desperately wants attention. She has all day to do nothing, and is pissed off that she no longer gets attention. I knew her as a casual acquaintance when I lived in New York (I worked at a bar), and she is an obnoxious, self important, vain person. Unfortunately, she has a lot of power and money (from her acting career and divorce settlement from a billionaire a few years ago), and it's probably going to cost the police officer his job, so, he should have shoved her harder or clobbered her over the head. At least it would have been worth it.

992 days ago
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